Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri leaves Pandey House

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishri says why I will leave my parents. I am very happy with them. I wont go anywhere. He repeats Mirchi’s words which takes her by surprise. When did I say this? The family members fail to understand what’s happening. Devina tells Mishri to stop acting. You just now showed the cops the video in which Ira slapped you 2-3 times and pushed you on the sofa. You only told them that your parents abuse you and called police! Mishri denies. I got caught in my room somehow. Inspector asks her if she is fine. Devina asks Akhilesh what has happened to Mishri. She is changing her statements so quickly. Inspector warns Mishri not to joke with police ever again or he will send her to juvenile jail. She insists she dint do anything. Ira apologizes to Mishri’s behalf. Police leaves.

Mishri requests her parents to believe her. I was locked in my room. Why will I call police? Devina continues acting. Mishri has started lying! This is a criminal in making. She asks Mishri if she thinks 4 people standing here are lying and she isn’t. I know Akhilesh thought that I was being harsh with Mishri but did you see what she has done? Mishri says I dint do anything. I was only trying to surprise Mapu. Ira says I wont forget this surprise ever. Thank you. She walks away. Mishri turns to Akhilesh requesting him to believe her but he tells her that what happened wasn’t right. Even Pushpa walks away upset. Devina smirks. She shows thumbs up to Mirchi who is standing in the kitchen.

Mishri is in her room. Did I do something wrong Bajrang Bali? My MApu and Bapu are upset with me over a mistake that I haven’t committed! How to make them understand? Vansh comes there. she tries to explain to him but he refuses to hear her out. I dint know you would lie so much! I wouldn’t have helped you at all if I dint know about your medical condition! I don’t want to hear you or share this room with you. She requests him to listen to her. Don’t leave your room. He stays put. Akhilesh comes there. Mishri requests him to believe her. Everyone is upset with me. Vansh is leaving his room. Please stop him. Akhilesh says you promised me that once Mirchi leaves the house everything will be fine. How is this happening now? She herself is clueless. He makes her sit down. All this isn’t your fault. This is the medicines! They are affecting your brain which in turn is pushing you to do all this! Your Mapu is very much hurt because of what happened today. I will have to call Dr. Singhania to lower the dose of your medicine if this continues. She is in tears. He calmly tells her that he knows the medicines are behind it but if relations get tangled once then they cannot be untangled. Your Mapu has done a lot for you. She has fought a lot to give birth to you and has done many sacrifices for you! Don’t hurt her. Let Vansh sleep in other room if he wants to. Vansh is sure Ira too must be crying. She is sad because of Mishri. Akhilesh and Vansh leave.

Akhilesh’s words echo in Mishri’s head. Maybe Bapu was right. It might be because of medicines. God wont forgive me for making her cry. I wonder if she slept. She goes to check on Ira and hears her mumbling in her sleep. Don’t know since when Mishri started hating me so much! Don’t know what has happened to her. Why is she punishing me? Mishri comes inside stealthily and wipes her Mapu’s tears. She hears Akhilesh calling out to Ira and looks towards the door. She bends down so Akhilesh cannot see her. He holds Ira close. Everything will be fine. Your daughter loves you very much. She is going through a bad phase and so are we. I am with you. Don’t know what has happened to Mishri. What if she does something rash tomorrow? Amma and Ira wont be able to bear it. She peeks at them but hides again. He switches off the lights and closes his eyes. Mishri runs out of the room without disturbing them but eyes them sadly for a moment. Once outside, she thinks of how painful it has been for Mapu and Bapu. My actions hurt my family nowadays. It is because of medicines but I cannot remember anything. I promised Bapu there wont be any mischief once Mirchi leaves. It is time for me to go away from everyone’s life once and for all.

Akhilesh, Ira and Pushpa are seated at the dining table. Vansh asks Akhilesh and Ira to stop Mishri. They notice the bags in Mishri’s hand. Mishri tells Vansh she wont stop upon his askance. I must leave the house so there is peace in the house. Pushpa asks her where she is off to. Mishri replies that she will stay in hostel from now on. Akhilesh asks her if they are so bad. She denies. I am the bad one here so I want to go away from your lives. Ira looks away. Mishri asks her if she is so angry that she wont even try to stop her. Mishri picks up her bags sadly. Akhilesh makes her keep them down and asks her if she really wants to leave her Mapu and Bapu. It is enough. Go to your room. Mishri says I wish I wasn’t so Hanikarak. I wouldn’t have to leave you guys then. I am afraid of my own actions nowadays. I have hurt Mapu and Vansh. I don’t know how many people I will hurt if I stay here any longer. Please don’t stop me today. He says I told you I will lower your dosage. This wont happen then. She shakes her head. Doc is in abroad and will come later. I don’t know who all I would hurt in the meantime. It is better that I leave.

Devina seconds Mishri’s decision. I made arrangements for her in one hostel in Pune when she told me about her decision. Akhilesh says you could have told me. She says you only think emotionally. I cannot forget what happened with Rohan, Vansh and Ira. Do you want to wait for something else now? I think hostel is perfect for her. She will also learn some discipline by staying away from us. Pushpa says we don’t push kids away from the house if they make mistakes. Devina reasons it is only for a few months. She will come back once she is fine and she can keep visiting us. Akhilesh refuses. I can decide her right and wrong as she is my daughter. Don’t interfere in this matter please. He asks Mishri to go to her room. He asks Vansh to take her bags upstairs. Mishri shouts against it but Akhilesh stays put. Devina tells him to speak calmly. Police has come here once already. We cannot let it happen again.

Pushpa asks Ira to do something. Mishri is leaving home. Do something. Ira confirms with her if it is her last decision. She mentally hopes Mishri would say no. Just say that you would try to change for good by staying here. Mishri picks up her bags sadly and confirms that it is indeed her last decision.

Precap: Mishri leaves a letter for her parents with Devina. Devina gives it to Mirchi. This will become your entry ticket in Pandey House now. On her way to the hostel, Mishri notices Rohan in his car and apologizes to him for what she did. He says even I was surprised as to what really got into you. Even your eyes had turned red. It felt as if you weren’t a human but a robot! Mishri gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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