KRIYYAM OS Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

Hey guys, Muniya again, back with another Kriyyam story. Actually, guys, this is the first story that came to my mind when I decided to write Kriyyam os. So this is very special to me. However, I hv changed some things from the initial one. Hope u ppl will like it.

*****Let’s jump to the story*****

More than one week has passed after Sayyam has come to know about the devilish truth of his father that has totally broken him from inside. He has almost confined himself in the room. He is not in talking terms with anyone in the house. He feels it’s his shame to be son of a person like Sambhav.

Suhani and Yuvaani hv tried a number of times to talk with him, but with no result. His guilt along with his feelings of shame became obstacle in his way to meet the gazes of the people around him.

One night Krishna was going to her room. She was passing through Suhani’s room when she hears her crying. She enters the room.
Krishna: Aunty…
Suhani looks at her with tearful eyes.
Suhani: Krishna…
Krishna goes to her and sits beside her.
Krishna: Aunty…what happened?…why r u crying?
Suhani hugs her and cries. Krishna consoles her.
Krishna: Aunty plz don’t cry…tell me what happened?
Krishna wipes her tears. Suhani looks at her and holds her hands.
Suhani: Hum aapne kismat pe ro rahe hai Krishna…U know what…I m the most unlucky mother in the world who has lost her child twice for wrong decisions…and now there is no way to get him back.
She cries saying that. Krishna understands that Suhani is talking about Sayyam.
Krishna: Aunty…plz don’t cry…everything will be fine… its just that Sayyam needs time.

Suhani: No Krishna…I know…nothing will be fine…Sayyam will never be able to forgive me for what he had suffered in his life bcz of me…and now he hates me more…but I don’t want his forgiveness cz I know he can’t…now I just want to talk to him…at least once…I want to apologize to him for what I hv done with him…I hv to tell him that he had no fault in all these…it was that devil for whom I abandoned him…it was that vulnerable situation that compelled me to take such decision…and I regret for that…and I’ll hv this regret for my whole life…
Suhani again breaks down crying. Krishna had no word to console her.
Suhani: Krishna…Krishna…beta tum bataao na…did he tell u anything about me?..anything?
Krishna: No aunty…he doesn’t talk to me.
Krishna’s reply makes her more disappointed and she cries harder.
Suhani: I hv lost him Krishna…I hv lost him.
Krishna feels really bad seeing her crying like that and thinks to do something.
Krishna: Aunty…plz don’t lose hope…
She wipes her tears.
Krishna: Aunty…I’ll talk to Sayyam…I’ll try to make him understand…I…I promise.
Suhani looks at her, shocked. A tiny smiles appears on her face, in between her tears. She holds her hands.
Suhani: Really Krishna…u’ll talk to him…wo maan jayega na?
Krishna smiles a bit.
Krishna: Aunty…I don’t know if he’ll understand or not…but I must try my best…cz I can’t see u like this…and I hope Sayyam will understand…after all he is ur son…he has craved for u his whole life…and now when u r with him…he will go far from u…I don’t think he is that stupid.

Suhani becomes really happy and smiles to get the ray of hope to get her son back. She wipes her tears and fake angers to Krishna
Suhani: Krishna…don’t u dare to call my son stupid.
Krishna smiles and hugs her.

After making Suhani lay Krishna comes to the room. She stops at the doorstep and prays to god, closing her eyes. She definitely needed god’s blessing to execute what she thought she was going to do is obviously being out of her comfort level with Sayyam. But she knew that she had to do this.

After inhaling a deep breathe Krishna enters the room. Sayyam was sitting on the couch with his laptop as now he sleeps on the couch. She goes to him and stands in front of him. Sayyam looks at her from the sideways of his eyes.
Krishna: Sayyam…get up and go to ur bed…I hv to sleep here.

Sayyam stops working for a second but doesn’t look at her. Krishna waits for him but he again indulges himself in working.
Krishna: Sayyam…can’t u hear…I said go to ur bed…I hv to sleep on my couch…and first of all…tumhara ye dukaan band karo.

