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Hello guys ……ok guys don’t get angry ….I know I’m pretty late but I’ve my exams nearing and so was busy with the preparations of it and today also I’m writing just because I didn’t want u all to wait for two weeks and next update after a week because of my tests…Hope u understand…. And Now thanks to Vanisha, Madhu.r, Sus, Veena, Shanu di, Febi, Somya sha, Mahisha, kumu, Seebu_s , Romaisa., neha, Phoniex, Manu di, Soujanya, anu, kat, Micu di, Ritu, SNY, Naughty smile and sri(plz devil ji leave me….)

I hope today also u all me support me as today is a big day…..A secret will be revealed today…. So fingers crossed….

***Next Morning***
Swara wakes up slowly and first takes Arnav’s photo from the side table and carreses it with lots of love and then finds a hand on her waist and turns around to find Sanskar holding her tightly as if she would disapper if his grip loosens….She smiles seeing his cute face and was about to touch his cheeks ,she stopped in the middle and then a tear drop escaped from her eyes… She wipes her tears and slowly removes his hand and goes to thw washroom… As she enters the washroom ,Sanskar’s sleep gets broken and he looks around to find Swara but gets tensed on not finding her and then when he hears sound from washroom he gets relieved ….
Soon Swara comes out and finds Sanskar gazing her …She avoids any eye contact and then sits in front of the dressing table and starts getting ready… Sanskar gets a message on his phone and he rushes out of the room leaving Swara confused…

Swara:(monolouge)What has happened to him??? Why did he go away like this???? Is everything alright???? He didn’t even tell me anything….
Saying this she moves towards the cupboard and takes out a photo frame of her mom dad and cries hugging it….
Swara:(while crying)Mumma….Papa….Why did u leave me all alone???? I’m very angry at u both,u left ur princess all alone…. I don’t have anyone mumma…. Here no one thinks me as their own… All have lied to me and I’m just a burden on them….. They are just bearing me as I’m their responsibility…. I would leave and go away…. I’ll go away papa….
Just the Ap comes to her room and seeing her Swara wipes her tears immediately and keeps the frame inside…

Ap:(sees Swara’s swollen eyes)Swara baccha…. Whats this????(cups her face)Beta were u crying ?????
Swara:(tries to smile)No maa…. Nothing like that????Its just that something went in my eyes…(says avoiding eye contact)
Ap:(makes her look at herself in the mirror)Swara….Look there….U know urself right???? (Swara gets confused)Because I don’t think so …… U know u don’t even know to lie properly… Won’t u tell ur maa….

Swara:(couldn’t control more and hugs Ap and breaks down)I’m missing Mumma papa….. I’m missing them….
Ap:(pats her head)Ssshhh…..I’m there na….and even ur dad is there…So now stop crying …. Ur my strong bacchha na….Achha leave all that and come today Khushi has made the breakfast and is eagerly waiting for u….Come lets go….
Both come down and find the table filled with Swara’s favourite breakfast….Swara looks around as if searching something (arrey ab apne Bhaiyu and pati ko hi dhondegi na…)
Khushi come to her and kisses her forehead and makes her sit on the chair where Ap and Dp had already settled…. Khushi served her plate and forwards a bite to her but Swara was just looking at her emotionally….Just the someone blind folded her and within no time she felt herself in air….Yeah she was being carried by someone and she easily tell it was her Bhaiyu… Arnav…He slowly placed her down and then opened her blinfold….She slowly opened her eyes and found that she was being showered by rose petals and there stood the two most handsome men of her life with a adorable smile playing on their lips….
Just then her eyes caught something and again her eyes filled but this with happiness… She was standing in the garden and there were all around her beautiful memories captured in photos were hanging from th trees in the garden which were from her childhood till Arnav’s marriage… All the memories came back in her mind and then she heard the song which Arnav often sang to make her mood alright from childhood….She saw everyone moving around her by holding hands and Arnav coming towards her with a cute little teddy….

[ Aye dil laaya hai bahaar apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha khushi ka khumaar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj ghar hai mera gule gulzaar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj ghar hai mera gule gulzaar kya kehna]
Arnav came near her and handed her the teddy which had a sorry written on it… She smiled a little ….Seeing this Arnav pulled her in a warm hug and kissed her scalp with lots of love while tears escaped from eyes of both of them…

[ Aye dil laaya hai bahaar apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha khushi ka khumaar kya kehna]
Then she saw Ap and Dp standing there with a idol of Lord Krishna and opening one arm each callinh her in a hug… Arnav took her to them while she was still in his embrace and then she took the idol and hugged them….
[Hum tum yoon hi milte rahein mehfil yoon hi sajti rahe
Bas pyaar ki yehi ek dhun har subah shaam bajti rahe
Gale mein mehekte rahein pyaar bhari baahon ke haar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj ghar hai mera gule gulzaar kya kehna]

From behind Khushi came to her singing the song with a chocolate cake and stood in front of her gesturing her to cut…Swara nodded a no…Khushi made a sad pout andwas about to gobut then seeing it Swara immediately caught her hand and turned her and made her cut the cake by holding her hand and then both together fed Arnav….

[ Aye dil laaya hai bahaar apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha khushi ka khumaar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj ghar hai mera gule gulzaar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj ghar hai mera gule gulzaar kya kehna.]

Sanskar came there with a bunch of red roses and gave them to Swara by singing the above lines while she took them but with a confused smile…. Soon Sanskar looked at everyone and then quickly pecked her cheeks while Swara was shocked and kept a hand on her cheeks and then all burst out laughing…..
Arnav came to Swara and again hugged her but now Swara hugged him back and suddenly started crying vigrously….Everyone was shocked and as well as confused…. Arnav tried to break the hug but Swara was holding him tightly….Arnav could hear her whispers….

Swara:(in a feeble voice while crying)Why did u lie to me Bhaiyu???? Am I really not ur …… I’m… Not…. ur…..sister……
Arnav was shockedd hearing it while others couldn’t understand anything but seeing Arnav’s face they got more worried….
Swara:(A bit louder)Am…I….Really not…Ur …..sister….Bhaiyu???????

Ok so I’m stopping here… and do let me know ur reaction because it was a sudden idea which popped out and sorry again for the delay but it was supposed to be posted yesterday but had to postpone because I couldn’t complete it due to some reasons…. And I want everyone to comment because I truly want to know each one’s reaction…

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  1. Sus


  2. Madhu.r

    nice episode

  3. Awesome…. I had a doubt in last episode that swarn arent real
    bro-sis…..I didn’t expected, I’ll be right
    All the best for your exams!!

  4. Abirsha

    Wow awesome dr…. I loved it…. Now its a shock that swara is not arnav sister…. Post next one soon dr

  5. Awesome kiddoo….. Waiting for the next update.

  6. sorry for not conmenting in ur prevs epi’s…coz i ws bizi….. abt epi its tooo goood…..that song was my fav….thats tooo emotionl….lovd it….all d best fr ur exams dear….tk cre

  7. Somya


  8. Nagamanasa

    Praju somewhere I thought that this is gonna happen…but u left it with suspense..loved the chappy when u r free.All the best for ur exams dear..

  9. Honey

    aahhhhhhhhhhhh again suspense aaa?too bad dr

  10. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :o…. no way this can’t happen… don’t separate the bro sis bond.. and i thought sanskar will propose her with those roses :/

  11. Naughty smile

    ??????…..pleech update fast..

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