kriyam – u r my strength Episode 118

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Episode 117

Episode 118
It was next day Mrng after Dropping sayyam to Airport….the room was not which Used to be Full of beautiful moments n the day which used to started with the special light Moments of the 2 Love Birds was so Dull…The Each n Every Corner of the Room was Soo Silent n Dull…As Usual Krishna Slept on Her Side of bed but this time She was not in her Husband sayyam’s Embrace but was Holding His Pillow Tightly to have his feel.. She looks Pale…She Slowly Opens Her Eyes saw sayyam’s side empty n became Sad n Woke Up from the Bed n Caressed His Side n Tears Fell from Her Eyes Continuously Thinking about sayyam…. She feels so scared restlessness n loneliness..
Krishna : ( Cries n Caressed His Side of Bed ) Good Morning Sayyam..Plzz Come back soon safely I really Miss u..

After Crying n Remembering sayyam for Sometimes she Composed Herself n Wiped Her Tears n Got Ready fr Office…

*********Flash Back*********

Last Night as Krishna Returned from Airport Krishna Directly went inside Her Room to Spend Sometime Alone…She was heart Broken n a Fear of Loosing Her sayyam was Eating Her Up every minute…As She Entered the Room She Receives a Msg n a Voice Recording from sayyam’s Number
Sayyam’s Msg

Hello Jaan..i know now u r in Our Room n remembering for Me.. ryt… But let me tell u Krishna i have sent u a Voice Recording so Plzz Open that Recording n Listen to it… N i’m Sure after Listening to the Recording U will Stop Crying..becoz i know My wife She will Never Disobey Me especially when m not with Her..So i know now also She will Listen to My Voice Recording n will cry for sometime but later she will… Compose Herself…Hai na Jaan ?? So nw Come on n Play the Recording n Listen to it… Love u Krishna
Krishna after Reading the msg had a Slight Smile n she Immediately Played the Recording n Started Listening to it..

Sayyam’s Recording

Hii Krishna,… There is no time for u to Cry or for being upset becoz from 2mrw U r going to Office again n will Handle my Pending work n as well as ur work too… U remember i told u i wanna see u as Independent n Confident Lady in my this is the right time to Prove urself..i’m nt there with u now for 2-3 Days so Its a great Opportunity for u…Prove Me that U can Handle everything in my Absence..n don’t worry if u need any Help u can ask Naina..i have already told her Some things for u..I know u r comfortable with her… i know ki u r scared n tensed thinking about the Sudden work Pressure as after along time u r joining to office but Krishna i need to do it again..when i return i want to see u as a Complete Independent n Confident Lady… I know u always wanted to become a good bahu…

n maa aur papa will be more happy to see u as an independent lady…I know in 2 days it’s difficult to Handle n to become Completely Independent but at least u can try My dear wife this is the first thing i’m asking from U ..Won’t u fulfill this wish of ur love….Ur husband just want to see u as a Strong Lady who can fight for herself in my absence..So come on Wipe ur Tears now n go to sleep becoz from 2mrw u r rejoining the office again…n Yes I LOVE U TOO My Princess..n I MISS U TOO..ok then Bye My Princess my flight is is being prepared for taking off….Do Take Care Love…

After Hearing the Voice Recording Krishna had Tears in Her Eyes n Looked sayyam’s photo which was her lock screen..She Looked it for Sometime Continuously n was Lost in Her own thoughts…
Krishna : ( Cries ) ( in mind ) sayyam ( Looking sayyam’s Photo ) i know u want me to Stand on My Feet na..den ok..i will do it for u..but when u return back na u will only have to Handle all these..i will help u in office n become Independent but for ur sake only till u r nt here bt wen u r here i will only help u from home not from Office. Becoz i know u will always be there with Me.. .n LOVE U TOO..Come back Soon safely..( Hugs sayyam’s Photo Tightly )

*********Flash Back Ends*********
After Sometime Krishna Comes out of Washroom after Getting Ready n goes towards the Dressing Table n Apply Her Sindoor in Her maang n Wears Her Mangalsutra n Combs Her Hairs n Finish Her other work….Finally after Sometime She gets Completely Ready n Goes downstairs to for mrng pooja n breakfast.

