Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu singh coming home. anita is excited and feels naughty and thinks good I got a monkey to fool. Happu comes and is about to sit when anita says no happu don’t sit on that sofa and its very dirty and I have a special chair for you. happu thinks wow she is welcoming me so nicely. Anita brings the chair and happu sits on the chair. happu says so bhabhiji how are you? anita says I am nice and you say. Happu says nowadays I have heard you have become very naughty and doing mischief. Anita thinks now is the time and says happu singh get up right now and go away and what are you saying to me? Happu says I am sorry and I am going. Happu gets up but he is stuck to the chair. anita laughs and says go now happu otherwise I will call the commissioner. Happu says I am going but I am stuck to this chair, anita says yes you will be as I put gum on it and now it wont come out, anita laughs and says I did this mischief. Anita goes laughing. Happu says what did she do? And who does such a mischief? Happu goes out slowly on street and says I hope no one sees me. Happu is going as gulfam kali sees happu and her van is parked beside.
Gulfam says what happened happu singh? Happu says see I am stuck in this chair and cant come out. Gulfam says who did this? Happu says anita did it and she stuck glue in it. gulfam says I will give a solution and remove your pant and you will be free. Happu says are you mad? And in the street I shall remove my pant? Gulfam says no I was saying go in my van and then I will also leave you home. happu says okay and goes in van to remove pant. Commissioner comes and gulfam is saying happu come fast. Commissioner says happu come out, happu says you tell me on phone what work it is. Commissioner says come out and its my order otherwise I will remove you from job. Happu says okay and comes out in undergarment. Commissioner says jai hind and then sees and is shocked and says what is this happu? I will punish you for this rude behavior being a police man and meet me in my office today. Commissioner takes gulfam with him. Happu is angry.
There anguri is in kitchen and sings song and says why hasn’t vibhu come yet? And I will do such a mischief today that he will remember it for his entire lifetime. Vibhu is coming and anguri says here he comes and then acts sad. Vibhu comes and says hello hello anguri ji. Anguri is sad. Vibhu says what happened bhabhiji? And why do you look sad? Anguri says what should I say? And today masterji eve teased me and he also sang a characterless song on me and I felt very bad. Vibhu says what? Masterji did this? How can he do it and he is a very well-mannered man. Anguri says I am not lying. Vibhu says obviously I believe you. he says I will do something and he goes. Anguri laughs.
At home anita is there. Tiwari comes and sits. Anita thinks yes he came and I will do a mischief now. Tiwari sits and says bhabhiji I heard you have become very naught nowadays. Anita laughs and says yes vibhu must have told right? Tiwari says yes he said how you kept a cactus in the bed and his butt was ripped. Anita laughs and thinks now tiwaris its your time for some mischief too. Anita says that is nothing and I was very mischievous since childhood and once when I was in school our teacher had very long hair and had a tied pony. Tiwari says then what happened? Anita says one day I cut her pony when I had the chance and till today I have kept it safe and do you want to see it? Tiwari says yes and laughs. Anita goes and brings a box and says open it yourself and its in it. Tiwari opens the box and a punching glove comes out and hits tiwaris face. Tiwari is hurt. Anita laughs and says this was a good mischief right? Tiwari says yes I was hurt.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan come and sit and takes masterjis blessings. Tika and malkhan look at a girl going by and say masterji bless us such that the next girl we see will be our date. Masterji says don’t you have manners? And you tease women? And what if this was done with your mother and sisters? Vibhu comes and holds masterji by collar and pulls him and says you don’t says this and you have teased a goddess like woman. Masterji says what have I done? And leave me. Tika malkhan say what did he do? Vibhu says he teased anguri Bhabhi. Everyone is shocked. Vibhu takes masterji to anguri’s lawn and stands and calls anguri. Masterji says I have not done anything and you are blaming on a great man who lives on his manners and discipline. Tika malkhan say to each other that masterji must not have done anything , doctor comes and says yeah I think same. many people gather around the house. Vibhu says see this is the man who teased a woman. Anguri comes out and vibhu says see bhabhii I brought your criminal here. Anguri says what criminal? Vibhu says he only teased you so I brought him here. Angrui says masterji? No he did not tease me and this never happened and he is such a great person. Vibhu says but you said to me. Anguri says when did I say? Masterji says enough of your lies and remove shis stick. Vibhu is scared.

Precap: anita and anguri are in house and anita threatens happu with knife. Happu gets scared and falls down from a heart attack. Vibhu and Tiwari check happu and Tiwari says he died. Anita and anguri scream and say what did I do.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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