Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit watches Sonakshi’s show

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohit checking Sonakshi and saying her bp is low. Sonakshi gets conscious and sees him. Netra says he is a doctor. Rohit says you fainted as your bp was low, have juices and glucose. He gives the prescription. Sonakshi says I can’t take this medicine. He asks why. She says you are a doctor. He says heart surgeon. She says its same, you should know its side effects, skin allergy, I checked on internet. He says then go and check the internet. The man says he is a big doctor. She says who gave him a degree, he doesn’t know any side effects of medicines, arrogant man, he could have changed the medicines. Rohit hears her and goes. He sees Sonakshi’s pic board. He says oversmart actress. He calls the driver and asks him to come. The maid talks of Parvati’s show. She says there is no one at home, I will watch the show on tv. Rohit comes and asks for good. Maid says you change, I will get food in the room. He says I will have it here. He goes to change clothes.

Sonakshi comes home. Netra drops her. Her mum hugs her. She argues with Netra. She says now Sonakshi will work for 6 hours instead 12 hours, you gave a cheque for 21 days payments instead 23 days. Sonakshi says Netra said she will adjust it this month, I m fine. Netra says its fine, I m paying 1.25 lakhs to you per day, it doesn’t mean you are a machine. She asks Sonakshi to come with her on a trip to Rome, money isn’t imp than health. Sonakshi calculates the loss and profits. She says don’t book the tickets, Sonakshi will stay at home and take rest, just send the call time. She asks Sonakshi to sleep on time and not chat with fans. Netra says she is star mom. Sonakshi makes lemon salt water.

Netra asks her to take medicines. She asks Sonakshi to go to sleep and come to the sets late. She goes. Sonakshi goes to see Pari. Maid says she isn’t at home, she went to a party. Sonakshi asks her mum about Pari. Her mum says I don’t want to talk now, Pari is my responsibility, I know what I m doing, I made you an actress too, Pari has the home keys, she will come, film is a film and tv is a small industry, let me handle it, don’t interfere in this. She goes.

Sonakshi gets sad and says I work hard, upto 14 hours a day, be it any weather, tv isn’t a small thing, we work hard, why doesn’t she understand, I didn’t eat sweets since three months, if I gain weight, I will look old on screen, mum knows this, even then…..I can’t fight with her, I love her a lot, so I just feel bad sometimes…. She calms down and says I got many messages that the episode was good, repeat is on air, will you see with me.

Rohit asks the maid to not hurry, does she have to go somewhere. She says no, my show is coming. He asks her to go and see. She thanks him and runs. She switches on the tv. Rohit sees Sonakshi on the tv screen. Maid cries. He asks which show is this. Maid says Kahani Parvati Ki. He says I met her today, this girl with flowers in her hair. Maid asks Parvati? Really? Did she come to hospital, is she fine. He says I went to her shooting, her bp was low. She asks did you give good medicines. He says I gave it, she didn’t take, she knows a lot about medicines, more than me. Maid says yes, Parvati is such.

He sees the maid worshiping and asks how is temple bells coming in the hospital. Sonakshi says big lines on the screen. Rohit says maybe window is open so this wind and leaves are coming in, why is she turning thrice. Maid turns to him angrily. He says okay, I just asked. Sonakshi runs. He says if her husband is so serious, why is she running so slowly, why are you running along. Rohit sees the melodramatic scene where Parvati’s husband dies. Maid gets shocked. Rohit looks on. Sonakshi as Parvati shouts this is a lie. Rohit counts and says Mimmi, three again. Sonakshi asks who are you to say that you couldn’t save my husband, you are just a doctor, not Lord. Rohit gets up hearing this line.

Sonakshi/Parvati on screen says you don’t underestimate the strength of a suhaagan. Servant Hari drinks water when Rohit asks for it. Parvati says I will save my husband now, I will get him back from death, I will do his operation now. Rohit makes a face and asks what, will she do operation now, who is this mad woman, you work in a doctor’s family and believe such things. Maid says she is blessed by Mata Rani, she will save her husband. Parvati goes inside OT. Servants sits praying and watching tv. Rohit waits. Parvati removes the doctor’s gown and comes out. She says go and see doctor, your patient is breathing, I saved him, he is fine. Rohit asks did she go the operation. Parvati says don’t tell any Suhaagan that you couldn’t her Suhaag. Rohit asks what will he say, we sent your husband on a picnic, sorry your husband is dead and we sent him to heaven. Maid says Jai Parvati ji. Rohit says keep your hands down else I will fire you. Doctor says sorry and folds hands. Rohit asks doctors are worshipping her, is she any God. Parvati says see I saved you, come home and do preparations of Choti’s Sangeet. Rohit asks how will he do the sangeet, what about Post operation, does she not know about anaesthesia effect going off, we should file a case and then they will learn a lesson. Servants go away. Rohit says now this Kahani is over. He gets angry.

