Love is more important than rivalry a twinj os

so guys here is treat for Eid
Eid mubarak to all in advance
may Allah bless u all and complt all ur wishes
most important may we all meet sidmin (bae)
love u all hope u all have great eid
i am not able to post epi bcuz of eid

TANEJA and SARNA biggest rival of amritser twi nd kunj fight lik tom and jerry but care of eo most bcuz.. will reveal in Os


a girls is shown driving a white sport car her mother is sitting beside her from opposite side a black sport car come both car stop infront of eo girl come out she is wearing with red jeans she tied her hairs in side braid she is Twinkle taneja
from black car a handsome hunk hottie boy come (ap sab ka jijo ??) ofcrs our Kunj sarna he is wearing blue faeded denim with white shirt both point finger toward eachother and say
twinj: you sadu/siyyapa queen

t: just leave my way
k: why miss. amritsar??
t: bcuz its my order
k: and i am not u servant who will take ur orders
le: twi puttar chor isa humma late hora ha
t: ok maa tujha tu main baad main dekh lon gi sadu
k: dekh la na nd pass a flying kiss

twi leave and kunj also leave twi is seen sleeping peacefully on her king size bed she is wearing her comfies some one enter in her big lavish room through window he is revealed to be our hero kunj sarna he lay beside twi and start cuddling her twi smile and change her position now she is facing kunj ( ya kia kr ra ya donno ya tu rival ha na )

k: in morning u are looking damn beautiful jaan i just wanna kiss u but ur mom ????
t: even u are not looking less jaan
both lay in silence kunj is just staring twi both are lost in eachother both need eachother badly soon kunj capture her lips first kiss is smooth but turned into wilf after 10 min they broke the kiss both are breathing heavily now again twi capture his lips during kiss she took his shirt out kunj put his hand under her comfies kunj is only in his pants and twi is only in her underwears kunj start giving love bite on her neck and twi is just rubbing her hands on his back he come to his stomach giving wet kisses

t: now its my turn they change their position twi start giving wet kiss on all our his body screen got blurred
2 hours later the heavenly couple are seen laying each other embrace covered in red silk duvet
t: kunj..
k: hmmmm..
t: jb humara perants ko pata chala ga that we are married…
k: kuch nahi hoga sb thk hoga
t: but kunj they trust us blindly and we are..
k: and we are here doing all this but legaly u know na we are married
t: hmmmm… kunj promise me u will never leave me
k: i promise twi i never leave but we will tell bebe first
t: ok tommorow we will tell bebe
k: so its final at 11 am we meet in gurdwara now smile

twi smile and kunj kiss her forehead both sleep in eacother embrace cuddling more and more

in morning
sun raise fall on bed waking up twi she cuddle kunj more to avoid sun raise but all in vain finally she get up and goes to washroom after some time she come out of washroom wearing white half sleeves top with black shorts she goes toward kunj
t: jaan get up its already 8 am u have to go sarna mansion too
k: plz jaan 5 more mins
t: no more get up ok sleep even i am not going to give u ur morning kiss
kunj wake up with a jerk
k: i am awake now give my mrning kiss

t: first brush ur teeth nd come
kunj goes to washroom and come after freshen up he sit on bed twi is sitting infront of mirror she come toward him nd sat in his lap nd kiss him they are lost in eachother when they hear knock at door they parted away and compose them selves
t: siyyyapa kunj just hide some where
k: but where

t: behinde the door
k: ok ok i am hiding just handle the situation

twi open the door saw leela standing with coffe twi take coffe and say
t: thnk u maa nd gd mrning
l: gd mrning drink ur coffe fast and come down
t: ok maa

leela goes and twi close the door
t: u sadu abhi maa tumha dekh leti na thn we are gone
k: ok baba sorry
t: its ok ya lo coffe
k: nd u
t: we will share it
k: ok
they drink coffe by shariing
t: now go if ur mom come to ur room and see that her son is not in room than u know very well
k: ok ok i am going before he leave twi peck his lips
t: i love u
k: love u too jaan bye will meet in gurdawara

kunj go from there enter in his room through window he come down into hall everyone is sitting talking kunj come and sit beside bebe

k: bebe finally i find a NU for u *in low voice*
b: acha kb milwara
k: at 11 am in gurdwara
b: abhi tu 10:30 horaha we have to go now
k: ok lets go

