kriyam – u r my strength Episode 128

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Episode 128

After 3-4 days
One fine evening at BM
Yuvaan n Krishna had Returned from Office all Tired n Exhausted Especially Krishna.Seeing Krishna’s Condition everyone Ordered Krishna to take Rest as they all were going to a Function…
Suhani : Krishna Beta..u go n take rest..u looked soo tired n exhausted..which is not good for u n ur go n take rest..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa Maa..
Pratima : Aur Haa Beta..we r going fr A Function. .So u Take Care Haa..if u need any Thing just Call Us..n waise bhi yuvaani will be there in Home so u can tell Her..
Krishna : Ok Maa..Don’t Worry..u all go n enjoy the function..i will take care of my self…
Suhani : Ok Take Care Beta..
Krishna : Haa Maa.. Don’t worry..
Yuvaan : Maa just u all go me n kushi will join u all sometime…i will get freshen up n get ready n come..
Suhani : Ok Beta..but come soon haa.. everyone in the Function wants to meet Rohan..
Yuvaan : Ok Maa… We will bring him with us…
Soon Everyone from BM for the Function Leaving kushi yuvaan ,Krishna sayyam n yuvaani Alone in BM…Krishna Entered Her Room n went to Washroom to get Freshen Up n as She Came Out of Washroom yuvaan n kushi Entered Her Room n Met Krishna before going to the Function…
Krishna : ( Came Out of Washroom while Wiping Her Face ) Arrey bhai…bhabi ..u both got Ready..Good..enjoy the function..
Kushi gave Rohan to yuvaan n come towards Krishna….
Kushi : ( Worried ) Krishna r u Sure u will Manage.. ? I mean Ghar pe koi bhi nahi rahega na..yuvaani also told went to her house as her saasu maa fell from stairs…. Ab U n sayyam will be alone in Home so r u Sure u will Manage ??

Krishna : ( Smiles n Holds kushi’s Palm ) Haa bhabi….i’m sure..i will Manage…if i need any thing then i will Immediately Call U..Don’t Worry..u both go n Enjoy the Function..i will Manage..Don’t Worry ( Assures kushi )
Yuvvan : ( Worried too ) Bt Still Krishna..think once again..will u be able to manage all alone..i mean i know ki tumne pehle bhi bahut manage kiya hai akele but this time situation is different..u r going to enter 4th month of pregnancy n upper se u r nt well n sayyam is also in such case… will u be able to manage?..
Krishna : Offo..tum dono na..don’t worry ..i will manage..u both jst go n enjoy the function..i promise if i need anything then will immediately call anyone of plzz u both go n don’t cancel any program becoz of me..
After soo much struggle of convincing yuvaan n kushi krishna finally succeeds in convincing them to go to function n soon they left for the function after encouraging n consoling krishna…
Krishna sat near sayyam n layed beside him n took a magazine n started reading a particular section about motherhood tips relating to post n during pregnancy period n due to which krishna after reading the section had a worried expressions n started sweating…
Krishna : ( Worried ) omg ..kya pregnancy ke baad i have to do all these things. . ( panicked ) no no..plzz i can’t do all these… ohh man..( got up n turns towards sayyam n shows the magazine ) sayyam look what’s written in it.. ( tensed ) do i have to sacrifice my sleep for baby everyday n i’m worried how will i manage two babies together ( turned to sayyam ) confused na ?? ok then let me clear it..u r my first baby n 2nd dis ( touches her belly ) badmaash. .toh hue na 2 babies ( winks ).( back to tension ) but sayyam tell na what to do ?? u know na sayyam agar i don’t get proper sleep then i will get irritated n pissed kya hoga ?? ( goes on asking silly questions about pregnancy due which sayyam couldn’t stop smiling at her silly questions )
On the other hand
Raj Sinha Mansion

Raj was Planning Something really Big to Destroy Krishna n sayyam n their Love Story which both lovebirds were Unaware of Once again…
Raj : ( Talking On Phone ) Are U sure ki dono r Alone in Home ?? Koi nahi hai na Ghar pe sirf Undono ke elawa..
Person ( Raj’s Man ) : Yes Sir..i have checked everything they r all alone in home n no one is there in home only them..entire family has gone to a function in near by the way is all clear sir..u can execute ur work as u planned..( smiles evilly )
Raj : ( Happy n Smirks Evilly ) Hmm..well the it’s great News.. just keep an Eye i will be there in Sometime to Execute My Plan ( Serious Tone )
Person : Yes Sir..don’t worry m Standing Near their Mansion Only..
Raj : ( Smiles Evilly ) Good.. ( Cuts the Call )( Looks at Krishna’s Pic ) Abb Dekhna Mrs Krishna Sayyam Birla main kaise tumhari aur Tumhre Pyaare Pati ke Love Story Finish Karta hu n U ( Looks at sayyam’s Pic Angrily ) Mr Sayyam Birla main tumhrre Aakhoon ke Saamne kaise Tumhe Patni Ur Love aur Tumhare Bacche ki life kaise khatam karta hu n u won’t be able to do anything Mr Sayyam…
After planning again krishna n sayyam raj starts heading towards bm in his car with a evil smile on his face where as in bm kriyam both composed themselves n krishna gets busy in some other work related to office n project while sayyam kept staring krishna lovingly with a smile on his face…

Precap- someone bell the ring of the door… Krishna went towards the door n opened it… She closed it n come back to her room n get shocked…

  1. Wow…precap??..and plz don’t kill the baby…each and every ff does dies at the end..I hope baby will live.Anyways… I am soo happy to see u updating in plenty…i read all the episodes in one go…and I loved it..I can’t describe how well u write..u r just amazing..keep going…..??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much for reading… Ok I won’t kill the baby… Don’t worry ?

  2. Piyuu

    astha thumare bhayya ko bhabhi ne foot ball ki tharah kick kiya sach kaho tho i cant control my laugh.

  3. Fanficwriter518

    Ahhh this track is going really well! Its amazing and im so happy the updates are so frequent! I never have to wait long ❤❤


    Please don’t make naina vilan.i like naina and Krishna friendship.please tv serial ki tarah aise best friends ko vilan banane ka twist math lavo pleease?????

    1. Shaani

      Ok..ok I won’t make Naina as villain…
      Thank u soo much…this is ur first how can I ignore it…
      Keep reading.. I have uploaded the next part also…

  5. Saiyyamlover_17

    Awesome ? this was amazing. I really hope the baby or Krishna or saiyyam don’t die ❤️ Plz update soon ?✨

  6. Shania suspense suspense?❤I’m super excited?

  7. Arni

    Its really brilliant,plz give me tips for writing ff

  8. Nice episode please dont kill baby and naina cant be villian

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