kriyam – u r my strength Episode 127

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Episode 127
Time Passes n its been 15 Days n sayyam was Responding Little More but Still Unnoticed by Everyone n Where as Krishna who was busy in Office Work was Entering 4th Month of Her Pregnancy Very Soon n Her Baby Bump was little Noticed… Like any other Day Krishna this Time too was in Office Attending an Important Meeting in Her Cabin with Yuvaan,Naina and other Selective Staff Members.As They were busy in Meeting Krishna Receives a Call from an Unknown Number n Seeing the Number Krishna gets Irritated n Stops the Meeting in Middle in Anger n Making yuvaan,Naina n Other Staff Members Shocked n Confused…
Krishna : ( Angry bt Composed Herself ) Excuse Me Guys..Will U Guys plzz Excuse Us for a While..Will Resume Meeting in Some Time..Sorry for the Inconvenience.
Employee 01 : Its Ok ma’am…Sure..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Thanks..U all May Leave Nw..
Employee 02 : Sure Ma’am..

As Staff Leaves yuvaan n Naina remained Confused n Shocked.
Yuvaan : ( Confused ) Krishna..what happened ? Y did u Stop the Meeting in Middle ?
Krishna : ( Angry ) Toh Mein kya karoo bhai? ? ( Shows Her Ringing Phone ) see this Shameless Creature Raj Sinha..He is Calling Me since Morning n Disturbing Me..m Fed Up of this Man bhai ( Angry )..Pata nhi kya karega yeh ( Switches Off da Phone ) .. I Wish i could Kill Him ( Keeps da Phone on Table in Anger )
Naina : ( Consoles ) Krishna..Calm Down..kuch nhi karega woh..Just Calm Down..otherwise Baby pe Effect hoga..
Yuvaan : Yes Krishna Calm Down..I guess u should go Home Nw..Take Rest u will feel better…
Krishna : Haa..Shayad u r ryt…i should go home..n waise bhi My Head is Paining becoz of this Raj Drama..n i really Need a what about the Meeting ?
Yuvaan : Don’t Worry..Me n Naina will Manage.U go n Take.. Rest..
Krishna : Thnks Alot..
Yuvaan : Ur Welcome. .abb jao. ( Remembers Something Suddenly ) Aur ha don’t Forget ki U have to go to Mandir with Bhai for Her Well Being Prayer.
Krishna : ( Shocked n Gets Up frm Chair ) Ohh God..Main Bhoolgayi.. ( Hits Her Head ) hw can i be soo irresponsible…anyways Thanks for Reminding bhai….accha Bye haa..U Plzz Handle the Meeting.Plzz (Takes Her Purse,Mobile n Goes in Hurry ) I need to go..bye see ya Later..( Baby Kicks ) Aaoow..
Naina : ( Shocked n Helps Her ) Krishna.. Aaram se..don’t forget u r nt Alone nw.. So Plzz Be Careful
Krishna: Ok ok..
Naina : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome..n don’t Worry we will Manage the Meeting..u just Go n Complete the Pooja n haa Be Careful..Take ramesh kaka with u…
Krishna : Haa Sure..Bye..

Krishna after talking to yuvaan n naina leaves the office n reaches bm n as soon as she entered her room she sees sayyam lying on bed n seeing him she smiles n goes near him n sits besides him n strts talking to sayyam.
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Good Afternoon sayyam… Abhi tak Sleeping… No abb u have to Wake Up coz We r going to Mandir na..Remember I told u Last Week ki i Have Kept a Pooja for U in Mandir where Only U, Me n ( Blushes n Touches Her Belly ) Our Baby will Go for Ur Health..So we r going there..i will Call Ramesh Kaka to change ur Clothes n make U Ready..till then i will get ready….
Screen fades—–

