kriyam – u r my strength Episode 119

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Episode 119
Krishna reached the Office n everyone welcomed her warmly…The surrounding of the office is more changed than before..(when she used to come before marriage) but Naina helped Krishna to adjust…Naina take her towards the cabin…
Naina: Ma’am… This is ur cabin… Actually sir made this cabin for u n him… So it’s little big than the cabin which u had before…
Krishna: Achcha… Thank u Naina.. Actually in past I thought ki..(couldn’t complete)
Naina: Ma’am mujhe koi explanation nahi chahije..kyunki I know it happens.. I can understand…. Aur thank u mat bolo… As this is my responsibility…
Krishna: Achcha tikey…

Krishna Entered Her’s n sayyam’s cabin n was staring the cabin continuously with love n affection n tears fell form her eyes n was lost in her own thoughts n remembers her days with sayyam as fear of loosing sayyam was Still there in Her Heart Somewhere.

During before marriage Krishna was with sayyam while taking about something… Just then Naina came inside the cabin..

Naina : Sir..hope u remember ki we have an important meeting in conference room regarding Mr Signhania’s Contract.
Sayyam : ( Remembers ) Ohh God !! Naina i totally forgot about it..thankx for reminding me..warna i would have forgot about it. Looks at His Watch ) Now it’s only 7 na..n Meeting is at 8 ryt ??

Naina : Yes Sir..Meeting is at 8… I just remembered u before one hour becoz u can prepare for it..
Sayyam : ( Relieved ) Thank u…U Really Take Care of those things nicely Naina..pata nhi what would have happened today if u were not there. .thnks alot
Naina : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Sir..Ur Most Welcome Its my duty to remind u about all ur important work … Sir I’ll leave now
Sayyam : Ok

Naina after reminding sayyam about the meeting left from the cabin Leaving Krishna jealous as She saw sayyam praising Naina in front of her n dat too in a Most Polite n Smiling Way…sayyam noticed It n teased her more n make her more irritated…
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily n Pretends as if He is busy in work ) Krishna u know Naina is really Good girl..see mera har ek meeting n important work ka Dhayan rakhti hai..I will forget but she will never sweet of Her na..I really LOVE Her…( Interrupted)
Krishna: ( shocked n kept Her pen on table in anger ) Kya ? Tumne kya kaha ?? LOVE ??
Sayyam : ( Smiles Even More Naughtily ) Oops I Mean LIKE ..Haa I Really Like Her his Habit..i really Wonder kya hota MERA aur Mere Kaam ka agar yeh Naina nahi hoti toh..n Frankly Speaking This Naina is Really Good than Previous PA ( Giggles Teasingly )

Krishna who heard all this n was Controlling Her anger from long time was finally was out of control n she busted her anger on sayyam.
Krishna: ( Hits Her Pen On Shoulder ) Kya kaha ?? Yeh Naina is Really Good haa..( Beats Him ) She Takes Care of all ur work haa… Then main kya karti hu…main toh Khayal hi nhi rakhti hai na?( Continously Beats Sanskaar in Anger )

Sayyam: ( Pains ) Aaowow..Krishna Aaowow..Plzz Stop ..i was just joking .i was Teasing u
Sayyam who was continuously beaten up by Krishna was in pain by her beat when It was Out of Control sayyam caught hold of her hands n pulled Krishna towards him n Krishna due to his forcefull pull fell on sayyam’s Chest n her hairs fell On sayyam’s face which were making him crazy due to her hair’s fragrance.he kept her hairs behind her ears by caressing her cheeks romantically n both were sharing an intense n a passionate eye lock.
Krishna who was blushing due to sayyam’s romantic touch tried to get up from him but due to tight hold of sayyam around her waist fell down on him again but this time more closely that she nearly pecked his cheeks . Sayyam who felt her peck on his cheeks had slight n a naughty smile on his lips which clearly indicated a naughty intentions… Krishna on seeing his naughty smile blushed Even more…

Krishna: Sayyam let me go.. Someone will see us…
Sayyam: Toh kya.. I’m going to kiss my to be wife.. What is wrong with it..?
Krishna: Sayyam lekin…
Sayyam: Lekin wekin kuch nahi… If u quickly give what I want then I will leave u…otherwise sorry drlng…
At last Krishna gave up n closed her eyes as she knew She could not resist his naughty look anymore so she closed her eyes in positive Response.sayyam smiled even more naughtily seeing her reaction.He slowly leaned towards her soft lips n finally placed his lips on her soft lips…Krishna too reciprocated to sayyam’s kiss n both soon adjusts their lips on each other’s n started enjoying their kiss ..

——–Flashback ends———-

Krishna who was remembering her special moments spent with sayyam in his cabin had a wide smile on her face with tears in her eyes…she composed herself n wiped her tears n went to her seat n sat on her chair n started doing her work…while she was doing her work she continuously stared sayyam’s chair lovingly… she was missing him soo much..
Episode ends

So guys I know that this part is soo small… Actually I don’t want to drag this missing each other wala track more… I know u will through tomatoes for me… So this ends here… Next episode will be about sayyam coming back to his beautiful wife… How u will like my upcoming track… So comment below.. Waiting for ur comments guys…

  1. Superb epi di!!! Oh saiyyam is so naughty?…can’t wait for next epi …update ASAP?

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