Sayyam now looks at her, being irritated and confused at the same time. Krishna goes near him and closes his laptop. Sayyam gets angry. He gets the hold of the laptop.
Sayyam: This is my laptop.
Krishna: I know..
She snatches the laptop from him and Sayyam holds her hand.
Sayyam: Krishna…stop interfering in my life.
Krishna: Ab galati ki hai toh bhugatna toh parega…
She removes his hand and goes to keep the laptop. Sayyam looks at her puzzled. Krishna turns a little and says
Krishna: Wo bhi ek nahi…do do galati.

Sayyam was still confused. He was already shocked to notice Krishna’s changed behavior. Krishna comes to the couch and starts to arrange the pillows and looks at him.
Krishna: Tumhari doosri galati ye hai ki tumne mujhse shaadi ki hai.

Sayyam had no intention to pay any heed to what she said and was going to take the laptop again but then something strikes his mind. He frowns.
Sayyam: (thinks to himself) Doosri galati….
He looks at Krishna who was still busy in arranging the pillows and said in his usual harsh tone.
Sayyam: Tum shayad meri pehli galati bhool gayi?
Krishna was done with the pillows. She looks at him.
Krishna: No…obviously not…how can I forget that…maine doosri galati pehle isliye kaha…cz I was trying to know…if u r listening to me or not…

Sayyam was getting really angry. He looks at her narrowing her eyes. Krishna grew tensed but didn’t show it.

Krishna: Ok…so as now u r listening…I’ll tell u… so ur first mistake is…mmm…u remember…uss din…I mean hamare haldi ke din…I didn’t want to marry u…and I tried to kill myself…but u…u stopped me…and that’s ur first mistake…agar uss din tumne mujhe nahi roka hota…toh aaj main yahan nahi hoti…aur tumhari life mein interfere bhi nahi karti…right?

Sayyam remembers that and looks at her in disbelief. He was really shocked to hear such an explanation of his mistakes from Krishna.

Krishna was still looking at him, trying hard to read something from his expressionless face when Sayyam smiled a bit. And much to Krishna’s comfort, it was a genuine smile, other than those evil smirks of him. Krishna too smiled, being somewhat relieved and unknowingly says
Krishna: Today for the first time I saw u smiling.

And with that Sayyam’s smile vanishes. Again his face becomes expressionless. He looks away. Krishna sees that and hesitatingly holds his hand. Sayyam frowns and looks at her.
Krishna: Sayyam…I..
Sayyam moves his hand from her grip and stands up
Sayyam: Stop ur nonsense and go to sleep.

Krishna gets afraid and thinks to go. But than remembers Suhani’s crying face and also her promise and decides not to move back. She goes and stands in front of him.

Krishna: I want to talk to u.
Sayyam: But I don’t want to…
He turns to leave but Krishna holds his hand
Krishna: Tum kab tak aise bhaagte rahoge Sayyam?
Sayyam gets angry and looks at her with raged eyes.
Sayyam: Listen Krishna… I m not running away from anyone…I just don’t want to talk to u.
Krishna was afraid but she knew that she can’t move back at any cost.
Krishna: Really Sayyam…still u’ll say u r not running away…u know what I want to talk…..and that’s why u don’t want to talk with me …isse bhaagna nahi toh aur kya kehte hai Sayyam?

Sayyam was taken aback to hear that from her. He turns to other side and slowly sits on the couch. Krishna can see measure the amount of hurt in his eyes. She sits beside him and holds his hand. Sayyam was sitting steel.

Krishna: I can understand Sayyam…what u r going through after knowing the truth of that person…how much hurt u r…after all I also came to know the truth of my mom’s death…but Sayyam… that doesn’t mean… bcz of that person…u won’t think about the other persons of ur life…ur mom..

Sayyam now looks at her, being shocked as he thinks that may be Suhani is ill.
Sayyam: Kya hua maa ko?…Is she fine?..

Krishna felt somewhat relieved to see his concern for Suhani. But Sayyam felt uncomfortable as he shows his concern for his mother to Krishna.
Krishna: Yea…she is fine outwardly…but not in heart.

