Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Chalu Is On A Mission

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chalu asks Kulfi if her family has crying illness, just for a small issue Amyra started crying. Kulfi asks her to go and console her younger sister Amyra. Chalu walks to Amyra and asks why is she crying. Amyra says she is missing dadda, everything was going well with her, dadda and Kulfi’s company, but everything went in vain. Chalu pleads Amyra to inform Kulfi where Sikandar is. Amyra gets adamant and says even she doesn’t know where dadda is and she hates Kulfi. Chalu continues requesting to help Kulfi find out her father when Cutie comes and fights with her. Their argument starts. Kulfi interferes and takes Chalu away.

After sometime, Chalu sees Cutie enjoying liquor and peanuts and informs Chalu. Chalu says she is enjoying bad drink. Chalu says she is enjoying peanuts and lied that she is allergic to peanuts, reminiscing the incident. She decides to teach her a lesson and acts as enjoying jalebi and rabri. Once Chalu leaves, Cutie thinks if Chalu has tasted it, it must be fine, enjoys rabri jalebi. Chalu watches hiding and thinks she added a special powder and it will start working within 10 seconds. Beauty after a parlor session walks to Cutie and asks how is she looking. Cutie is unable to speak. Beauty shouts fake Nimrath must have done something. Cutie writes down that Nimrath is not at fault as she also tasted jalebi. Beauty asks if she tasted rabri. Cutie writes down that she doesn’t remember. Beauty shouts that Nirmath must have done something for sure and when Lovleen enters informs her. Lovleen informs that Nihalo didn’t agree to help her, reminiscing the incident.

Beauty then sees Jantar and Mantar planning to trouble Cutie and Chalu stopping them and saying they should fear god. She informs Lovleen that Kulfi is god fearing and they should use this aspect in their favor. They all create Nihalo’s voice and frighten Kulfi. Kulfi reminisces Nihalo’s torture and shivers in fear. Chalu with Jantar and Mantar gets night vision goggles, jacket, etc, and plans to search Sikandar in whole building. Lovleen acts as chatting with Nihalo and asking her to come there soon and prove that the imposter staying with them is not Nimrath. Kulfi gets more afraid hearing that.

Precap: Lovleen frightens Kulfi to fear god and tell truth, else god will punish her father instead. Kulfi accepts that Chalu is not her real mother and her mother is already dead.

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  1. Look at this useless Kulfi, stupid girl, spoiling matter for Chalu that is helping her. In this computer generation how can a girl of that age be so dull. Pls the writers you are making Kulfi look like a fool

    1. Verma4

      Kulfi was shown as a very smart girl initially and now she has to look dumb due to the track.

  2. Now what? What nonsense with the lovely, beauty, cutie trio? Really? Sikander is inactive, lovely/Amyra back to being monsters. Cutie as usual plain stupid and the new bimbo! We are going nowhere. Actually this story is going backwards. The writers need help badly. I noticed that people don’t comment anymore? Is everyone fed up?

    1. Verma4

      @Vany, we do not comment anymore because the series has gone down hill rapidly .

  3. Even a fool can’t be like kulfi. That stupid girl is putting Chalu into trouble, If Chalu can’t find Sikander & escape with him the write might be crazy

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