Savitri Devi 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dr. Malhotra gets tensed seeing improvement in Savitri’s health

Savitri Devi 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri thinking how can bus leave before its time, and sneezes so that Dr. Malhotra can hear her. Dr. Malhotra hears her, stops the bus and asks Gayatri to get down. Gayatri gets down the bus and tells that nobody loves her and that’s why she is leaving. She says she will stay without him, but with his love. She asks him to stay with Savitri happily and tells that you will forget me soon. Dr. Malhotra says she is his wife and he loves her so much. He says he is ready to prove his love for her and can name anything, hospital, house and wealth on her name. Gayatri and Vaidehi get happy. Gayatri acts and says she don’t want anything. Vaidehi asks her to come home. Gayatri says she is returning for him and for his love.

Sunny sees women magazine on his study table and thinks who kept it here. Khushboo comes and smirks, seeing Sunny seeing the magazine happy. She tells him that Jaya went out and serves him food.

Dr. Malhotra brings Gayatri home. Media is already present there. Dr. Malhotra says no question. Gayatri says she will answer the questions and tells that she is ready to share house, family, and Anand with Savitri. She will take care of Savitri and knows her husband feelings for her. Dr. Malhotra asks media to leave. Adarsh calls him and asks him to come hospital fast. Gayatri tells Vaidehi that she left letter intentionally and went to bus station. Vaidehi praises her acting capabilities and says you would have told me. Gayatri says if I had told you, you would have over acted. She says now all wealth will be on your name, not only this house. Gayatri says I told that I won’t let Savitri ruined my 15 years hardwork. Ria comes and hugs Gayatri, asking why did she leave? Gayatri says she went to know their place in Anand’s life. She says she won’t let Savitri ruined their life. Ria says that’s why she is always chilled out, as she knows that she will sort out everything. Gayatri asks her to make sure that Savitri never comes out of coma. Ria gets thinking.

Sanchi comes to Savitri’s ward wearing mask and brings big knife. Veer comes there and asks who is she? Sanchi sees Savitri responding and takes off her mask. She tells Veer that Savitri is responding and moved her hands. Veer gets happy and thanks Sanchi with a hug. Everyone praises Sanchi. Madhu and Bala tell that Savitri will be fine soon. Ria says she won’t let her be fine.

Adarsh tells Dr. Malhotra that the hospital CCTV is hacked. Dr. Malhotra says now we can’t know who helped Veer. Adarsh shows the previous CCTV footage in which Sanchi and Jaya go to room 1009, but they couldn’t identify Sanchi’s face. Dr. Malhotra says she might be Sanchi Mishra.

Jaya comes to Sunny’s room. Khushboo says it will be fun now. Jaya sees Sunny seeing women pics in the magazine and beats him. Sunny says he doesn’t know who kept magazine here. Khushboo says he is growing up now and takes his side. Dadi and Ashok come and asks what happened. Jaya is shocked and tensed.

Dadi comes to meet Savitri and tells that she will take her bahu soon. Veer tells Dadi that Savitri did movement because of Sanchi. Dadi asks her to take care of Savitri and leaves. Sanchi asks Veer to have something. Veer refuses, but she insists.

Veer is driving the car and realizes car brakes failed. He jumps out of the car and is about to fall in valley, when he holds its cliff. Sanket comes there in car. Vikrant shouts for help. Sanket says not so soon. He asks Vikrant not to worry and says he will bring rope. He pulls him up using rope. Vikrant thanks Sanket for saving him and says you are not less than an angel. Sanket says I will take revenge for giving pain to Priya. He says I will drop you home.

Adarsh tells Dr. Malhotra that today Savitri has a movement in her hand and asks him to end the matter for once and all. Dr. Malhotra asks him to keep his suggestion with him, and says he can’t do anything (harm Savitri) even if he wants.

Sanchi apologizes to Veer for her misbehavior. Veer keeps finger on her mouth and asks her not to say sorry for anything and says after whatever you have done for me, I want to forget everything. Let makes a fresh start and introduces him as Veer Malhotra. Sanchi smiles.

Ria calls Madhu and Bala and take injection from them. She thinks she won’t let Savitri ruin their lives and keeps injection in her pocket. She comes inside ward and sees Sanchi taking Savitri out. She says you can’t take her out. Sanchi says Dr. Kabir made her incharge of Savitri’s case. She takes her out.

Vikrant asks Sanket why did he come here? Sanket says he was going to see house for stay, when he heard his voice and rushed to him. Vikrant asks him to stay in his house. Sanket hesitantly agrees.

Sanchi takes Savitri to garden and tells Savitri about Veer. She tells her that just like Jaya remembered everything, you must also remember things/incidents. She tells that you and mamma have planted a small plant there. She tells about her father’s dream and says if Papa would have been alive then this hospital would have been different. She turns and sees Dr. Malhotra standing. Dr. Malhotra asks why did you bring Savitri out. Sanchi says she thought she needs fresh air and that’s why brought her here. Dr. Malhotra scolds her and asks her to go. He gets a call and starts talking. Veer comes and asks Sanchi where she is going. Sanchi says she brought Savitri aunty here when Dr. Malhotra came and asked her to go. She sees scorpion climbing on Savitri’s hand. Savitri shakes her hands and faints. Veer and Sanchi get shocked.