Sayyam understands what she meant. He looks away.

Krishna: Aunty has gone through a lot in her life…but I never saw her this much hurt…She considers herself responsible for every bad thing of ur life…she regrets for her decision to leave u…but what hurts her more is that she thinks she has lost u…once again.
Sayyam looks at her. His eyes had uncounted emotions.
Krishna: Haan Sayyam…she regrets…but she doesn’t want ur forgiveness…cz she thinks that u hate her and u won’t ever forgive her…but is that true Sayyam…don’t u love her…won’t u ever forgive her?

Sayyam was shocked to know this. His heart was piercing.
Sayyam: What?…but why does maa think so?

Krishna: Why won’t she think so?…did u ever talk to her after the truth has come out?…did u tried to know why did she do that?…did u ask her what does she feel?

Sayyam had no words. He sits there quiet. Krishna gently presses his hand.

Krishna: Talk to her Sayyam…she needs u…

Sayyam’s eyes glistened with tears. Krishna sees that.

Krishna: Try to forget everything Sayyam…and think to start a new life…I know it’s difficult for u to forget all these…but u hv try…u can’t live ur whole life like this…and why will u consider others fault as urs…why will u spoil ur life for that disgusting man?…He is not even worthy to receive a place in anyone’s heart…than why will u think about him and ruin ur life…ur new relations?

Sayyam looks at her. He thinks how can she read his heart. How easily she said what he thinks. He found himself wanting to believe her words, he wanted to do what she was saying. He listened to her quietly. He feels as if he was being captured in the spell of her magical words.

Krishna: U r not wrong in ur place…u were never…but now…when things r better…why will u stay like this?…why will u not try to forget ur bitter past and start a new life?

Unknowingly Sayyam’s lips curves up into a smile while looking at her. Krishna too smiled in trying to ease the tensed situation.

Krishna: And u know what…if people try they can do anything…ab mujhe hi dekhlo…tumhare saath rehte rehte main kitna badal gayi hoon…pehle main tumse kitna darti thi…but now I m not afraid of u…I wanted to come over my fear of u…I tried and succeeded…than why u can’t do that?…u r brave than me…
Sayyam looks at her with wonder. Krishna too wonders to think how those words came to her mind and slipped out of her tongue. She feels an immense pleasure as she didn’t thought that she’ll be able to say everything so confidently to Sayyam.

Sayyam smiles at her for the first time after these days.

Sayyam: So u accept that…tum mujhse darti thi?

Krishna sarcastically says

Krishna: Haan…par ab nahi darti.

Sayyam couldn’t help but widening his smile at her reply.

Krishna gets up and was going to bring the water jug then suddenly the light goes and Krishna gets scared. She screams and jumps. She loses balance and falls over Sayyam. She hugs him and hides her face in his arms. Sayyam gets shocked. He instinctively hugs her in a protective way.

Sayyam: What happened?
Krishna: Can’t u see…light chali gayi hai.
Sayyam: So u’ll jump over me?
Krishna: Sorry…but mujhe andhere se bohut dar lagta hai.
Sayyam: Why?..Where is ur bravery now?
Krishna: Sayyam plz…taunt me later.
Sayyam: Ok…now go to bed…I’ll sleep here.
Krishna: No no Sayyam..I can’t…plz don’t leave me.
Sayyam: What?…but..Krishna..
Krishna: Plz na Sayyam…
Sayyam: But let me bring the candles from hall…
Krishna: No…candles khatam ho gaye hain…
Sayyam flushes the torch of his phone. Krishna had closed her eyes. He looks at her and thinks something and says
Sayyam: Theek hai…ab sho jaao.
Krishna felt relieved and holds him tightly.

Sayyam turns and slowly makes her lie down on the couch when Krishna was still hugging him. Sayyam moved his head a bit to look at her face. She was still closing her eyes. Then he also lies beside her. But none of them slept.

After half an hour power comes.

