I love you Mrs Maheshwari part 10

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Swara’s POV

Life is so unpredictable .  We’ll  not know what what will happen in next second  or in our life…. That happened to me too . We were happy but what happened suddenly to him??? I dont know . Doesn’t  he want to know that a memeber is joining our family soon…. doesn’t  he want to know that somebody  is going to call him papa soon….. doesn’t  he want to know his dream is going to fulfill…. he didn’t  even called me for 2 weeks . If i call him he will cut the call saying he’s busy . Im in India… yes… the day i thought to share with him about  the good news the day itself he send me to India…  I didn’t said to anyone that I’m  excepting coz i want to share it with him first but he is not ready to listen me at least. Im   not understanding  anything…. he came i wished him 6 month wedding anniversary and in return he said

” will you do anything to which I ask for without saying a word”
” yes sanskar ”
” swara you have to go to India back alone”
“what but I ha,…
” its 7 now flight Is at 9 come let’s go”
“but pls hear what I have to say”
“swara you said you will do whatever I say without saying a word so come…..”

And he dragged me towards the entrance. I tried to talk to him but he didn’t even looked towards me. That was painful for me . I will accept his anger rudeness everything but ingronace… i can’t …i just can’t …..

We reached airport  and he took me out of car and took the luggage from car… He already packed it!!!! He gave me my passport  and asked me to go…. i dont know what  the hell was happening……

“Bye….. ” He said
When i was turning to go coz i know there’s no​ option left he hold my hand i thought he’s stopping me from going but…..
He turned me and hold my head from back and kissed my forehead where i put vermilion and whispered ‘I love you ‘.

I looked towards his eyes his eyes were showing love towards me but he was trying hard not to show that but he failed in it and we hear the announcement . I looked towards him with my teary eyes but he….. He asked me to go. And i reached here…

But he didn’t forget to hire bodyguards to guard me . I went to home and mom asked me about him…. I lied to her!!!! I said he’s gone for some work and i came here…. They all believed me but truth is that i myself don’t know what work he has!!!!


End of POV

Swara!!!!!!   Sujata started to call her

Ha Mom!!! Replied Swara while sitting in their bedroom’s couch lost in her thoughts

She went down and find her mother – Sakshi Malhotra and Brother Rahul Malhotra in hall.

She smiled and hurriedly went and hugs her mother tightly while she hugs. Her back.

“Shona!!!! How’re you beta”

“I’m good mom” “Rahul…..” she asked while ruffling his hair

“Mom…. Dekho na she’s spoiling my hair”   Rahul said while setting his hair

“Oh sorry sharukh khan!!” Swara said while again ruffling his hair

“Mom!!!!!!”  Rahul shouted while setting his hair AGAIN!!!

“Shona!!!! Rahul!!!!! Stop it both of you” Sakshi scolded both of them and they kept quiet

“Sakshi ji Swara ke Papa kaha hai… ” Enquired Annapoorna

“Woh he has a meeting in Mumbai and he went there… Yesterday he went..(looks at Swara) he’ll come after a week so don’t worry” replied Sakshi

“Maa Rahul come tea is ready…” Said parineeta while arranging the tea in table

“Ha… Come ,” sujata called them

Dining table

“Sujata ji Annapoorna ji can we take Shona along with us for some days if..Yo….

“What’re you saying!!!! You can take her it’s urs  daughter also…. We will not have any problem… But ha should return her back… We’ll miss her surely !!!! Right Sujata!!!” Said Annapoorna

“Ha Sakshi ji…  We will definitely miss her but no problem…. Shaadi ke baad she didn’t came there till now so u should take she might be missing you all!!!” Said Sujata


A man is seen driving car in high speed !!!!! He was not caring about anything!!!! He increased his speed and he saw a truck approaching towards him!!!!! He tried to apply breaks but it didn’t work and the car got crashed with truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Precap :  “I’m going to be a DADI”


I’m really sorry . This is all what i can say . I’m not getting time to write that’s the problem. I will try to update as soon as possible. Hey guys if you want any scene to add then ld say
How was the episode ????? I’m sorry for the short part.  vote and comment of you like it . Thank you

My wattpad username : Ifza14


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