kuch kuch hota hai ( Intro and Part-1)

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Hii guys this is Sophia here.
This is my first ff & I’m very excited and I am a silent reader and my ff is little bit different from yhm
So the characters are:
Our favorite couple ishra & mihika, abhishek as four besties 4m childhood
mr & mrs bhalla as raman’s parents
mr& mrs iyer as ishita’s parents

adi & ruhi as ishra’s children
pihu & aaliya as shagun & mani’s children
mihir as raman’s partner in his business
rinki & simmi as raman’s sisters
romi as raman’s brother & sarika as romi’s wife
And as usual ashok & nidhi as raman’s enemies
Adi , aliya , pihu and ruhi will be introduced in the story later

So today I will just give an intro
In the campus garden:
A woman starts screaming u always do like this u never have time for me , u always promise me that u will take me to shopping or on a date or to a movie. I did mistake by loving you, I hate u
The man says Arrey ishu please listen na (yes frnds dat is our beloved ishita)please listen to me u know na I luv u a lot I was studying yaar please understand na (begging very sweetly)
No raman this is not the first time & even I am studying it’s just that I take out a little time for u & u don’t aur tum raman nahi ravan hoo who shows tortures to his girlfriend

Saying that ishita left from the garden
Raman : iss Jhansi ki rani ko mein kya karu how should I handle her god please show me a way
mihika & abhishek saw ishita leaving angrily
mihika says to abhishek : again fight this is like the hundredth time they fight they patch up & those who go in the middle will be bali ka bakra ishu will scold them & raman will say” iss madrasan pagal ho gayi , no will get a girlfriend like her, I cannot handle her any more”(in raman’s voice) & every time we both try to make them together we are becoming fools . this time I don’t want to become bali ka bakra
abhishek says : even I don’t want to become bakra

raman comes & asks them ” did u see that Jhansi ki rani ? where did she go ? number one pagal ladki”
abhika say : poor raman ayyoo
raman : shut up guys . I am already suffering with one mad lady even god cannot bear her that’s why he sent her down to irritate & make others suffer
ishita who was listening this was burning with anger
abhika saw her & tried to warn raman by whispering

raman : what guys what are u saying why are u also doing puss puss like ishita . she made me deaf by shouting & if u guys talk like this I can’t hear & abhishek u are also talking like your sister I think ishita made you also mad & dumb because you will be habituated to be mute. She doesn’t allow anyone to talk
mihika: bhai turn back you will see your death
(Yes guys mihika & raman are brother & sisters and ishita & abhishek are brother & sisters)
Raman says my death & laughs and then turns back

He sees ishita and thinks when did this Jhansi ki rani come? now she will kill me. God should only save me
Raman says : baby when did u come I was just telling mihika & abhishek that I love u a lot and I am advising them to be honest & truthful & together like us
Ishita : enough raman I heard everything from the starting I thought it is my mistake and came to apologize you & now I came to know what you think about me. I was right about you & don’t spoil their relation they are very honest & very romantic abhishek does whatever mihika asks for & never refuses
Mihika : nahi ishu , abhi aisa nahi hai he is the same like raman & actually more than raman , these boys will never understand us

Abhishek : mihu why are u saying like that
Ishita : you are right mihu
Raman : ishu once listen to me
Ishita : no raman I already listened enough RAVAN KUMAR BHALLA
And saying that ishu & mihu left
Abhishek : because of you even I am in trouble now
Raman was laughing and said : it’s ok yaar atleast I got a company & now again we should convice these madams
Abhishek : laugh , laugh all ur 32 will come out & now mihu will kill me if I talk or say anything to her. She will give me a big lecture

Raman : don’t know why this two will always be giving lecture
Precap :
Raman & abhishek making plans to convince mihika & ishita

Shall I continue
Pls comment & let me know how you felt about the ff

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  1. Girija


    1. Sophia

      thanks girija

  2. Hey its gud…pls continue……

    1. Sophia

      thanks ks

  3. Kumud

    Awesome and interesting pls translate into subtitle as well

    1. Sophia

      thank you
      btw i didn’t understand “subtitles” means to which language shall i translate

      1. Kumud

        English pls

  4. nice start…waiting for next one…is this a fb part part..

  5. Jasminerahul

    ishra abhika 2gether.wow.thats a treat.missing abhika a lot.ishra nok jhok n abhika interfering was funny,continue soon

  6. Nice start plzzz continue

  7. Wow superb dear continue

  8. lovely start ishra as always cuties pls continue soon

  9. Soooooo lovely continue even I miss abhika

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