Kriyyam look at eachother. Both of them thought that the other will leave now. But nothing of that sort happens in near two minutes (two minutes is a long time for such situation, I guess ?).

Finally Sayyam thinks to leave. He was about to move Krishna’s hand when again power goes and Krishna again holds him. Sayyam looks at her pleading eyes. They hv an eyelock.
Then after few minutes Krishna slowly falls asleep. But Sayyam doesn’t sleep. He keeps on staring at her sleeping face.

Duniya ke dastoor se door hai tu…Mere naino ka sara noor hai tu…Meri saans ke har mod pe…Sapno ke chhor pe…Dekh sirf tere hai nishaan…Aai Bairaagi…Teri laagi laagi re…Aai Bairaagi…Teri laagi laagi re…

Krishna was sleeping peacefully. The pale moonlight, that was filtering through the drawn curtains, reflects on her face, presents her as sleeping beauty. Sayyam removes the hair strand that was fallen on her cheek. Krishna scowled once and again snuggles into his arms to get more comfortable position. Sayyam smiles.

He thinks about all the words she said. How convincing her words were.

Hai udte panchhi ki chhaon tu…Beparwah behti si naao tu…Kaise aapnaye tu ek ghar…Hai banjaaro ka gaaon tu…Chhode tune hai jo nishaan…Unki raahon pe main chala…Kya pata milega ti kahan…Aai Bairaagi…Teri laagi laagi re…Aai Bairaagi…Teri laagi laagi re…

He stares at her lovingly until he also falls asleep, peacefully, after these many days.

Next Morning

Sayyam and Krishna were still sleeping.
The bright hue of golden sunlight hits Krishna’s face. She slowly opens her eyes. She adjusts her sight in the morning light and tries to get up but can’t. She feels a strong grip around herself and turns her head only to see Sayyam, deeply asleep. He was holding her in such a way as if she was a side pillow. Krishna smiles seeing his cute face while sleeping, with his messy hair falling on his forehead. She stares at him lovingly for sometime and removes his hair.

He was looking so innocent, Krishna didn’t feel like ruin his sleep. But she was getting late. She gently holds his hand and tries to put aside slowly. But Sayyam holds her more tightly. Krishna gets shocked but was relieved to see that he didn’t wake up.
She tries once again and this time Sayyam wakes up. He opens his eyes and looks at her. He was still holding her. They hv a small eyelock until Sayyam understand his position and leaves her.
They both felt awkward. Krishna quickly got up and rushes towards the washroom. Sayyam also gets up and goes out to avoid more awkwardness when Krishna comes out.

Days were passing in their own way.

Sayyam now became somewhat free with Yuvaani. He talks to her sometime.

Suhani notices this and was happy and was impatiently waiting for the day when Sayyam will talk to her also and who knows if Sayyam was also waiting for that day when he’ll be able to overcome his guilt. But it was difficult for him to that after all those he has done.

One day Suhani was coming out of the kitchen with some dishes. She was lost in her thoughts about Sayyam. She didn’t notice the oil that Baby has put on the floor, in need of some drama, to get rid of the boredom due to the tensed atmosphere of the house nowadays.
Suhani slipped on the oil and falls down on the floor with a loud scream. The dishes also falls and some pieces of glasses pierce in her hand. Sayyam was going out but turned to hear Suhani’s scream. He runs to her and holds her to stand back properly.
Sayyam: Maa…Maa r u alright?

Suhani at once forgot all her pain. She looks at him with motherly affection in her eyes as he checks her for any wound. His concern for her was clearly reflecting in his eyes. Tears of Joy blurred Suhani’s sight as Sayyam becomes hyper to see the blood oozing from her wounds. He takes her to the sofa to make her sit and calls out for Krishna to bring the first aid box soon. But instead of sitting Suhani hugs him. Sayyam gets shocked.

Krishna comes there running with the first aid box but stops midway. One by one everybody come as they all heard Suhani’s scream and also Sayyam shouting for first aid box. All fix their steps on the way to hall. They all wait to see Sayyam’s reaction.

