kriyam – u r my strength Episode 134

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Episode 133

Episode 134
Next day…
Yuvraaj had organised a party for relatives n business frnds… At the evening Krishna n sayyam got ready n came downstairs… All adore them… N everyone wished Krishna n sayyam for wining the project… After sometimes sayyam take Krishna to a side n made her sit on a chair n ordered the waiter to bring a juice..
Sayyam : ( Worried ) Krishna Come U Sit Here..U might be feeling tired..wait a min let me order a juice for u..u will feel better. ( calls the waiter ) waiter…
Waiter : Yes Sir..

Sayyam : Get An Apple Juice for Madam..
Waiter : Sure Sir..
After taking an order from sayyam waiter leaves the place to bring apple juice n whereas krishna who saw sayyam’s concern towards her was overwhelmed n had tears in her eyes.
Krishna : ( Teary Eyes but Composed Herself n Makes sayyam Sit on Chair ) sayyam….i’m fine..Calm Down..Don’t Take Soo Much Tension…Abhi abhi toh Theek hue ho..Zaada Tension mat lo..See i’m Perfectly fine….

Sayyam : ( Worried ) Kaise Calm Down Krishna i know U..Subah se Party ke Preparations ke Chakkar main tumne kuch nahi Khaya ya…
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa..but i’m fine..i had Some Apples n Strawberries in Afternoon..So U don’t need to take Tension sayyam..n waise bhi jabse Maa aur Bhabi ko Pata chala ki i’m Pregnant they r taking Good Care of Me…. abb dekhna Next 5 Mins Main Maa Will Bring Something for Me to Eat..Tum Dekhlena… Aur she won’t leave until I finish the plate u see will u..
After 5 minutes

Suhani Comes with a Plate Sandwich n sat Near Krishna…
Suhani : Krishna.. Beta.. ( Sits Near Krishna ) yeh loo..Have this’s time for Ur Medicines na..So Eat this Sandwich right nw in front of Me..
Krishna : Maa..don’t worry u go..i will Eat it..
AP : ( Strictly ) Krishna.Maine kaha na ..Eat in front of Me means Eat in front of Me..No More Arguments..i know u..u won’t Eat..So Chalo Eat right nw….

Krishna : ( Pout Face ) Dekha sayyam..i told u na.. Maa will come n Feed Me n will tell Me to Eat in front of Her..dekha aisa hi hua..
Sayyam on Seeing Krishna’s Childish Drama Smiled n Gestured suhani with a Assuring Expressions to Leave Krishna on His Responsibility…suhani seeing sayyam’s Assure Expressions Leaves them Alone with a Relieved n Confident Smile on Her Face…
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Nw Happy..Chaligayi Maa.. (Takes Sandwich in His Hand n Feeds Krishna ) Chalo..Abb Eat this Sandwich then i will give u ur Medicines..

Krishna after seeing suhani leaving eats the sandwich happily n with sayyam’s hands n then drinks her apple juice wich was brought by waiter… then after that sayyam gave her medicines n started enjoying the party… on the other hand krishna sitting on chair as she strictly instructed by sayyam not to get up n stand up for a second too for her health security . while krishna was sitting n seeing the party she starts feeling bored which made her talk to herself in anger…
Krishna : ( Angry ) Kya Yaar..Y can’t i even Stand fr a minute..mujhe yaha Akele Bithake sayyam myt be Enjoying there with Guests n Me Sitting Here in a Corner All Alone Freeling Bored..Kab Khtm hogi yeh party yaar… I’m feeling sleepy also… Aur yeh music sound is also too high… My head is also paining.. Kya karoo… I’m going to my room.. It’ll be the best..
Krishna goes towards her room.. She was about to climb the stairs when someone came n hold her from her shoulders..

Krishna:(surprised) Sayyam tum..
Sayyam: Haa… Mein Hu..kya..(Angry) Mein ne kaha na.. Not to get up… Lekin nahi tum toh superwoman banna jati Hu kya…
Krishna: Sayyam I was sleepy n more ever I was soo bored to sit there… So I thought to (couldn’t complete)

Sayyam: Go to ur room… Wo bi bina kisike Bata…
Krishna: Sayyam Wo Mein disturb karna nahi jati ti… Issiliye…
Sayyam: U r not at all a disturb to me… Ab chalo… I’ll take u to the room.. Chalo.. Aaramse..
Sayyam take Krishna to their room safely… N made her sit in front of the mirror n remove her jewellery while have a eyelock… n sayyam gave Krishna her night dress.. She were it n come out of the washroom… Then sayyam made her sleep…

Krishna : ( Emotionally ) Thanks sayyam for staying with me..i love fact we love u.
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) I Love U Two too.. ( Kisses Her Forehead Lovingly )
Krishna : ( Smiles n Continued da Hug ) but sayyam..I think u should go n Enjoy with Others… Yeh tumhari party hai… If u were not there it will be a problem…
Sayyam: Aree.. Kya problem… There won’t be any problem… Now u sleep..
Krishna: Sayyam I’m totally fine… U go.. If I need anything I will call u… Meri phn dho… (sayyam give Krishna’s phn to her) I will keep this in my hand only…so that I can call u if needed… Now go n enjoy…
Sayyam: (worried) But how can I leave u alone..

Krishna:(Smiles ) i’m not alone pati dev ( Touches Her Belly ) Our Baby is with Me.He is brave like u go n enjoy..warna baby will irritate me alot at night for not letting his papa to enjoy ..

Sayyam: Pakka na..r u Sure i should go ??
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa Baba..i’m Sure..u go n enjoy…i’m perfectly fine…
Sayyam : ( Worried but Still Agrees on Krishna’s Insists ) Accha Ok i’m going..but If U need anything just Call Me… Ok?
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa Go…

Precap- Krishna was at her room.. She was reading something suddenly her faces expression changed…she screamed sayyam’s name… Sayyam was shown talking to a someone… While having a drink…

Guys plz comment… Is this mood swing wala track ok with u guys… I have one or two more episodes with mood swings then we’ll continue the story again..may be it’ll be end… As I get holidays may be I’ll be able to continue… Let’s see…
Guys ur comments ?

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  1. Fenil

    Perfect chppy
    sorry as u know i m busy wid exams from tomorrow my exams are going to start so this is last comment as whole month i have exams even on sunday.

    Can’t wait for next.

    Informed Dear Anni chp-20,21 was awesome chppies.Sorry to u also.

    Dear hafsa, benaam rishta going rock awesome storyline.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much yeah..yeah.. I know about ur exams.. How was it… Hope all were well..?
      Keep reading.. Thank u for commenting ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much..?

  2. Awesome episode
    Waiting for next

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  3. itzz really nyc…love d mood swing scn…n ya waiting fr nxt..i hope der wasnt any thg in apple juice..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much….
      No thr is nothing like that..

  4. No probs ma…track is really good. And loved the episode.. Keep writing

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  5. Ema

    Awesome ???? want more kriyyam romance ❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  6. RAOne

    great and continue… your creation…….see at competition…. okk bye all the best

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much..? I’m not participating in the competition…so good luck for ur story..?

  7. Awesome

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

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