Ajab sanskar ki gazab kahani Chap -6 (Rewritten)

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Hello my lovely readers yess u all read write this chappy is rewritten n previous one is deleted by me becoz there is a lot of confusion in that..And i also didn’t find that chappy suitable..Actually I write that chappy at night in sleepry mood thats why it get hoch – poch..When i submitted the article n read that chappy then i thought OH SIT…What i written..?? So sorry for my mistakes but this one is a new frsh one n it is not at all confusious becoz it is totally based on storyline..

No proof reading so sorry for grammatical mistakes..

Here is the link..


Chap -6

Swara comes back to her house from the temple..

Swara shouts – Baba…baba…where are u..??

Shekhar gadodia (Swara’s father) shouts from the kitchen by wiping his hands in the towel..

Shek – Aree haan haan aa raha hoon..

Shekhar comes out from the kitchen n smiles by seeing his daughter..Swara comes to him n side hugs shekhar..

Swa – Baba..Take this prasad..She gives the prasad..

Shekhar forwards his hand n takes the prasad..

Swa smilingly – Baba..Where is adi..?? (Adi is the bro of swara..He is a 10 year old boy)

Shek slowly – Sahabjaade is still angry… he didn’t come to have break fast also.. Since morning he Just locked him up in his room..

Swara – Don’t worry baba..I’ll do something..

He says something in the ear of shekhar..They goes towards the door of the adi’s room..Swara winks to shekhar..

Swara bit loudly – Baba what u made in the breakfast..??

Shek loudly – I have made adi’s fav aloo gobhi n paratha’s.. n u know what in sweet i made kheer.

Swa excitedly – Wowwww baba u r too good…Aloo gobhi n paratha and on that my fav kheer..Omg I am just too happy…Baba today i will not share a bit of my kheer with anyone he gives more stress to the anyoneee….Becoz i am too hungry n u will also not stop me from eating..ok..

Shek happily – yaa..yaa ok…

Swa happily – Ok then let’s go we do our bf..

There inside the room adi (Swara’s small bro) listen this n fumes in anger..

Adi – Yahan meri bhook ke mare jaan nikli jaa rahi hai..Here I am getting die due to hungriness n my bhookad sis n baba they are not even bit concerned about me..They didn’t even come to convince me..Jao mein bhi nahi aata..

@bf table

Swara smelling the food n loudly says – wow baba it’s yummy..Mein toh puri katori saaf kar jaungi..

Shek laughing – yaa..yaa..

They wait for a min…

Shek sadly – I think he will not come let’s eat beta..

Swa sadly – hmm…

Swara takes the kheer in the bowl n is going to take a sip then only someone snatches the bowl from her hand.

Adi taking sip of kheer by spoon – Today also u will not eat the kheer alone..bhookad kahi ki..

Swara with wide open mouth – Awww..To whom u said bhookad..??

Adi smilingly – obviously tumhare jitna mota yahan toh koi hai nhi.So u r the only bhookad of this house..

Swara angrily – Adiiiii….She ran behind him..Adi also ran..They play chase game in the whole house..

At last swara gets tired n sits on the sofa..Adi is also too tired he also sits behind her..Swara saw him n raises her hand to slap him but smiles n hugs her..Adi too hugs her sis..Shekhar saw them from far and gives a smile..He goes towards the photo frame of sumi which is hanged on the wall with garland..

Shek – U saw ur children sumi they r very happy..I am very proud of my swara..He handle every thing so easily like u..She is ur shadow..Thank u so much for giving me the two most adorable children..But I miss u very much..The tears get filled in his eyes..

Swadi comes there and saw their baba..They have a family hug..After that they all does their breakfast n swara leaves for his singing classes , Adi leaves for his school n skekhar leaves to his work..

Swara is driving her scooty on the road.She is stopped due to red signal.An old man gets hitted by a car..The crowd gathers n all started murmuring.Swara hurriedly goes towards the old man.Swara helping him to stand up..

Swa – Uncle..Are u alright..??

Old man painfully – yess I am fine..

Swara angrily turns towards the driver n starts shouting on him..