There was pin drop silence other than the sobbing sound of Suhani, in the arms of her son and mumbling her apology to him which is not audible from a distance. Sayyam stood there still as he doesn’t know how to react. But he comes to sense when he feels the trails of tears running down his cheeks. He hears Suhani crying and couldn’t stop himself and unknowingly hugs her.

They spend a long time in the same position. This whole time Sayyam struggles with himself to found his voice to speak up what he wanted to. He wanted to apologize to his mother for his deeds, for not believing her words, for hurting her, for making the hell of her life. But he couldn’t utter anything. All his words mixed up with one another and formed a knot in his throat. The same happened with Suhani too.

After inhaling a long breath Sayyam somehow whispered, hugging her more tightly

Sayyam: I m sorry Maa…

Suhani’s unbounded happiness left her speechless. She looks at him with teary eyes. Sayyam didn’t meet her gaze. Suhani cups his lovingly and kisses his forehead. Sayyam looks at her with his eyes, full of tears. Suhani smiles and wipes his tears. Sayyam was about to say something but Suhani stops him. She again hugs him.

Suhani: No need to say anything Sayyam.

No one of them uttered another word but all the feelings of guilt, sadness, anger, hatred were being wiped away with every tears they shed and were being replaced with the tears of happiness.

Everybody witnessed the mother-son reconciliation, some with broad smiles on their faces and some with raged eyes.

Dadi left from there followed by Rags. Baby also follows them, being raged, as this was not the drama, she wanted.

Nobody knows how long time they would spend like that if Yuvaani wouldn’t hv interfere.

Yuvaani: Now its high time guys… stop shedding tears…otherwise our Birla House will be flooded away…and we’d hv to find for another shelter…and I m sure Dadi won’t spare u for that.

Everybody looks at her and burst out laughing. Suhani and Sayyam also joins them. Sayyam wipes her tears and Suhani also do the same.

Yuvraaj, Pratima, Bhavna, Sharad, all come to them and hugs them.

They all were leaving when Sayyam stops Suhani.

Sayyam: Maa…where r u going?…aap ka first aid karna hai.
He takes her with him. Suhani looks at him. He does the dressing of her wounds. Suhani smiles.
All smile to see them.
Yuvraaj: Chalo bhai…humein toh ab office jaana chahiye…warna agar yahan rahe toh pura din maa bete ka emotional drama dekhke hi pet bharna parega.
Suhani looks at him angrily as he and Sharad laugh and left from there bidding bye to them. Others laugh.

Sayyam looks at Krishna who was standing beside Suhani. Krishna also look at him and both smiles happily.

Time skips to evening.

All were happy as well as Krishna. She was in the room when Sayyam comes while talking to someone in phone. Krishna keeps the folded cloths in the wardrobe and goes to washroom.
Sayyam cuts the call and was about to leave when Krishna shouts. Sayyam rushes to the washroom and bangs on the door.
Sayyam: Krishna…what happened? Krishna…open the door.
Krishna opens the door. They collide and Sayyam holds her. Krishna hugs him.
Sayyam: Kya hua Krishna?…Why were u shouting?
Krishna indicates inside the washroom without breaking the hug. Sayyam follows the direction when she says in a trembling voice
Krishna: wo..wo..wahan pe…chi..chipkali.
Sayyam: Kya?
Then he sees the lizard, near the ceiling.
Sayyam: That’s why u were shouting?
Krishna now breaks the hug and looks at him

Krishna: Haan.. mujhe chipkali se dar lagta hai…
Sayyam looks at her cute face while saying this.
Sayyam: Krishna…can u plz tell me…tumhe kis cheez se dar nahi lagta… u r afraid of darkness, u r afraid of Tiger, and now lizard too?
Krishna: Mujhe dar lagta hai toh main kya karoon?
Krishna goes from there. Sayyam understands that she was sad. But he doesn’t want to see her like that. So he thinks to change her mood. He thinks something and smiles.
Krishna was about to go out of the room when Sayyam holds her wrist. Krishna turns to him.
Sayyam: I m sorry…
Krishna replies without looking at him.
Krishna: Its ok..