both bebe and kunj stand up
man: ap kahan jara ho
b: gurdawara
m: ok

both leave as soon as possible they reach gurdwara twi is playing with childrens

b: puttar wo kahan ha
k: i don’t know soon he spotted her playing with children she is wearing pink salwar suit kunj get memrized he pointed toward twi bebe saw her but did not able to saw her face they goes toward twi
k: siyyapa queen
t: kia ha sadu nd turn

bebe get shocked cum happy bcuz now she has hope that bcuz of twinj the rivalty will get finish twi take bebe blessing bebe bless her and say

b: kunj puttar badi sundar ha meri NU to btw apna perants ko kb bat raha ho
k: bebe un ko baad main batain ga first i have anothr secret ??
b: han bol puttar
twinj: we are marreid
b: what??? ?? mera mtlb kasa

they goes to flash back twinj study in mumbai both hate eachother they used to fight daily but wo kehta hain na jis sa hum nafrat krta hain usi sa sb sa ziyyada piyar hojata ha both start to feel for eachother one day kunj porpose her they are leaving happily one day twi come nd say
t: kunj we should get married
k: but twi..
t: kunj agr hum shadi ka bad apna perants ko batain ga to wo shayad man jain but if we tell them before marriege they will never get agree and both get married in a mandir
Fb end

b: twi na sahi kiya puttar
k: i know bebe jaan kis ki ha
b: ahmmm ahmmm
k: sorry ??

they trio are talking when they hear clapping sound they turn back and saw all family member standing
t: maa plz listen to me ??
l: why why twi i trust u nd u break my trust ??
t: but i love kunj plz try to understand ??
l: no twi u lost ur mom for ever
t: nahi maa plz asa mt bolo before twi speak further leela leave twi fell on her knees manohar and usha leave without saying anything

kunj sit beside twi he has tears in his eyes too ?? bcuz he can’t see his jaan crying he hug twi tightly
k: plz jaan don’t cry u know na i can’t able to tears in ur eyes
t: but kunj maa
k: twi wo tum sa ziyada dair tk naraz nahi reh sakti bcuz she loves u soo much
t: ok now i am not crying u too stop crying
k: ok now give me that 440 watt twi wala smile
twi: ?☺?
k: now get up chalo ghar chalain
t: ok
both leave and reach taneja mansion twinj open the door and put one
foot inside they hear voice of leela
l: tum ander nahi asakti
t: maa plz listen

l: tum meri beti nahi ho just leave from here
kunj take twi from there to sarna mansion same happen there
k: ok mom dad just give me my all things i am going bye take care i love u all they take bebe blessing nd leave

1 year later
a girls is shown sitting on bed cross leged with a pout she is twi she is wearing kunj shirt only kunj come out of washroom only in towel he saw his life looking damn cute he come to twi and peck her lips
k: what happend jaan
t: mujha shoping pa jana ha
k: ok we will go now get up and freshen up

t: i am not in mood u take me to the washroom nd give me a bath *wink* ? kunj take her to washroom (yr bus thori privacy dedo) soon they left for shopping nd decided to do bf outdoor after long 5 hours they come home nd kunj sit on couch watching tv twi goes to kitchen for making coffe twi come with coffe kunj is half laying nd half sitting on couch he spread his legs nd twi sit in between ??? resting her head on his chest both are enjoying but their moment get destroy ?? bcuz of knock on door twi stand up nd goes to door as soon as she open the door tears start flowing kunj saw her tears nd got panick ( he did not saw the person)
k: jaan why are u crying as soon as he saw the person his eyes become moist
k: why u come here bcuz of u my wife is crying just go from here mr. and mrs. sarna and mrs.taneja

le: maina apni beti ko lena ayi ho
k: ok is ka mtlb ap na humma maf kr dia lakin ab maaf q kia we dont need u all
u: beta humha apni galti ka ahas ha plz tum bhi huma maf krdo hum apna beta or bahu ko lana aya hain
k: no i can’t forgive the person bcuz of whom my jaan is crying
t: kunj plzzz maaf krdo
k: but twi..
t: ???
k: ok ?
t: ap ander ayia na bebe kahan hai
b: main yahan honn puttar
twinj saw her nd hug her tightly

twinj: we miss u bebe
b: me too ab humara sath amritser chalo ga na
k: ji bebe

after that they left for amritser twinj again got married nd bless with twins a boy name ayush and a girl name kiara

so here i end this hope u all like it love u all nd sorry i am bot able to cmnt any writing ???

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