Our marriage is agreement ep 16

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San:( whisper) swara
Twi:shona meet my husband kunj
Then swara sees towards kunj and sees him
Shona: hi Mr. Sarana,and by the way who is that man standing beside u r husband
By hearing swara both sanku were shocked
Twi: oh shona u call him kunj itself… He won’t take it wrong aye na Kunj
Kunj just nodes his head

Twi : shona u talk to them I will just call ma and tell abt ur arrival she was asking form morning and I will tell kaka to keep u r luggage in too
By telling this she goes to room
As soon as twi left swara also started to move at tat time she feels a grip on her wrist she without turning back tells to leave him
Swara: excuse me pls leave my hand (tears are coming from her eyes)
San: swara I am sry

She just jerks her hand started to move after going 2 steps and turns to see towards kunj
Swara:kunj I request u pls don’t show tat u knw me in front of twi ,she doesn’t knw anything abt our… Sry my past.
Swara heads towards her room while san was standing just like satute
Kunj goes and jerks him and he came back to her sense

San:see kunj she didn’t even want to see my face
Kunj: then wat she will do when she was begging to believe her u didn’t
Sans eyes hw much she is guilty
Kunj:and by the she is sherni u have to work a lot to seek her forgiveness I think u didn’t forget hw u made her to accept u
San : omg pls help me ( funny tune plays)
Kunj: (smiles mischievously)san u told told to book hotel na which one as u mansion has some repair work
San : y I shld stay when my frnd is having this much big house wat will he think abt me
Kunj: ohh before few mins wat u told

san : leave tat OK u tel kaka to keep my opp to swaras room
Kunj:san I forgot to ask hw is keerthi
San:yeah she is next week she is coming I think swara will be happy by seeing her
And both were talking while twi and swara are coming downstairs
By seeing our ladies both went to dreamland and came back to sense when they heard twis voice
Twi: kunj..san..come let’s have food
Kunj: hann haaa coming
And all went towards dinning all

By seeing the food swara said
Swara: omg all my fav
Twi : u only asked how will deny
Swara: oh my sweety u are really soo sweet
Seeing sanku adores twi and swaras bond
And twi started to eat while eating
Swara: sweety do u have tat hucth dogs photo
Kunj:hucth dog ? Twi u have any pet

Twi: WO kunj she is talking abt UV( sry zain fans ???)
By hearing this he spits the water on san face
San gives death glare to him and wipes his face
San : who is this UV
And by again hearing UV name kunjs blood boiled
Twi:he is in jail and swara don’t talk abt him
SWA: sry I’ll not talk abt him but once I see him tat will be the last day for him hw can he hurt u

Twi: oh my darling don’t take any tension then u face will wrinkles and who will marry u
Swa: u don’t wry some idiot will be definitely there
By hearing this kunj busrted in laughter and san makes a puppy face
Twi: wat happened kunj
Kunj: nothing twi I just thought abt tat idiot and winks towards san
Twi: s kunj who ever going to marry her I feel pity on him
Twi to swa: swa which company u r going to join

Swa: karma industries pa post
Kunj comes to say some thing but san kicked his leg not to tel her anything

Later all finished their lunch and time passes slowly it became night
In swara room
Both swara and twi r talking
SWA: twi u really changed a lot
Twi:(sad tone) when time changes everything changes
Swa: y r u wrying abt other do u think uncle will be fine by seeing this.
Twi: I knw shona but bcz of me only papa and cries by hugging her
Swara careness her back and make her clam down

Swa:u r not me bold and brave twi. U kW wat my sweety will never cry and breakdown like this she has the courage to fight back and I pray to god to give back my sweety( says dramatically by joining her hands )
Twi slightly hits her on shoulder : dramabaze
Twi: shona can I ask u one thing u shld not lie
Swa: ask

Twi: I was watching u morning u r happy inside but u r eyes are telling something else is something bothering u
Swa gets tensed : nothing twi wo ….wo … I think due to travelling may be I am tired
Twi( not got satisfied with her ans but thinks to not force her): k u take sleep as well as I am also tired
And binds bye and left to her room
The whole conversation is heard by two pair of eyes thy r non other than sanku
San: if twi is swaras sweety I don’t believe this when swa tells abt her I thought no one can be naughter than her but when I look twi it is not so
Kunj in thoughts wat happened to her I have to find out for tat I want to ask to swara
Kunj: ya sanky I am also thinking same
Then kunj binds bye to him left to twinjs room

Sanskar also goes to his room but he stopped and heard a sobbing sound from swaras room as the door was slightly opened he peeks in the and gets shocked to see his life Jaan is crying
Here swara is talking to the photo

Swara: y…..y …u came back. These for yrs was hell to me i tried to forget u but then also i cant y u came back sanskar again u want to break me.tat day I begged u but u didn’t me instead u believed her. How can u think I Will harm kreethi she is like my sis
I can’t able to hate u my stupid heart not listening me. But now I am very afraid wat if twi come to knw abt this she no I will not show my sad face . I shld be happy in front of her(she says this bye crying very badly)

Sanskar sees this and he was very guilty the girl who he saw always happy now is fully broken
Sanskar: swara iam sry but I promise u tat I will my old back says with a determined face after some time he sees swara slept so he went near he keeps the comforter properly , wipes her tears and places a lovely kiss on her forehead and leaves to his room

Meanwhile in twinj room
Kunj goes to their room after completing some office work and here twinkle already spelling peacefully kunj was staring her lovingly and goes near her and he sees her little bit uncomfortable in couch so he gently takes her in arms and place her on bed and kisses her forehead and twi smiles in sleep feeling his touch when kunj comes to other side of the bed and drifts into a peaceful sleep with cute smile on his face

Epi ends

Hi guys sry for keep u all waiting
I think u all liked today’s epi if I made u bore dry
Bye tc

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