kriyam – u r my strength Episode 123

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Episode 123
Soon Naina Leaves from there n Leaving Krishna along in Cabin…After Naina Left Krishna too got busy in Her Work in such a Way that She did not Realize the time…As She was busy in Work Krishna felt a Slight Pain in Her Belly which Slowly Slowly got Increased due to Over Load of Work n Tension..Pain was Increased in such a way that Krishna Screamed Very Loudly in Pain…
Krishna : ( Screams Loudly n Holds Her Belly Tightly n Fell On Ground ) Aahahh!! Sayyammm..Aahhahaa !!
Hearing Krishna’s Scream entire office staff including yuvaan n naina rushed to krishna’s cabin n were shocked to see krishna on ground in suffering in pain ..krishna who was on ground started sweating badly n got fainted in some time…seeing krishna in faint position yuvaam n naina immediately rushed to home with krishna n called doctor.
Naina : ( Shocked ) Krishna…Krishna..kya huwa..
Yuvaan : ( Tensed ) Naina..we will do one thing..we will take krishna to home nw…taking her to hospital is not easy now coz of traffic bt haa the doctor who checks krishna is near out home..on the way to home we can call doctor there…so hurry up u go n tell driver to bring car in front of office asap i will carry krishna….
Naina : ( Tensed ) Haa….sir….i’m going..
Naina immediately rushed to call the driver n soon yuvaan n naina rushed krishna to home…

Scene shift to BM
Entire family after hearing krishna’s sudden bad health assembled outside kriyam room n Were Pacing Here n There in Tension n were Really Worried for Krishna’s Health….As They were Worried for Krishna all they could Hear was Only sayyam’s Name from Krishna’s Mouth even in Unconscious State…Soon Doctor Came Opened da Door n Called Everyone Inside…As soon as Door Opened Everyone Rushed Inside n Started Questioning Doctor about Krishna’s Health.
Yuvraaj : ( Worried ) Doctor is everything alright ?? Krishna n her baby is fine na?
Yuvaan : Haa Doctor Tell..plzz
Doctor : ( Tensed ) Woh Actually…

Seeing Doctor’s Tensed Face Everyone became more Tensed n Restless n were Totally Blank…
Kushi : Plzz Doctor tell..what happened ? Krishna is fime na … Usse achanak Pain kyoun hua ?? Sab theek hai na..
Doctor : ( Smiles ) Haa sab theek.. hai..In fact it’s a good started to Move n to Kick Krishna..isiliye She had a Pain in Her Belly..but haa..Baby ne kuch zaha Zor se Kick kiya jiske wajeh se Mrs Krishna ko pain hua n she fainted..
Everyone after hearing Baby’s kick news became over joyed n excited n were Laughing in Happiness except kushi…but there Happiness Soon Faded Away when Doctor told about the Reason of Strong Kick.
Kushi: Lekin is that possible… She is only 3 months..
Doctor : ( Tensed ) haa Mrs kushi..Baby ka itna Zor se Kick karna n that too.. This much early is not at all a Good sign
Suhani : ( Understood n Sad ) Doctor U mean ki Krishna ko Baby Kick is not Normal…
Doctor : Yes..Mrs suhani ..Mrs Krishna’s baby kicked becoz of tension n over work load..n jaha tak i have Examined Her just nw..I feel ki aaj Unke saath kuch hua kya ?? I mean any bad incident today in office or in home ?
Naina who heard doctor got tensed n told doctor everything n doctor listening to naina was tensed n worried fr Krishna’s health even more..
Doctor : ( Tensed ) Suniye..yeh sab sune k baad i can only tell that Krishna is really tensed n worried about her baby n her dignity..Raj ne jo kaha hai inse usse she got more scared n on that she is working day n night for a project. n she is missing her husband Mr Sayyam Very sab ke wajeh se she is to stressed out n facing many complications in her pregnancy..she needs a complete bed rest n a proper care..warna i’m afraid to say that she can loose her baby i’m telling u she needs a proper love n proper care..
Sayyam who was listening all these while sleeping on bed was shocked n speechless n tears again started flowing from his eyes seeing his beloved wife in such situation…he was all helpless n was cursing himself for his such situation…he wanted to take care of krishna n wanted to protect her from all evil eyes but was not able to do it.all these helplessness was making him more n more angry n upset n tears of helplessness continuously fell from his eyes…