At breakfast table..
Krishna: Woh Actually… I’m going to office from today… Sayyam is not here n he said to me that I have to handle the office.. So I have to go.. Maa app mange kar sakta hai kya? I’ll try my best to come early…

Suhani: Nahi beta koi baat nahi hai…. Ghar me servants bi hai… U go to office..
Yuvraaj:Haa Beta sayyam ke baad toh u only have to Handle all these na..waise i know he will be back soon but still whenever he goes out in future u only have to Handle y not today..u can join to Office from today..I don’t have any problem in that..after all wat sayyam want we also wants the Same ( Indirectly Conveying His Msg n Fear ) u r doing ur responsibilities as a bahu perfectly… So why can’t u do this responsibility..
Krishna: ( Fake Smile n Understood Yuvraaj Fear n Consoles Indirectly ) Papa don’t worry..Everything will be fine…n Sayyam will be Back Soon…
Yuvraaj: Hmm..Hope So Beta.. ( Realized ) Mera Matlab yeah he will..( Tensed )

Suhani pratima n kushi was confused about this strange behaviour
Suhani : Yuvraaj u n Krishna r talking soo Strangely…what going on… Kal se dekhrahe hu mein..krishna is soo Tensed n Worried for sayyam ?? Delhi hi toh gaya hai na woh… He will came back after 2 days…then y r u all behaving soo Strange ??
Pratima : Haa…suhani is right..i too feel ki u all r hiding something from us…Plzz tell us what’s Troubling ..maybe we can help u ( Worried )

Krishna n Yuvraaj after Listening to suhani’s Questions got Scared n Started Sweating n were Speechless n Stared each other in Shock…. Yuvaan who saw all these was too Worried seeing Krishna n Decided to Divert the Topic..
Yuvaan : ( Fake Smile ) Woh Maa..let me tell u the Reason..actually…Sayyam said that he will come after 2 days but in Reality he also don’t know when will he be back…mera matlab he told us before Leaving for His Flight ki He might take more Than a Week too to Complete his work in that’s y krishna is worried..don’t take Tension.. ( Gives A Assured Smile to Krishna n yuvraaj )


After dropping sayyam to Airport Krishna came back to Bm… and immediately went into her Room n yuvraaj to study room in Tension…Yuvaan Noticed the Tension on the Face of Yuvraaj n Decided to Follow yuvraaj to Study Room n to ask about his Worriedness..
As soon as Yuvraaj Entered the Study Room Yuvaan too Stormed inside…

Yuvaan : ( Determined ) i’m Sorry Papa..but i had No other Way..from today mrng i’m noticing Krishna… She is Worried for sayyam very much..n saw u too lost in ur own thoughts everytime…n you are behaving too weird as if u r tensed n worried for something..the way of talking..,ur behaviour, everything…I feel like u r hiding Something..Plzz tell Papa..wat r u hiding ?? Plzz Papa..tell maybe i can help u all..why sayyam u n Krishna was behaving soo Strange ? Y was sayyam n Krishna were soo Emotional while Leaving… ?? Plzz tell Papa.. ( Pleads in Worriedness )
Yuvaarj : ( Cries Miserably n Sits on His Chair ) yuvaan woh Beta..sayya Delhi Ek important aur Dream Project Handle karne gaya hai..u already know it..but ..

