Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 1

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Hola Fellas✋ So its me Fati, back after a month ( I guess ) Yeah! So I had promised Vashaili di to be back on 30th, so here I am starting off with a new FF. I don’t how it came out, its upon u to read it and then give me the review. A new episode on every THURSDAY. So per week, one update.

Now read it and I am here to read up your valuable comments ❤

It was dark and it was the fifth glass of alcohol he’d been drinking. His eyes were blood shot, his face wrighted.



His eyes dropped a few tears and in the next moment anger filled in them. Her betray played infront of his eyes. Crushing the glass in his hand he tried to stop the movie. He wasn’t able to feel the pain because the pain given by her was more than that of crushing the glass in his hand.

“Priyanka ghar pr hy kia?” A soft and sweet voice hit his ears.

His back was facing her but the girl just looked at his hand. The little droplets of blood falling from them.

“Are u injured?” she asked tooking steps towards him

“What the hell? U want to know that Priyanka is at home or not! No she is not! Now LEAVE! Don’t interfere in my matters” he shouted at the peak of his voice.

“I am sorry but I can see your hand bleeding and I can’t leave u like this. I know u have drunk alcohol too and now…” she was standing an inch far from him.

“Akhir kia masla hy aapka?” He shouted again cutting her in between and turned back.

As soon as he turned back she saw his eyes. The moonlight dropped on his eyes.

She saw them. His eyes showed pain EXTREME PAIN. They told that he is DEAD inside.

Her face was not visible. The moonlight was just dropping on her forehead so he was not able to see. His vision got blur and within a second his eyes closed and he fall just to be saved by her.


He tried to open his eyes but as soon as the sunlight reflected his eyes he shut them once again.Trying to lift up his eyelashes he once again opened them. His vision was blur but slowly slowly it got cleared. Finding himself on his bed and in his room made him confuse.

How did I come here? I was in the….


His head pained as he tried to think about last night. Blurred memories was all he thought.
Jerking of the thoughts he tittilated his forehead with his hand. He felt hard on his forehead. Seeing his hand bandaged he remembered a painful memory.

Who did that? Who bandaged my hand? Who?


He stood up and went to washroom to get ready.

“Priyanka? Pri?” Calling her out she stepped in the house

“I’m here!” she said coming out of the room.

She run towards her and hugged her tight.

“Kia hua?” Hugging her back prinku asked her

“Kuch nahi bus aise hi! Itny dino I haven’t seen u na.. ” replied she breaking the hug.

“You are crazy Anika” Prinku said slapping her lightly on forehead.

Anika smiled but her smile vanished as she remembers something

“Sun wo kanji kanji eyes wala banda kon hy?” Ani asked looking at prinku

“Who?” Priyanka was confused.

“The person with blue eyes!” Anika again replied

“Oh! Shivaay bhaiya!” prinku told.

“Where did u meet him?” Prinku asked

“Actually I came to met u yesterday! And I found him! his eyes. His BLUE EYES! Few people have that.. But Prinku
Priyanka unn ki ankhon mae jaan nhi hy. It feels like his tears have been dried out. Unn ki ankhen attractive tou hain magar khubsurat nahi! I feel he is half died inside” she told prinku lost somewhere.

“It is something like that Ani!” Prinku answered

“What happened?” Anika questioned her

Prinku: Anika, bhaiya’s love

Ani: I’m sorry!

Anika said sadly

Pri: It’s not like that Ani

Ani: Phir?

Pri: She left bhaiya

Ani: Mtlab?

Pri: In easy words wo sirf bhaiya ky naam or paisy ky peechay thi, she ditched him. Bhaiya loved her truly. So jabse bhaiya ki halat aise hi hy. Din mae Arrogant Businessman aur Raat mae ….

Ani: A druken man

Pri: Yup

Ani: Didn’t u all try to take him out of this trauma???

Pri: We did our best Ani.

Ani: Pr koi faida nhi hua? Right?

Pri: Haan

“Anika??” someone called her out and she turned that side
“Pinky Aunty!!” Seeing her she rushed towards her and hugged her

Pinky: Kab aayi?

Ani: Thori daer pehly

She break the hug and ask her to sit

Ani: Aunty ji! Wo I get to know about Shivaay

Pinky: I also wants to talks about him

Ani: Mtlab?

Pinky: Please uss ko iss traumas se bahir nikal

Ani: Mae???

Pinky: I knows u can do it!

Ani: but aunty..

Pinky: Please mana mat krna

Ani: U know na mae aap ko mana nhi krskti. I’ll try.

Pinky hugged her again

“Thank you. Thank you” Pinky said with tears

Ani: But I need to meet him.

Pri: Haan Ani wo apny kamray mae hongy

Ani: Okay.

She stands up and asks the way for his room from Prinku and start moving there.

I can’t deny to Pinky aunty at all. taking him out from trauma won’t be easy but not impossible. And waisy bhi ANIKA can do anything.

She self praised herself



Shivaay moved out of his room in order to go office and shout on those innocent people. He went towards the stairs while she accidently went in other room.


Pagal larki! Ghalat kamray mae chali gai!


Coming out of the room she went into his room.

“Mr. Oberoi? Mr. Oberoi?” calling him polietly she searched the whole room but she didn’t find him. There, Shivaay checked his pockets and remembered that he had forgotten his phone in the room. Turning back, he walked up to his room.

“Chalay gaye hon gy office! I’ll meet him later” speaking to herself, Anika took backwards steps without turning.

And from there he entered the room looking the floor and….

“TADAAA” they both bumped into each other

Losing his physical balance he directly fall on the ground and she fall on him. Both actually fall on the ground ?

“Fhat the Wuck????” his voice echoed in the room

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry!” Dusting her clothes, apologizing she stand up.

“Who are you and why the HELL are u in my room?” Standing up and emphasizing on word “Hell” he asked

Her head bowed down and he giving her a death glare

Anika was not so surprised by his behaviour

“Kuch pooch raha hoon mae aap se. Jawab dena pasand karein gi???” Shivaay taunted on her.

Ani was little boiling up inside but keeping herself calm she spoke to herself

“Control Anika Control! Bechara BREAKUP se guzr raha hy! Just keep urself calm”

“Please just GET OUT of my room madam!” Anger was clearly visible in his tone

“I’m sorry! U were asking me who I am! I’m… Wait! U want to know my first name or my full name” Anika asked playfully

Shi: Excuse me! I’m not interested knowing u and ur FOOLISH antics so Get Out of my room

Ani: But some time before u were asking me who I am!

Shi: I was but now I ain’t asking. Leave Now

Ani: Okay! By the way aapka naam kia hy?

Shi: What u wanna do knowing my name?

“Article likhoon gi!” She muttered under her breath

Shi: what?

Ani: I…. I just wanna know

Shi: Magar mae nahi bata raha

Ani: Okay btw u wanna know my first name. It is….

Shi: LEAVE (he shouted)

“Iss se pehlay Volcano burst ho nikal le…” Speaking to herself she left his room without even telling her name.

“Pagal Larki! Mentally unstabled!” Muttering to himself he moved to take his phone

Seeing some missed calls he called the person back and the next moment he broke his phone.

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    And thank you dear for keeping your promise, Love you ?

    1. Fati

      Di its always okay for me. I can understand the pain of these projects and studies? so don’t apologize ?
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