Till the last leaf falls down by mysterious girl it’s a abhigya os

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we can see some pages flipping it was a story book a fantasy so lets read it.

It was autumn the leaves were falling like rain from sky autumn is one of my favorite seasons I like it more the cool breeze n the red sun going to home was all my favorite exclaimed a girl that girl was wearing a white top n white skirt with silver earrings n a chain with a dollar of leaf she seemed to be happy she walked as a angel descending from heaven all this was noticed by a guy he was dashing wearing a white polo shirt n black jean he was painting a bridge with water flowing as gentle as the feather beneath n fishes jumping with joy n cool breeze touching everyone with icy finger .he was full of paint he was mesmerized to see her he already fell in love with her he followed her daily she was enjoying just like a child she too fell someone following her so she decided to find that mysterious person .
On another beautiful morning the birds singing a melody to wake up the people the sun was rising indicating a bright day. As usual he followed her but this time she caught him she asked him why he was following her that boy kneeled down n said

In a beautiful eve at Washington
I saw my Angel in white
I fell in love with her
Now I’m not ready to leave her
So so she asked soooo what .he said I love you.that girl was stunned though many boys proposed she found it somewhat special she thought really he’s my Prince charming.she said I loved u even before he asked wat she explained how she saw him at a fair n fell in love but later didn’t see him again saw him last year autumn near the same bridge.she said I love u so much buttttt he asked what butttt she said my parents won’t allow it n what about urs he said my parents are in the sky watching me blessing me for choosing u as their daughter in law tears formed in that girls eyes but that boy caught it n said never again I’ll see u cry she hugged him she felt grateful that her autumn has made her meet her prince n made him propose her but her parents that thought made her stumble he said I’ll ask them n went holding her hand that girls parents said only one conditions that is u must give 190 pounds to marry her that boy was disheartened he had only twenty pounds so hr asked them they said they’ll wait one yr before that he should pay that boy bid bye to the girl n he pecked her forehead promising to marry her soon she said I’ll wait till the last leaf of fall flies away he said to return soon n went but within six months he earned 150 pounds for his master piece more just 40 to go that when he got the letter of his love it was written

My dear love ,

My parents have fixed my alliance I can’t marry him come soon they have fixed marriage after two years come soon we can elope as my life lies in u.

He immediately took his savings n saw the money was more than needed n decided to travel as it would take him six days to reach that place bit unfortunately his ship was taken by some terrorist she was waiting for according to his letter he should have reached here two months before bit still he was not here all kinds of fear started to surround her mind but she believed strong in his life
After three months still that boys ship was under them they had robbed all his money he was feeling so sad he wanted to reach his love days rolled it was ten days before autumn ends he had nothing left but hope yes that hope saved him police arrested them n freed captives n made arrangement’s to send them home he went to washington at morning of last day of autumn there he saw his love sitting sad he gave her a bone crushing hug n explained everythong sje said lets go jaan far from this worls pls jaan he said okk both ran some natives spotted them n informed to that girls parent they grew angry n was ready to kill them .that girl n boy reached a small hut they were spending quality time she said that she wants him to carry her in his arms n both enjoyed each others company

After few years we could see two bird’s were sitting in the tree the birds were none other than that boy n girl
After sometime all villagers found them they both ran n finally a shot followed by another shot we could see that boy n girl smiling saying we met at this bridge n we even go paraside in this bridge n fell down in the river at the same time the last leaf of autumn fell down. that man who shot them was none other than that girls parent .

Love never dies
It always exist in some or other forms

So do u want to know that lovers name then its time to eevael its our gorgeous pragya n dashing abhi

Time to close the story book so lets meet with another tale.
Till then IRS bye from a mystery reader.

Did u like this story if so say like n no means must improve.okkkk

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  1. Emotional os dear…really LOVE NEVER DIES….awesome story line dear….

  2. Lovely dear

  3. I really like it dear infact am in love with ur writing

  4. Sorry to say frankly I already read somewhere this kind
    of love story…I never feel new love story…but nice story…I like it…again come with new ff…

  5. Heart touching story….. Love it dear…..

  6. wow awesome story di

  7. Superb dear..

  8. Saranya24

    Omg wat a beautiful os dear i got tears loved it love u?????

  9. Prathi

    Awesome story princess….

  10. Beautiful story princess loved it

  11. Awesome story angel??
    Love you ❤

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