Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update Bhola and kulfi in summer music camp.

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Bhola opens door and says Nandini there’s guest, driver says Guruji sent me to pick Bhola for music camp,Bhola says but I had denied, driver says Guruji has offered free because you sing so well, Nandini says thank Guruji from us I will pack his bags. Lovely walks to hall arguing with Kulfi, Kulfi says please don’t, Lovely says and what about rehearsals, Kulfi says but I was practising with baba, lovely says I told you ,you will have to go music class and then practice and only then go Dubai or else you will insult us all, Chandan is informed that killing sikander plan is failed.

Chandan walks to kulfi. Pakhi upset about Bhola going alone, Nandini convinces Pakhi. Zinda makes Nandini a call to get hospital quickly for an emergency. Chandan says lovely is right, Kulfi needs rehearsals she will have to go music camp and I will drop her, Kulfi thinks god if he sees baba there. Chandan and kulfi in music class. Chandan says kulfi meet him he is uncle Bunty my friend never leave him alone, Chandan says listen Pakya I’m sure sikander is here so keep an eye on her and leaves,Kulfi thinks god he is the one who is here to kill baba, Kulfi sees Sikander and says Bunty why are you here, he says to keep an eye on you.

Bhola sees kulfi and walks to her, Kulfi runs away, bhola says how could she run seeing me and follows her, Bunty following kulfi too, bhola following them. Bunty enters ladies washroom with Kulfi and gets beaten. CBI comes to see Chandan, says sir we need to talk to you about your accident, the thief Chandan with you during accident is missing his body is missing too, you have always helped us, so please come with us give your finger prints.

Pakhi asks Nandini to get Bhola quickly she misses him. Nandini says bad girl and goes in. Pakhi says yes papa, Nandini runs out and asks where he is, Pakhi says see even you missing him like I do, Nandini says yes I do but the camp is very important for him. Lovely says because of you people my husband is in trauma what else you want,and next time come with court order or else don’t and makes them leave, Chandan asks why did you do that, Lovely says let me tell you one thing I hate sikander, he had messed my life, I was gathering info because I wanted to confirm sikander is dead, he and is Kulfi had even traumatised my amyra, I feel so free since he is gone,you also feel free here, I won’t say a word but keep one thing in mind keep my amyra happy don’t hurt her, Chandan says I won’t because I like amyra,Lovely says good and leaves.

Chandan says if what Lovely says I true I don’t need to fear. Bunty is scolded and asked to leave the school, Kulfi thanks god, kids start discussing about seeing sikander in school, the see Bhola, kids says by looks he is sikander but behaviour he isn’t, let’s check, and go talk to bhola, bhola says later have you seen Kulfi, kids ask who are you, he says Bhola, kids make fun of him. Kulfi gets angry and scolds them.

Lovely gets call and asks how was my acting as CBI agent, lovely says very good, but I will talk later. Lovely says Chandan you want to be villain but I’m the biggest one is here, I’m the villain now, I will gather info about you,and kulfi will guard my sikander. Kids leave seeing Guruji on round. Bhola says why do always follow me, Kulfi says I will, both get in argument, Kulfi says no one can leave this camp, Bhola says I will run away, Kulfi says 10 days and you will remember you are kulfis father.

Pre cap : Bhola sings calling Kulfi a witch.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. What kind of superstar is Sikander Gill? No one recognizes him ever. Stupidity!

  2. Nandini said that she loves Bhola… uh oh.

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