Priya worries about Savitri and tries to call Veer, but Rukmini comes and snatches phone from her hand. Just then Vikrant comes home and calls everyone. He tells about his car accident and tells that Aniket saved his life. Priya gets shocked to see Sanket and drops water glass from her hand. Vikrant asks what happened, why you are shocked. Rukmini asks do you know each other. Priya says no, and says glass fell by mistake. She is about to pick it. Rukmini says Ashok will pick it. Vikrant says Aniket is his lucky charm and that’s why he has decided that he will stay here in his house. He says you have saved my life and I can give you a room in my house to make you feel comfortable and asks Rukmini to make room get ready for him and make sure he don’t have any problem there. Sanket thinks Priya can’t speak infront of him, I will take revenge for all the torture.

They rush Savitri to ICU. Sanchi tells that scorpion have bitten her. Dr. Malhotra scolds Sanchi for taking her out and says because of your foolishness, Savitri’s life is in danger. Sanchi asks Veer to give his handkerchief and tie on her hand, so that poison don’t spread in the body. Veer asks Dr. Malhotra to keep quiet and says he has seen what he was doing there. He asks Dr. Kabir to save her. Dr. Kabir says nothing can be done now and tells that anti venom is not in the hospital. Veer is shocked.

Sanchi says she knows how to make anti venom injection. She goes to lab. Dr . Malhotra asks Veer not to trust Sanchi. Sanchi realizes main ingredient is missing, but tries to make the injection.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. boring yaar without kanchi dont know when will they realize
    i think there is a possibility
    when veer gotta know about sanchi is sanchi mishra then he decides to forget her and then kabir will be on sanchi side and then sanchi slowly fall for kabir if the makers wanna pair will be kanchi otherwise dont know what happens
    but i dont want to lose hope.

  2. Rehmat

    hope savitri devi recover soon and she reunite sanveer today sanveer scene awesome I just hate gayatri riya Dr malhotra love you sanveer

  3. Rehmat

    i don’t think swetha you remember when veer bring savitri devi hospital for treatment that time veer said if you fall any problems just call me I be there for you so I think veer help saanchi

  4. Day by day sanchi and veer chemistry looking good..veers acting is always superb..I hate dumb kabir….he is useless in show….uski acting me koi expression hi nhi rhta Hai..hmesa vhi same expression….fed up yr with kabir….I love sanveer I think swarda ko replace krna chahiye enhe and phr veer aur sanchi ko pairing me dikhaya jaye

    1. Niyaaa

      Hey agar tum sanveer ko pasand krte ho to uski tarif karo kyun kabir k pichche pade rhte ho yaa tumhe darr rhta h ki kabir ki fans ki wajah se kanchi pair up na ho jaye stop bad mouth for kabir otherwise m also cross my limits n then i think u dont like agar m veer k bare m kuch galat kaehne per majbur mat kro sab apna kaam kar rhe h sabki apni line script apna role h jise jaisa mila wo kar rha h samjhe

  5. Sanchi always there for veer and veer always there for sanchi its unique relation btw them today veer proved that he always stand for her in any matter and any condition thats the reason i love sanveer most and i wish u both always stand for each other support each other and make friendship , love bond strong day by day love u sanveer

  6. Sanchi always there for veer and veer always there for sanchi its unique relation btw them today veer proved that he always stand for her in any matter and any condition thats the reason i love sanveer most and i wish u both always stand for each other support each other and make friendship , love bond strong day by day love u sanveer

  7. Love sanveer and today veer again hug sanchi with happiness,but dont know when veer will get to know about jaya,bcoz there z spoiler that Dr.malhotra will say veer that jaya mishra z the lady to harm his mother and that is the reason to keep savitri in secret room.
    Then wt will veer do?????
    Again he misunderstads sanchi????

  8. Hi all sanveer fans.
    Hi Abc ,tell me is that spoiler is true?
    Bcoz Dr.malhotra finds that jaya mishra z the person and she entered in 1009.
    Will Dr.malhotra say to veer that jaya wants to kill his mother??

  9. Otakustuff

    M absolutely loving the current track! Specially Priya..seems like there is some hope for her to escape the clutches of vikrant finally….i really hope sànket succeeds…or it would be really boring to watch same thing again with her getting punished for nothing! Hope she gets to know that Sanket was framed by her dad! They are so cute??

  10. Lokesh

    Veer n sanchi are gud bt ad friends nor pair .pair is always kanchi .they look perfect

  11. Nice episode

  12. Big fan of kanchi…..kanchi rocks

  13. usha rehmat how are you dear? I think that spoiler is true. in future sanveer’s distance will increasing and we will bear I decided to keep quite from commenting hear just reply you..

  14. Niyaaa

    I hate the seriel current track except priya sanket , sach me kabhi kabhi lagta h ki kabir ne ye show sign hi kyun kiya h usse just idiot bana k rkh diya h wase to wo sdch ka most senior experienced dr. H per usse antivenom banani nhi aati per sanchi ek intern n new comer usse aati h seriously FL ko mahaan banane k liye seriel wale kuch bhi kar skte h thoda logic to use krein kya doctor k pass or koi rasta hi nhi h

    1. yup you are absolutely right.. intern knows everything nd senior doctor infact professor doesnt know this..

  15. Plz make the pair of kabir & sanchi

  16. I just have one question in mind whose daughter is riya
    As all the time gayatri says she is with dr malhotra since 15 yrs
    And I think they have shown veer & riya are of same age & when savitri devi was met with accident veer was grown up
    Don’t know

  17. Happy for priya. I hope we soon get rid of vikranth. Sanveer pair is no match. Sanchis acting and looks are nothing in front of veer. So I don’t support sanveer.

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