kriyam – u r my strength Episode 124

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Episode 123

Episode 124
Everyone is in tension… They have no idea what to do to make Krishna conscious… If sayyam was fit n fine…. Everyone knew that sayyam is the medicine for this problem… But now he is also not fine to make Krishna conscious…
Suhani : ( Crying ) why is this Happening with our children only… Y can’t Krishna and sayyam live happily … whenever they get a reason to live happily something or other Happens with them… Itne time k baad toh they got such a big n good news but that also came with a big sorrow news.. ( Teary Eyes )

Nurse : Suniye…we r running out of time n Mrs Krishna is in Very Critical Condition…we need to bring Her in Senses asap..N One more thing only 1 person can stay here in room…if u all stay here both the patients might feel Suffocation..[both means sayyam n krishna]..So Plzz others go out n only one person can stay in room with them..
Suhani,Saumya,pratima,kushi n Naina:(together) I’ll stay…

Hearing all the ladies replying to together sayyam had a Tears of Pride in His Eyes n thanked God for Such a Wonderful n Caring ladies… While others Stared each other with Confusion…
Suhani : Saumya…u Stay here with ur Daughter..Krishna needs Her Maa right now..Plz bring back my choti bahu…

Pratima : ( Smiles ) Yes saumya… Suhani sahi kaha..Krishna needs u the most .u can only make her understand n u can only encourage her to fight further..
Saumya: Lekin…
Kushi: Dadi aur Suhani ma ne sahi kaha… U r the one who can bring my Krishna now… Plz stay with her we will leave..
Naina: Ha.. Let’s go..

saumya : Thank u suhani…thank u soo Much ( Teary Eyes ).
Suhani : Its Ok Saumya.. ( Wipes Her Tears ) Accha..we r leaving..u take care of Krishna..
After leaving saumya with krishna, everyone left for their respective rooms n had only one prayer in mind regarding the aa of both their children….as soon as everyone left saumya went near sayyam n sat beside him n had a talk with sayyam…

Saumya : ( teary eyes ) Beta.. ( caresses his hairs ) i know u r also feeling bad n pain seeing ur wife in such state..i know u might be cursing urself for not protecting her today..u r feeling unlucky becoz u r nt able to feel ur beta..don’t Curse urself for all this.. This is not ur fault.. ( Teary Eyes ) sayyam after ur accident i have seen my old daughter turning into a bold n stronger business woman..n u know its all because of u…because of ur dream project..haa Beta..ur love n ur support made her strong to fight against that Raj..jaha tak i know my daughter.. she is worried only about ur dream project n about her baby,more than her dignity..becoz for her u r important n the matters which r related to u is like a precious stone to her..n thinking about ur project n ur both baby krishna has made her condition like this..

she needs u beta..plzz try to recover soon beta..she is missing u alot..i know she talks to u evrytime..n she tells u her heart out..coz she only trusts u beta in this world..she needs u the most..hum sab jitna bhi kare its not enough for her…kynki she needs ur love,ur affection ur support more ryt nw..she feels secure n protective with u..plzz beta..try to respond n try to come back soon nt fr anyone of us bt come back fr ur wife n ur child..plzz sayaam..they badly need u…

Saying this wipes her tears n went near krishna n sat brides her n starts talking to her…sayyam who heard saumya was feeling even more helpless n tears again started flowing from his eyes which was noticed by saumya n had a smile on her face.

Saumya : ( in mind ) Sayyam i know my words has effected u n ur heart..n i also know u will also be back soon..becoz u can’t see ur wife in pain for long..bas come back soon.. ( wipes her tears ) ( to krishna ) krishna..i know tum sun rahi ho. ( caresses her hairs ) krishna..meri bachchii… tum itni jaldi haar nhi maan sakti beta..dekho sayyam tumhara wait karrah hai..kehraha hai ki uski wivi itni weak nhi hosakti..krishna u have to fight fr u,for ur sanskaar n most importantly ( touched krishna’s belly ) for ur ur n sayyam’s child..he needs u n his father both…

hw can u become weak soo easily krishna..u promised sayyam na ki u will fight till end so now how can u become soo weak now..u can’t krishna.. ur sayyam needs u krishna..u can only bring ur sayyam back..n no one else can bring him back except u..utho krishna..u can’t give up soo easily..dekho sayyam is cursing himself fr ur condition..plzz utho..samjhao sayyam ko he is not in fault..u changed urself completely for sayyam n made his dream project possible n nw u r only 1 month away from ur hw can u loose n give up soo easily..plzz be strong…. ( cups her face ) u r sayyam birla’s wife krishna sayyam birla..samjhi n sayyam ki wife can’t loose hope soo easily ..u need to fight back n give raj a good punishment fr urself n most importantly for ur sayyam. .( kisses her forehead ) get well soon krishna… wake up krishna… we r waiting ( teary eyes ). .

After having a talk with krishna saumya was about to leave the room… She gets up…
Episode ends—–

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  1. awwwwww❤sommya’s words?so well written❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u..?

  2. Hafsaaa

    Woah shaani can you just stop with these emotions,you made me cry? Seeing my babies in such a situation hurts man ? Now I want my kriyam back.I want my kriyam romance,family happiness and others but the precap man ? Krishna gets up or saumya? Ooo this suspense is killing me yaar,please upload the next one ❤️

    1. Shaani

      Ok..just bare everything for 5-6 episodes… I have submitted the next one also…
      In precap she means saumya…

  3. Nyc one ,soumya words r fantastic n its touchng dr,when will u end this track.., pls dnt xtnd much diz kind of track cz its really saddening,anyways waitng fr nxt one pls update asap

    1. Shaani

      I have uploaded the next one also… Keep reading… It’ll be end soon.. Don’t worry..

  4. Saiyyamlover_17

    I have literally no words for this episode. Just simply that it was absolutely amazing!❤️? Loved the way saumya talked to Krishna and saiyyam✨

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much? I have uploaded the next one also. Keep reading..

  5. Fanficwriter518

    I loved it xx

  6. AnahitaAnnie

    It was such an emotional episodes..
    All the scenes were described so beautifully…awesome..loved it..can’t wait for the next…

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