Shakti 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman threatens Vedant to apologize to Soumya

Shakti 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that he got a call asking him to come here. Soumya thanks him and asks him to go. Harman says what is the work you do that you takes all night. Soumya says I can’t tell you. Harman says you listen to people’s taunts all day. He comes to Mr. Bansal’s house and greets Vedant. He asks about his caretaker. Vedant says she was in lock up and tells that she had stolen her phone and he felt very humiliating. Harman gets angry and controls his anger recalls Soumya’s promise. Soumya comes there. vedant asks if Police left you. Soumya says someone put false blame on me and got me arrested and someone saved me. Vedant says I know who bailed you out and says don’t know what magic you have done on him. Mr. bansal says goodness seems to be magic and tells that he told her that they don’t deserve her service, but still she came here. Harman hears them and says Harak Singh is bringing good news for everyone. He goes to office. Vedant tells Bansal that she will not leave job as she loves money than self respect. Mr. Bansal says she don’t come here for money, but because she has promised me to take care of you. He tells that she is the Param Guru maa and have many kinnars under her and says they don’t have that many workers in their factory. He says she decorates the house with flowers and your mum cards. He feels lucky that Tarana is in their house. Harman comes to kitchen and asks her why she didn’t tell me that you was in lock up all night. Soumya says what is the use of telling you. Harman asks if I don’t have right. Soumya says no. Harman asks who am I, if not a lover, husband. She asks him to go, he breaks the glass. Vedant asks did he misbehave with you. Soumya says yes and tells that he told her not to make you eat medicine forcibly and asked me not to steal. She says I was bringing water when the glass fell down. Vedant says I am glad that someone is with me and asks him to come.

Harak Singh comes there and says they have to inaugurate to make the new toys. Bansal says lets inaugurate then. Vedant says it will be fun to do business with you. He goes. Preeto and Shanno meet Kareena (kinnar). Kareena comes and asks why did you call me? Preeto says you have to do the work and will get double money. Kareena asks what is the work.

Harman asks bansal why did he keep Tarana as Caretaker when Vedant don’t like her. Bansal says no nurse could stay here and says Tarana is taking care of him very well. He says don’t tell anything to Tarana and says if she leaves the job then may be he won’t be alive or me. Soumya hears them. Bansal goes to check on Vedant. Soumya comes to Harman and says you want me to leave this job, but I will not go as I have promise uncle to make him stand on his feet. Harman says you are talking enough now a days. Noorekhuda plays…..

They come to the factory to inaugurate it. Pandit ji breaks the coconut and asks them to take out their shoes and says you have to go barefoot today. Vedant asks Tarana to take off his shoes. Harman gets angry. Soumya sits and takes off his shoes. He then asks her to lift the shoes and follow him. Bansal says what will you do with the shoes. Bansal says I will wear it inside as I am not stepping my foot down. Bansal says Tarana is your caretaker and don’t come here to take off your shoes. Harak Singh and Harman gets angry. Pandit ji asks Vedant not to insult a woman. Vedant says she is not a woman, but a kinnar. Everyone looks at her. Harak Singh asks Harman to calm down and says even I am angry, but have to keep calm. Soumya lifts Vedant’s shoes and asks him to come. Vedant cuts the ribbon and gets inside with everyone. He keeps the coconut in the factory and asks soumya to make him wear his shoe again. Soumya makes him wear shoes. Bansal says we shall go to bank to complete the formalities. They leave. Soumya asks him to come home. He says he is not answerable to her. Harman asks soumya to get water for him. Vedant asks her to get water for him. Soumya goes. Harman thinks of his words and take off his shoes. He asks him to apologize to Tarana else he will beat him and make him red. Harman takes Vedant on the road and asks him to say sorry.

Precap: Harman tells Vedant that if he don’t apologize then will come under the bus. Vedant refuses to apologize to Soumya. Soumya comes running there and tries to save him, but Harman holds her hand. Vedant shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. disgusting these makers are.really shameful of shakti makers.again kareeena shakes hands with preeto.and preeto suddenly turning so negative.after harak singh saying preeto such straight thing that go into the room & think what are you can she be so brainless character.and what others are doing raavi,malika & team?really if ordians would have been given a chance of making such shows.kahani hi kuch alag hoti.yeh toh time hain jab makers kuch aisa dikhaye jo kisine bhi nahin socha ho.preeto ne realise kiya ki woh saumya ke saath galat thi aur apni galati sudhar kar woh saumya ko ghar wapas le aaye uske liye woh negative points use kar rahi hain.this should be the twist.aur shanno ko apne kiye ki punishment dene ke liye woh use achi tarah use kare.preeto ne kareena ke saath milkar aisa karna chaiye jaise saumya ko kinner community gurumaa ke post se nikal de.aur saumya ko majboor karde ke woh apne bache soham ke liye phirse harman ki suhagan bane.aur for a change kareena ko bhi prayashchit karte hue dikha yeh ke usne saumya ke saath kitna bura kiya tha.aree common yaar atleast soham aur harman ko saath dekh kar koi bhi pathar dil insaan pighal jayega.the way harman holds the baby in his arms what a feeling it is.and the baby smiles & looks exactly like harman.but makers will never do this.they only want dirty things to be shown.all negativity.forget it hopeless thing to watch.just reading the written updates.

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