Sonakshi checks fan’s messages. Her brother comes. She says the episode was so good. He says you work hard, you deserve it. She says you went for practical, are you coming now. He says I had extra classes. She asks which classes, London’s girl who shifted here, you went on a date right. He says no. She says you are blushing, what’s happening, tell me. He says she has no interest in me, she got friendly with me so that she can click a pic with you. She laughs. They have a cushion fight.

Rohit calls to complain to medical council head. Everyone hears him. Rohit says its not a small thing, did you see that show, what if patients believe this, watch that stupid show, a woman operates a dead man and takes him home, I know its fiction, some smart people believe in this, I have to file an official complaint. The call is disconnected. He says I will not leave this show, this Kahani is over, I will write the end of this Parvati.

Rohit comes to meet Sonakshi. She goes to the sets. Rohit argues with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Luthfa

    Hahaha….Rohit’s words reminded me something very special!
    Logic and serial never go hand in hand Dr.Sippy.But I loved the fact that how this serial made fun of that much hyped and aruged over thing!
    Rohit’s reactions were looking somewhat forced on serial world’s Logical Execution.
    Anyway,Sona’s Mom does not know anything other than money.The way she took credit for Sona’s success did not go well.Ambitious sometimes over ambitious parents ruin their children’s life unknowingly or unknowingly.Mrs.Rastogi is a perfect figure of such parent.
    Waiting for Rohit and Sona’s clash.

  2. I really loved this show after this episode?????, first time i’m seeing a mockery of an indian television serial in another serial, loved the way rohit reacted to the whole surgery drama happening inside the television set of kpk ????, this is what happpens to most indian television viewers, they start associating all the emotional melodrama, supernatural falsifications and marriage dramas to the real outside world and also start living with the character inside the serial, salute to the creators for bringing such a realistic concept to false world (as mentioned by rohit in precap), it is also true that we do imitate certain things from the films and serials thinking it is also applicable in the real world. Karan Grover and Dipika are doing an excellent job in this serial, really today rohit was amazing when he gave all those comments about television dramas?????. On the other hand, it was really emotional when Sonakshi said, TV or film actress both requires equal amount of commitment and hardwork, i think every parent should that the true value of a job comes from not from its earnings but the way that job is done. Most parents expect that their children should earn as much as possible, there is lot of love and affection hidden behind it, but sometimes it is not possible

  3. Such a Episode
    I’m laughing continuously……………… Karan Expressions are awesome………………

    Actually i know so many things will happen in daily soap……..
    But Mothers will get connected to that only………….
    Frankly to say my Mom used to cry along with Avika & Pratuysha for Balika Vadhu and one more serial
    My Expressions was seriously Mom……. It was Drama……….
    Sometimes she silently walkaway and some other time she use to scold me…………

    Just i rembered that incident………
    This show was really giving good one…………………..
    Waiting for next episode

    1. Ofcourse Abeer even my mom used to cry seeing Balika Vadhu
      SOmetimes i used to laugh but other time i also joined with my mom
      Mainly for young portion where Avika done.

      Remembering that days i was just laughing…….How i used to react for that show

      This episode make me ROFL……………….. Just laughing for Karan expressions and that maid conversation………..

  4. I watched twice just because of Rohit’s comments on serial…That was hilarious to watch..loving the show as of now…

  5. Amal

    Rohit took that episode personal ?????? I cant wait till he goes to the set to fight the whole team ???

  6. Amal

    OMG I can’t stop laughing at the comments he kept on making on Sonakshi’s show ?????

  7. Have to say I think this episode even though it’s only 3 days in has to be one of the best and funniest. I follow Dipika on social media and have never watched her in anything but she brings an honesty and vulnerability to the role. As for the actor who plays the doctor he was absolutely brilliant with his commentry.
    Hope they avoid the usual pitfalls but you can already sense the over ambitious mother is going to be a nightmare.

  8. P.S.T

    Best Episode Ever , I couldn’t stop laughing and i keep Repeat again and again. Rohit is so funny and the way he toke personal even thought he know it was show was amazing. best show ever and i can’t wait for the next episode or the whole episodes to come. finally a show that’s complete different from other show. i’m excited to watch the rest of the show .

  9. Touch wood got an amazing show to watch after so long missed Karan coz he was too good in rajnikant he is back with bang.. please god give this show trps otherwise they will change it to typical show..

  10. Show is very realistic & subtle so far. Both the leads are doing great job. Concept is simple yet very different. After so much melodramatic shows, loving this show. I csn’t stop laughing. Yesterday’s episode was lit????

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