Swa angrily – Are u blind or what..?? Didn’t u saw the signal..bla bla..

By listening the shouts the owner of the car comes out..

Owner – What happen..?? What’s the problem..??

Swa – Didn’t u saw Ur driver had done an accident..

The man turns his face n gets stunned by seeing swara..He gets freezed on his place..Swara is continuously shouting on him angrily but he is just admiring her face..He just get lost in her..A abrupt smile came on his lips..Swara gets confused n waves her hand in front of his face..

Swa – Are u insane..??

Owner – Haan..He came out of his thoughts..What did u say..??

Swa – Here I am shouting on u n u r smiling..

Owner – Ahh..It’s nothing like that..

Swa – What nothing like that..?? Just take uncle to the hospital n get him treated..Didn’t u saw how much he got injured..??

Owner again lost in her – hmm..

Swa irritated – What hmm..?? Chot uncle ko aayi hai aur dimag tumhaea kharab ho gya hai..Ohhoo..I got it u r behaving like this so that i leave u n u can easily go from there..See I am warning u just take uncle with u otherwise I’ll call the police n u’ll get arrested.

Owner hurriedly – No..no..I am taking him..

He winks his driver to make sit uncle in the car..The driver does it n the man is still standing there..

Swara giving a proud smile – Good..

The man is staring her smilingly..

Swara strictly – Do u not have any work..??

Man – what..?? Getting his ques..yess i have…

Swa – Then go..

Swara leaves to her scooty..The man also leaves by giving a final look n smile to her..


A man came out from the car..The media surrounds him..Everyone is clicking his photos..Journalist are asking questions..

Journalist 1 – Sir…Today u are nominated for the businessman of the year award..Howzz ur feeling..??

Journalist 2 – Sir From starting u r the No.1 business..Who is ur inspiration behind this success..??

Man turns towards the journalist n answer..

Man smilingly – My mom..She is the only person who inspired me n told me to never give up in the life..

Journalist 1 – but sir..We hear that u r seperate from ur parents n their business..??

Journalist 2- yes sir we had also listened that u fought with ur father ..Is this the truth..??

Man angrily – Sorry..No personal questions..Excuse me..

The bodyguard of the man removing the crowd n media persons take him inside the party hall..

Ankur on the stage announces… So the No.1 business enterprenuer award goes to….



The one n only SANSKAR MAHESWARI…Guyzz Give a big hand for sanskar maheswari n his company..

Sanskar stood up from his chair smilingly n goes to the stage for receiving the honor..

Ankur giving him a mike to speak..The media is clicking his photos..

San happily – What did I say..?? I am not getting words to speak..Well thank u so much for this grt honour..Actually many people ask me that in such a less time how i take my company on no1 position..Well It’s all becoz of my confidence n hardwork…Kabhi kabhi log confidence nahi overconfidence mein ho jaate hain n they become proudy..Whenever I enter in my ofc i just drop this proudy feeling outside the ofc..Many people say that there is no difference between confidence n proudy but no there is very big differnce between it..If I say I can do this work its my confidence but If I say In the whole world I can only do this work this is my proud.. I’ll must say if u want success in ur life then remove this proudy feeling becoz confidence makes u perfect but proud destroy’s u n ur life..Thank u..

Everyone claps for sanskar n he gets down from the stage n directly gone towards his office..


The same man comes to swara’s house..He rings the bell of her house.Shekhar opens the door..

Man smilingly – Namaste Uncle..

Shek – Namaste sorry beta but i didn’t recognise..Whom u want to meet..??

Man – Pehchanege kaise..Itne saal jo ho gaye..After all so much years have been passed..Ok let me inroduce myself I am ur sahil..

Shek confusedly – Sahil…He recollect the memories n a wide grin appears on his face..Ohh sahil beta How r u..??

He hugs him n says Itne saal ho gaye n u grown up to be more handsome..

Sahil blushes – Thank u uncle..Ab sari batein yahin door par karenge..

Shek laughs – haha..no no..Come in..come in..Swara is at home only..She wil be very happy by seeing u..

He calls for swara’s name..Sahil takes a glance of the house n sits on the sofa..