30 minutes Later
Time flows n everyone present in kriyam room were tensed n restless n pacing here n there as krishna was not gaining conscious n doctor before leaving had already told if krishna did nt gain her senses in 2 hour then it would be dangerous for Krishna’s baby…
Doctor : i m really Sorry to say Mrs Suhani if Krishna didn’t gain her conscious it could be dangerous for her baby..She might even loose her baby n this shock can be dangerous for Krishna too..So try anything n make her conscious..I could have stayed here but i have some important work so can’t stay here but haa i ‘m leaving my nurse here..she will take care of Krishna in my absence..(she Sighs ) i know Mr.’s not easy n Correct time for ur family to be happy n to make a enjoyable environment in ur house but Krishna needs a happy environment..She needs to refresh herself..i know ki Mrs. Krishna is missing her husband ryt nw which any Wife will’s in absence of her husband it’s responsibility of u all to take care of her,to make her happy,to make her feel protected n all other things which makes her feel better..divert her mind from tension n stress.take her for outing so that she can take some fresh air n feel better.. anyways ..i’m leaving nw..u all Plzz take care of Mrs.Krishna….n inform me if she did nt gain conscious in 1 Hour..Try n make her conscious in 2 Hours somehow..I have prescribed some medicines for her make sure she takes them on time to time….
Hearing this everyone including lifeless sayyam was really tensed n worried about krishna…they all were only thinking how to bring krishna in her senses…
~~~~~FlashBack Ends~~~~~

Everyone is in tension… They have no idea what to do to make Krishna conscious… If sayyam was fit n fine…. Everyone knew that sayyam is the medicine for this problem… But now he is also not fine to make Krishna conscious…
Episode end with everyone’s tension faces…

Precap: Suhani: Saumya..u Stay here with ur daughter..Krishna needs Her maa ryt nw… Plz bring back my choti bahu…

Hi Guys ….
How r u all… Guys I’m really sorry for being late… Actually as I told I have exams till May 2nd… 24th n 26th I had exams… But still I uploaded episode per day… Though I posted them late than usual… I don’t know what happened to me in the exams… I was not able to perform well this time in the exam… I will pass.. But not with 70-80 marks… I’m really sad about it… But what to do… Now my personal life talks are over…
Coming to my ff… Thankx for all ur comments..i was not able to rply to ur comments…but I will do it tomorrow for sure… n as u all know that saumya (Krishna’s mom) is also living BM but I have not included her in past episodes… I thought to bring her when needed… So in next episode I’ll bring her…
n Richa u told that it’s confusing becoz I haven’t told about the incidents after raj stabbed sayyam…. I will clear them when the time comes… may be I will not describe them… U can imagine those incidents as u wish… Some ppl took Sayyam to hospital n called Yuvraaj…then family comes to know about this project n hafsaa u have asked does Saiyyam knows what Krishna is saying? Actually yes…He can… He can’t move n talk… Just like happened in 3idiots… Sayyam can hear everything… But can’t move n talk… Idk whether there is a something like that.. I just wrote it…
That’s it for today.. Bye..bye.. C u guys soon.. Love u all..❤?

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  1. Nice episode…. but when will sayyam wake up?

    1. Shaani

      Thankx… For that u have to wait little longer dr… Sorry for keep u guys waiting…

  2. Lov u too dr
    how many tyms i can say d same thngs lyk nice,amazng,mindblowng,fantastic etc…… Lol gve me a new praisng words to comment here….
    Concentrate on ur studies too gud luck fr ur upcmng xams..bye tc

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much … Suchi… ???

  3. Hafsaaa

    Good luck for your exams ♥️ And the episode was intensely emotional ?? loved it.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Hafsaa… I hope now ur confusion is clear about sayyam ryt? ?

  4. Saiyyamlover_17

    Amazing!!!! Loved this soo much❤️ And I’ll pray that u get good results in ur test?✨? Plz update soon ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much??? it means alot… N yeah thankx for ur prayers ?

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Don’t worry Shaani…u will do better next time.. And best of luck for the upcoming ones..and the episode was really good..the current track is awesome and different…amazing..❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Annie ??

  6. Awesome

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  7. RAOne

    yo….. great keep it up, all the best carry out your work….

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  8. shaani saiyyam kab thek hogaa… but loved d twist

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