Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Surendra stands in support of Bheema’s family

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Meera calls out to her SIL but Tulsa tells her she isn’t home. Meera wonders where she would have gone to. Bhimbai says I went to school to see who Bheema took the paste for. Meera says someone might be hurt. Bhimbai denies. It is the same kid who sat with Bheema the other day. His father had beaten him. Bheema took the paste for him only. Tulsa says Bheema never forced him into anything. Meera asks Bhimbai how she found out. Bhimbai says I had a doubt when Bheema took the paste with him. My doubt became certain when I reached school. Flashback says Guru ji telling Bhimbai she did the right thing by stopping Bheema from applying the paste on Surendra’s back. Tell Bheema to stay away from Surendra. I know that kids don’t focus on caste before making friendship. Guru ji tells her about today’s incident. Kailash hit Surendra. He can also hit Bheema tomorrow. Bhimbai agrees to make Bheema understand. Flashback ends. Meera says we will talk to Bheema. She tells the girls to tell Bheema too. Bhimbai wonders if he will listen to her. His Baba would have explained him well. Will Kailash do something to Bheema? I will bring him from school. Meera advises her to stay quietly at home. This is why your health isn’t improving. Wait for Bheema to come home.

Kailash sits on the cot. His wife asks him if he has explained things to everyone. He nods. I have told them everything clearly. His wife says one must know the differences in society well. Her husband seconds her. I will take good care of them if they will do any more drama!

The school gets over. Bala decides to go to the music troupe. His brothers try to stop him but Bala reasons that they need to submit the fees asap. He leaves. Bheema picks up the turmeric waste. Anand tells him to hurry up. They notice Surendra leaving. Bheema asks him why he dint apply it. Surendra says I am fine but Bheema denies. Apply it. Surendra asks him if he can apply it himself. Anand tells him to do it himself. Why are you dragging us with you in this? He asks Bheema to come but he denies. I told Baba I will stay away from people if my touch will affect them negatively. The reason is something else today! I will apply the paste. He turns Surendra to turn around. Surendra happily turns around. Other kids look on in surprise as Bheema applies the paste on Surendra’s back.

Bhimbai is pacing worriedly. Why haven’t the kids returned yet? Meera says kids must be playing a little. Bhimbai worries that Bheema might be playing with that same kid again. She leaves to check on Bheema. Manjula says even we are worried for Bheema but he will be fine now that Aai has gone to check with him.

Anand and Bheema go to the shop in the market.

Surendra returns home. His mother asks him where he sat in the classroom today. Before Surendra can say anything, few kids tell them that Surendra sat with Bheema and his brother yet again. Bheema applied turmeric paste on his wound as well. His parents are taken aback. Bheema has touched him? They say that their son is very obedient. He wouldn’t have done it. Surendra admits that he sat next to Bheema again. These kids aren’t lying. Bheema has applied medicine on my back. I am willing to be beaten again if you want! His father instigates other people by calling Bheema a danger for their society.

Bala is playing music with his group. The leader tells everyone to play it properly. We have earned a lot of money today. Everyone will get alcohol today.

Bhimbai is looking for her kids. She asks a school student who happens to walk past her but he talks rudely to her. She notices Bala playing the instrument while walking past a hut. Bala is shocked to see her. She slaps him and throws the instrument away. Where are your other brothers? Bala says they must be helping selling stuff in the market.

Bheema and Anand entertain people in the market. Bhimbai is taken aback to see them thus. She slaps Bheema and turns to the crowd. I send them to study and not to do drama! Anand tries to explain but she sternly tells him to pick his bags and come. He complies.

Surendra’s parents bring their son and a lot of villagers with them. Kailash shouts. Come out! Why are you hiding like cowards now? Meera, Tulsa and Manjula step out. Meera asks them what happened. Mangesh joins the villagers. One guy suggests talking it out but the villagers tell him to be quiet. This is the right time to give them the right answer! They will try to befriend other kids soon this way and will also try to touch us! They will clear out the differences between the castes! Break their legs whenever they try to step out of their lines! They ask for Bheema. Mangesh notices Bhimbai coming home with her sons. Here they are! Everyone looks at them.

Bhimbai asks them why they have gathered outside their house like this. Kailash asks for Ram ji. Bhimbai says he isn’t at home. He tells her that her kids are trying to befriend his son. leave this house right away or we will not spare you! Bheema refuses. This is our house. Why should we leave? Surendra seconds him. Mangesh says it might be anyone’s but they must vacate it right away. Another guy says we can throw them out instead. Surendra stands inside the premises of Bheema’s house. He refuses to step out till the time he will promise him they can stay here. this infuriates Kailash. We must let them know they did wrong by stepping out of their line. Throw their stuff out! Surendra challenges them and so does Bhimbai’s kids. All 4 of them stand together against the villagers.

Precap: Mangesh brings kerosene oil from his shop. Villagers pour it over Ram ji’s house and decide to set their house on fire.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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