At Mandir
Krishna n sayyam after Leaving the BM reached Mandir n went inside for the Pooja n Soon Pooja Started.
Krishna : ( Happy ) ..we reached Our Favourite u remember we came here just day before u were leaving fr delhi..kitna enjoy aur time spend kiya tha humne yaha..i still remember that day ( tears fell from her eyes )..koi baath nahi jab tum phir se theek hojaoge na then we will again come here n that too with our baby ok?? abb come let’s go inside n start the pooja..
Soon they reached inside da Mandir n Krishna n sayyam both sat for the Pooja..(Krishna Sat on the floor.. But sayyam was on the wheel chair..)While doing the Pooja both Krishna n sayyam had Tears in their Eyes n Prayed for their Future.
Soon they Completed their Pooja n Krishna went to a Tree to Tie a Thread around It by Leaving sayyam in Mandir with Ramesh.
Krishna : ( Smiles n Bends Slightly towards sayyam by Holding Her Stomach ) sayyam..u stay here..i will be back soon ( Shows sayyam the Thread ) ..Let me Tie this Thread around that Tree ( Points toward da Tree ) ..U Take Care Haa..( Stands Straight n Instructs Ramesh ) Ramesh kaka Khayaal rakhna i will be back ha..yaad rahe don’t Leave sayyam samjhi.. ??
Kaka: Ji..
Soon Krishna Left n Headed towards the Tree n started Tying the Thread around the Tree n Each time She took a Round the Only Wish She told was about sayyam’s Recovery n Her Baby’s Health n sayyam’s Project..Soon She Completed Tying the Thread n was about to go bt As She Turned to go She was Scared n Frightened to see Raj Standing Beside Her n that too Close which Made Her Scream n Drop the Thali..
Krishna : ( Shocked ) Aaahhh !! ( Screamed n Dropped da Thali )
Listening to krishna’s Scream sayyam Got Shocked n Scared n Worried for Krishna n Instructed Ramesh to take Him there By Eyes.Ramesh Immediately took sayyam towards the Tree.As soon as sayyam reached the Tree He saw Shocked to see the Scenario there n was Fuming with Anger.
Krishna : ( Angry ) what the hell raj… Yeh kya Badtameezi hai yeh..hw dare u ( Pushed Raj Backwards ) stand soo close to me.. n hw dare u touch me ? ( shouted by pointing hands towards him ) i have warned u na if u dare to trouble me again i will take a strict action angst u..just stay away do u get it..agar sayyam ko pata chala na i swear he won’t leave u fr sure.. ( angry )
Raj who was listening to krishna quietly bursted out laughing loudly n saw sayyam with a evil smile n moved towards krishna in a romantic way…
Raj : ( Laughs Evilly ) Krishna.. r u in ur Senses ?? ( Sees sayyam ) sayyam will rescue kya joke hai yeh…He Himself needs Help how will He Help U Krishna ( Moves More Closer whereas Krishna Moves back )
Krishna : ( Sweating ) Shut Up…Just Stay Away..i said Stay Away from Me…
Raj : ( Smiles Evilly ) No i can’t ( Sees sayyam n Makes sayyam Irritate ) No i won’t Krishna…
Krishna: ( Angry n Slapped Raj Hardly ) i said u na..stay away from me..what did u think i will become weak n accept my failure in front of u if u do such cheap mr raj sinha..u r absolutely wrong..the more u irritate or molest me the more i become strong..n what did u tell my sayyam needs help from others ryt …he is only dependent on others then u r again wrong…ya i agree he needs help ryt nw bt remember one thing mr raj when my sayyam recovers na that time he will show u what sayyam birla is..he will punish u for all the bad things u have done to me, to my baby or to my family..just wait fr that day when he will teach u a good lesson fr messing up with his family n trust me that day is not soo start ur count down from nw itself mr raj sinha. ( Full Angry )
Raj who saw krishna’s sudden maha bold avatar was shocked n speechless n was not able to utter a single word in front of krishna was fuming with anger but he somehow composed himself n left from mandir in immense shock. whereas sayyam who saw raj going in shock was happy n proud of his wife for the way she faced n confronted raj n a smile of proud appeared on his face seeing krishna in such a bold avatar..
Sayyam : ( in mind ) ( Proud ) Well done my princess..i’m proud of u..i wanted to see this bold krishna only in u..n today u showed me want i wanted..thank u..i’m really proud of u.. ( Teary Eyes )
Screen fades—–