She again turns. But Sayyam doesn’t leave her hand.
Sayyam: Ice cream khaane chalogi?
Krishna was at once amazed to suddenly hear that from Sayyam. She looks at him and her smile widens. Sayyam looks at her lovingly.
Sayyam: Haan ya na?

She immediately answers
Krishna: Haan.
Sayyam becomes happy to see her smile and he also smiles.
Sayyam: Than get ready.
Krishna: Ok than I’ll call Yuvaani too.
Sayyam nods. She was going to Yuvaani when she herself comes. Krishna smiles.
Krishna: Yuvaani..I was going to u…main aur Sayyam ice cream khane jaa rahe hain…u also come with us..
Yuvaani looks at Kriyyam. She thinks something and smiles mischievously
Yuvaani: Guys…I came here to tell u that I m going to pub…and I’ll be late…so if mumma asks about me…than tell her something…ok…and even if I wouldn’t hv to go to pub…I wouldn’t come with u…cz u know…I don’t wanna be a kabab me haddi…so u guys go and enjoy…and I m also leaving…bye.
She winked at them and left. She didn’t even let them a chance to speak. Kriyyam look at eachother and Sayyam tilts his head.

After sometime they got ready and goes out.
Sayyam: Wait…I’ll bring the car.
Sayyam was about to leave when Krishna holds his hand to stop him.
Krishna: Sayyam…Can’t we walk?…I mean…Zyaada door toh nahi hai na…
Sayyam thinks for a second and says

Sayyam: Its fine…but it’ll be late to come back…and looks like it would rain…so…I think…if u don’t mind…we can go on bike…
He waits for her reply. Krishna had no objection. She smiles and nods in yes. Sayyam too smiled and left to take out the bike.
He comes back in few minutes and they left on bike. Krishna first hesitates but than gently keeps her hand on his shoulder for support. Sayyam looks at her in the rear view mirror.

They reach the ice cream parlor. As soon as they reach it starts to rain. They quickly goes inside. There were only few people, mostly couples.
Kriyyan order for their ice cream and sit in a corner table.
Krishna: Tumhe bhi vanilla flavor pasand hai?
Sayyam: Mujhe bhi matlab?
Krishna: Matlab mujhe bhi vanilla flavor pasand hai.
Sayyam nods.

After sometime ice cream comes and Krishna starts to eat like a child. Sayyam looks at her.
Sayyam: Tum dheere dheere bhi kha sakti ho…No one will snatch it from u.
Krishna looks at him and then their surroundings. People were looking at her. She feels embarrassed. Sayyam smiles at her cute face.
They finish their ice cream and waits for the rain to stop.
After sometime rain stops and Sayyam pays the bill and was going out, but stops on his way as Krishna speaks up
Krishna: Arre…where r u going?…aur ghar mein sabke liye ice cream kaun lega?
Sayyam turns to her
Sayyam: Kya? Sabke liye?..

Krishna: Of course sabke liye…aaj sab kitne khush hain…toh sab milke celebrate karna chahiye na…aur khushiyan toh baantne se hi badti hai…aur phir..
Sayyam cuts her off showing his hand.
Sayyam: Its ok…ab yahan pe lecture dena mat shuru karo.
Krishna makes a face and starts to count all the family members and their choices of different flavors of ice cream while Sayyam mumbles to himself.
Sayyam: Sach mein bohut badi galati kar di iss pagal se shaadi kar ke.
Krishna: Did u say something?
Sayyam nods in negative.