Swara comes there -Baba what happen..??

He saw towards the man n gets shocked..

Swa – U…How u got My address..?? n what r u doing here..??

Sahil – Actually..

Swa – Baba..just throw him out..I know this type of boyzz..Just leave otherwise I’ll call to police..

Man – Tum jab bhi milti ho police ki dhamki kyun deti ho…

Shek – Beta..Why r u talking like this..?? He is ur frnd na..

Swa – Frndd…Aww..So by saying lie to baba u entered inside this house..Just wait a min..I’ll myself throw u out.He held him by his arms n started going towards the door..

Shek – Aree beta what r u doing..?? He is sahil..ur childhood bst frnd..

Swara gets shocked by listening sahil’s name..

Swa – What did u say baba..??

Shek – yess beta..He is none other than sahil..Sahil sengupta..

Swara saw towards sahil.Sahil is smirkingly seeing her..Swara gets angry n started to beat him..

Sahil – Aree..Aree what r u doing..?? Did anyone attend the guest like this..??

Swa still beating – guest ke bacche..Why u didn’t told me earlier..??

Sahil -Aree…Aree marna band karo tab batata hoon..

Swa – No..First bear the punishment for telling lie to me..

Sahil widen his eyes – Aree baap re..

He runs from there with swara following him..By running they came in the garden..

Swara angrily – This is not fair sahil..Why u didn’t told me earlier..??

Sahil – I knew it..Dekha..U forgot the challenge..

Swa confusedly – challenge..???

Sahil – yaa..that challenge which we made 12 years ago..


When swara n sahil are of 10 years..Swara is sad becoz sahil is going to left the school..Sahil came to swara for convincing her..

Sahil – Swara..

Swara don’t utter a word n angrily stands up by turning her face other side..

Sahil – Ohh…So my swara is angry from me..But I know how to cool down my shona…

He forwards a swara’s fav butter scotch flavour ice cream to her..Swara saw the ice cream n all her anger flew away.She hurriedly takes the ice cream n starts eating..After eating swara ask him sadly..

Swa – Sahil…Why r u leaving me alone..??

Sahil – What i can do shona papa’s transfer had done in kolkata..So we have to shift there..But I promise When i’ll grow up I will surely come to meet u and then I’ll see u will able to recognise me first or not..

Swa – Oh hello..just wait n watch I’ll only recognise u first..

Sahil – Ok then take it as challenge if u will win then i will give u the most precious gift of my life n if I ‘ll win then u will give me the most precious gift of ur life..Done..

Swara – Done…

They shake the hands..

Fb ends..

Sahil smilingly – So i win the challenge..Give me my gift..He forwards his hand..

Swara – OMG Sahil…U still remember that challenge..All that things are childish..

Sahil seriously – No…For me all that promises n moments are not childish..

Swara happily – woahh…wait..wait..Why u got angry..?? Sahil gets normal by listening her words..She continues Ok I’ll give u the gift..ummhhh ummhh She starts to think…yaahh..I got it..Just wait a min..

She takes out a locket from her neck..The locket looks very old n its not so fascinating..

Swa sadly – I know this locket is not so expensive but for me its the most precious thing of my life..From this locket many memories are sticked..This is given by my mom when she was at the verge of…Her voice chokes..dying..

Sahil – Swara..I…I can’t take this..This is ur mom’s memories..And rahi baat gift ki toh I am just joking yarr..Seriously I can’t take this..

Swa getting normal – Sahil..Don’t be senti wenti n dayawaan..Actually I purposely want to give u this becoz this locket is the very imp part of my life n u r also imp in my life becoz u r my bestie…And i know No one can took care of this locket better than u..So plzz take it..It’s my request..

Sahil – Ok if u r saying..Then I take it..He takes it n says I promise swara iss locket ka main apni jaan se bhi jyada khayal rakhunga..

Swa – yaa..That’s like a good boy..

They talk for an hour and after that sahil leaves from there..

Precap – Swara going to Kolkata…

Again sorry for my fault n thank u so much for ur lovely supports..If u like it then plzz comment..

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