It’s a new day…Krishna was at the office…
Krishna’s Cabin
Krishna Entered Her Cabin n Started doing Her Work regarding the Project n was Really Engross in the Project.As She was busy in Her Work. She Heard a Knock on the Door . After Hearing da Knock without Looking at the Person She Ordered the Person to Come In as Krishna Really busy in Her work due to Lack of time…
Krishna: Who is it ?? Come In..
The Person who Knocked the Door Came In with a Smile n Sat on the Chair without Even Receiving an Order from Krishna n This Made Krishna think He is Raj n Making Krishna Angry buy to Her Shock when She saw the Person
Krishna : ( Angry ) what the hell Hw dare U? ( Shocked n Happy ) Rahul !! OMG..again what a Pleasant Surprise Yaar….
[Rahul is Krishna’s cousin…. He was working with Krishna n sayyam in some projects… Krishna consider Rahul as a frnd more than a cousin ]
Rahul : ( Teases ) Kya Krishna ?? I know u have become an amazing business women but it doesn’t mean ki u talk to a person like this..especially with ur frnds..very bad ( Pout Face )
Krishna : ( Guilty ) Sorry Yaar..woh actually i thought ki ( Tensed ) it’s Raj Sinha..isiliye i shouted at u..i’m really Sorry…
Rahul : ( Confused ) Raj Sinha ?? Do u mean that businessman ryt… bt if he is a rival of ur company then y will he visit here…
Krishna : ( Fake Smile ) Chodo na Rahul..leave all these..where were u since 3 to 4 Months yaar..achanak Gayab ..n abb Yaad aai meri…Very Bad..
Rahul : Haa…woh actually dad had called me for marriage had to rush in hurry..u know na our parents…hw badly n madly they want to us that’s y had to rush…n look i have come to invite u n sayyam to my marriage..engagement toh hogayi thi 3 months back but marriage abb hai as i wanted to get settled first..n nw when i’m quite well settled soo thought to get married here ( gives the invitation card ) is the invitation card for my marriage..u n sayyam r especially invited…
Hearing sayyam’s name krishna’s eyes became wet n tears started falling from her eyes which was noticed by rahul making him confused.
Rahul : ( Confused ) Krishna..what happened? Y r u Crying Hearing about My Marriage News.. don’t u want me to get Married? ( Winks ).
Krishna : ( Wipes Her Tears ) Nhi nothing like that…bas…
Rahul : ( Doubtful ) No..Krishna..i know u r trying to hide something from Me..tell me kya hua ?? N Haa sayyam kaha hai ?? Meeting main hai kya ??
Krishna : ( Teary Eyes ) Rahul actually..3 Months main sab kuch change hogaya ( Gets Up n Goes Near Window ) ..My Life, sayyam ki life..Everything has Changed..kaha se shuru karu i m not getting words.. ( Teary Eyes )
Rahul : ( Worried ) Tell Me Krishna..kya hua ?? What has Changed ?
Krishna: ( Takes a Deep Breath ) Woh Actually jab tum achanak chalegaye after that ( Tells Everything n break Down ) n dekho Since 3 Months sayyam is in coma n nw its going to be 4th month n abhi tak he is in coma..main kya karu i can’t understand..n upper se yeh raj sinha..he is continuously disturbing n irritating me… ( tells everything ) i know kal k baad sayyam might be feeling bad n might be cursing himself..i know him very well..main aisa kya karu ki sayyam respond kare hume..i m missing my sayyam alot rahul..n nt only me ( touches her belly ) in fact my baby is also missing him alot..yes rahul m expecting with sayyam’s child n m soon going to enter my 4th month..( cries )
Rahul : ( Shocked ) Ohh God Krishna..itna sab kuch hogaya n u did not even inform me..i’m sorry i was nt there with u n sayyam ..when u both needed ur frnds da most..i’m really sorry….
Krishna : ( Composed Herself ) No..its ok Rahul .its nt ur Fault..actually sab kuch itna jaldi hogaya ki mujhe khud samajh nhi aaya..( Wipes Her Tears ) anywyz leave about me yaar..( Sits on Chair as She Feels Pain in Stomach ) u tell..when will u make us meet ur would be wife.. ( Teases)
Both Krishna n Rahul talked fr sometimes.. Screen fades away…

Episode ends….

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