After few minutes Krishna comes out of the parlor. She was struggling with all the packets in her hand. She didn’t notice the car rushing in her direction. Sayyam pays the bill and follows her. As soon as he turns, the hazardous scene caught his sight. His eyes got wide open as he calls out Krishna.
Sayyam: Krishna…
Sayyam runs to her and holds her arm to pull her into him. He hugs her tight. Krishna also reciprocates due to sudden force. All the packets falls from her hand. The car passes with a loud horn.
There prevails a silence for few seconds before Sayyam shouts, tightly cupping her face in his hands.
Sayyam: Dhyaan kahan rehta hai tumhara?…agar kuch ho jata toh?
Krishna was totally stunned. Sayyam’s concern mingled with sudden fear made him weak. He inches closer to her face, panting heavily. He moves more close to her face and their lips were almost brushed against eachother. Sayyam stopped.
Initially Krishna was shocked but their bond has become strong enough in the passing days that she understands the intensity and the urge of the situation. She looks at Sayyam who was still closing his eyes. Krishna touches his cheek and he opens his eyes.
Krishna: Sayyam…

They look deep into eachother eyes in utter silence. Krishna slowly tucks her palm on his neck to pull him closer. Her eyes casts a spell of magic over him.
Unknowingly, his lips were gently pressed against hers. That create another magic. He starts to kiss her.
He feels being released from the sudden tension as he kisses her. He was being assured of Krishna’s presence in his arm. The thought that she was safe, she was fine, she was protected, released him from all the tension. He gets relaxed. His hands slowly moved down to grip around her waist, to pull her more into him.

They kissed eachother passionately for a long time until they became out of breathe. Their lips said their heart in other way, without uttering a single word. The bond of the threads of their hearts strengthens more.
Krishna hugs him and Sayyam also hugs her back.

Sayyam: Don’t u dare to do such stupidity again Krishna…otherwise no one will be worse than me.

Krishna’s eyes filled with tears as she feels his voice still trembling a little.

Krishna: Sorry Sayyam…I didn’t see the car…

Sayyam breaks the hug and looks at her. He wipes her tears. Krishna looks at him lovingly as he cups her face and kisses her forehead.

They look at eachother.

Sayyam: Pagal ladki..

Krishna pouts. But suddenly, Krishna remembers what happened few minutes back and looks away. Sayyam understands that and chuckled seeing Krishna blushing hard.

Sayyam holds her hand to go to the bike when Krishna says

Krishna: But Sayyam…these ice creams got spoiled…

Sayyam see all the packets falling here and there. He smiles and they again go to the parlor and buy ice creams and comes out.

Sayyam: Ab ghar chalein…

Krishna nods smilingly. They rode back to home.

The moon was peeping through the fresh white cotton like clouds, flooding away the lonely road and the trees with its shine. The earth seems to be bathed with that bluish moonlight. There was no trace of dark clouds anymore.

Krishna now hugs Sayyam tightly from behind and rests her head on his shoulder. Sayyam smiles and looks at her in the mirror. She was looking beautiful as her lose hair was waving in wind. Krishna looks at him and they smile at eachother, lovingly.
A beautiful tune fades away in the air as well as in their hearts as they continue their romantic bike ride in a romantic and soothing atmosphere.

Tujhko main rakhloon wahan…Jahan pe kahin ho mera yakeen…Main jo tera na hua…Kisi ka nahi kisi ka nahi…Le jaye jaane kahan hawayein hawayein…Le jaye tujhe kahan hawayein…Begaani hai ye baaghi hawayein hawayein…Le jaye mujhe kahan hawayein hawayein…Le jaye jaane kahan…Na mujhko khabar…Na tujhko pata…

Banati hai jo tu…Wo yaadein jaane sang mere kab tak chale…Inhi mein to meri…Subha bhi dhale shaam dhale mousam dhale…Khayalon ka shahar…Tu jaane tere hone se hi abaad hai…Hawayein haq mein…Wo hi hai aate jaate…Jo tera naam le…Deti hain jo sadayein…Hawayein hawayein…Na jaane kya batayein…Hwayein hawayein…Le jaaye tujhe kahan hawayein…Le jaaye mujhe kahan hawayein hawayein…Le jaaye jaane kahan…Na mujhko khabar…Na tujhko pata…

Hence, with this short span of the bike ride, they begin their ever growing Lovestory. And this is how Sayyam and Krishna commence their endless journey of infinite Love, that, they will go through the long span of their lifetime

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