Yuvaan : ( Confused ) but Kya Papa ?? What Wrong with that project?
Yuvraaj : ( Sad ) Its a Good Thing yuvaan bt u don’t know how dangerous this Project is..iss Project pe Raj Sinha bi interest hai..He Hates sayyam alot becoz he knows that sayyam can defeat…. Becoz of that Raj Sinha became a Big Rival of sayyam from few days..n nw toh sayyam is Handling this Delhi Project which Raj also want… this Raj can Attack sayyam anytime..n since few days sayyam got threaten calls n msgs also…we don’t know what that Raj will do if sayyam wins this Project..Toh isiliye We all r worried for him..n sayyam know ki His Life is in Danger so that’s Y he is making Krishna to live an independent n confident life in his absence…He wants Krishna to Stand on Her Feet.that’s why sayyam Forced Krishna to Join Office so that He can Make Krishna Independent n Confident Lady….Krishna is Totally Heart Broken from Inside..She is showing she is fine from outside but from inside we know she is fully heart broken..She needs Us..but we r only Heart Broken that’s we r not able to Console Her.. ( Cries )

Yuvaan : ( Composed Himself ) Papa..listen… it’s nt the time to cry n fear..We need to fight for it..n Krishna needs us Papa..we need to Encourage Her..he will be back..i know it..

——– Flashback ends—-

Chapter ends…
So guys this is the enemy…. Raj sigha… U can suggest a actor for this character if u wish…
Guys plz do comment…

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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow…villain..story is getting more interesting day by with romance we have suspense and thriller. I am dyinh to know what happens to saiyyam…as always each emotions were perfectly portrayed…loved it…❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie??

  2. Superrrrr???? so emotional next post soon

    1. Shaani

      Next episode is also available…
      Thank u soo much??

  3. Ema

    Oh .. god .. plz dnt do anything to saiyyam in ssel also going to off air and sristi also left the show now my only hope to read and imagin kriyyam scenes from ur story plzz dnt do anything for sayyam and dont seperate kriyyam and ai want kriyyam’s baby i know u knew this already but what to do ..!!! Im requesting this in all my msags and story is goibg vry well and love ur story ❤❤????????????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much??
      Let’s see what will happen… Keep reading

  4. Saiyyamlover_17

    Nooo. Raj sinha if my saiyyam gets even a little scratch then you will have to deal with me. And trust me u for want that! ? This was amazinggg!!!! Also I’m wondering if this track will lead into saiyyam loosing his memory? Anyway LoOVeEDd loved loveddd this❤️❤️❤️ Plzzz update sooooon ❤️✨?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much for loving my ff.. Keep reading..??

  5. nyc one…eagerly wanna knw what happns to saiyyam..waiting fr nxt

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much??

  6. Nice episode. Kriyam ‘ s love ??. Villain looks very powerful. Is he going to kidnap saiyyam update ASAP

    1. Shaani

      I have uploaded the next episodes… U can read them n figure it out urself yura..
      Thankx for reading n commenting everyday…???

  7. Today epi good but next upload fast raj sinha ke rile mai shivin narang perfect hoga & plz story mai kuch improvement lao k something special raj Krishna attention etc

    1. Shaani

      I will try..?

  8. A.Tejaswi

    Superb epi shaani..Sry for not commenting since long..Busy with exams..As for the character of raj sinha,I guess shurya of ek hasina thi would be best.U can also consider shyam of ipkknd.

    1. A.Tejaswi


    2. Shaani

      It’s ok Tejaswi..i can understand… Thankx for ur suggestion… Then let’s take him…..

  9. Awesome episode

  10. The episode was in reality one of the best suspense thrillers I have ever read. It had amazing descriptions of the varied actions and emotions. It was blessed with all aspects of a majestic thriller and was wonderfully well-written. Krishna’s anxieties, fears and insecurities along with all of sayyam’s cares, concerns and beliefs was extremely well-portrayed. The episode focussed on the krishna-yuvraaj relationship in a huge way and made it seem even more exuberant. The episode was indeed lovely..

  11. Ahhh I’m literally so tensed?plz don’t separate kriyyam?ahh shani my hands and feets are swelling..what are yew going to do?it’s so much of suspense?✌

  12. Nnnya

    Awwww saiyyam is such a sweet hubby….. This raj sinha seems intruiging..but oh what will happen to saiyyam..i’m thinking memory loss? Great episode dear and i think nakul mehta from ishqbaaz will be perfect for raj sinha.. shady business man..strives to suceed and win at any cost..
    Story is getting more interesting day by day.. Welldone sister! 🙂

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