Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 07)

Episode 07
Both Krishna and sayyam is silent…they both want to start a conversation but hesitate to start… sayyam gave up and start to speak.then Krishna also asked then same….
Krishna & sayyam(together)-Do u have….(COULDN’T COMPLETE)
Krishna & sayyam(together)-U tell 1st….
Then both of them laughed sayyam is mesmerized to see Krishna laughing..sayyam stared at Krishna … suddenly Krishna stopped laughing and looked at sayyam ..he understood that becoz of his starring she stopped laughing..
Sayyam: sorry Ladies 1st Krishna: Do u have lectuers 2mrw? Sayyam: wht about u? Krishna:Yes I also have…. again both of them are silent
Sayyam: Friends? (extended his hand towards Krishna) Krishna: Yes Frends…( she is super happy)
Sayyam:(thinking) how to start a good conversation with a her… nthing is coming into my mind…this brain is not working when I need that the most..
Krishna;(thinking) wht hppn to sayyam y is he not saying anything…shall I start a conversation…if I start wht am I going to ask? Koi baat nahi let’s give it a try..just now we became frnds na.. (she looks at sayyam…she sees him in a deep thought)
Krishna: sayyam are u ok? Sayyam: yeah..yeah.. i’m fine.. Krishna: ok .. Sayyam: Krishna where do u live? Krishna: I live in central road- maanika baadi..*(I’m sorry about this I have no idea about indian streets and indian names of houses) it’s not that much far from here.

Sayyam: oohhh…. Krishna: Do u have any siblings… Sayyam: Yeah I have one elder brother and one elder sister….wht about? Krishna: I don’t have any siblings…..
sayyam: ohh.. ok… but u have good frnds There also like siblings ryt?
Krishna: yeah…swara and nandani is my best frnds… swara is my childhood frnd… swara is coming from a big family but she never considered about her richness she is not proud about her parent’s money she is very understanding girl. She knows me very well.. aur Nandani… I met her in campus… she is also a very good frnd …..
Krishna:look like our frnds are happy without us….. see…
Sayyam: shall we also join them(o god wht did I just said… how ca I talk with her infront of those ppl…don’t say ok Krishna)
Krishna: ok let’s go (Sayyam smiled both of them walk toward their frnds)
Swara: guys they are coming.. Sanskar: don’t they have anything to talk… ( both Krishna and sayyam came)
Sayyam: We haven’t introduced ourselves to eachother ryt? So Krishna this is sanskar( pointing towards sanskar)
Sanskar: halo (mummers) babhi….. sayyam (pointing towards Lucky) Yeh lakshya… Lucky: hi babhi… Sayyam & Krishna (together): kya? Lucky: kuch nahi… Krishna u can call me lucky…

Krishna: ok and (pointing towards swara) this is swara and (pointing toward Nandani) she is nandani.
Swara: actually Krishna we introduced ourselves to eachother actually… heheii… Krishna: and u r telling it now only… All smiled ..
Nandani: ICE CREAM…… Krishna: kaha …kaha… I wanna eat ice cream … Swara: Ok let’s go have ice cream… They ate ice cream also…..
Swara: girls shall we go home…. it’s getting late… Krishna; yes let’s go 2mrw we have lectures also…
Sayyam & sanskar saw 4 men are eyeing these girls lustfully….sayyam signed lucky and put a text to his number… Krishna saw these men and felt uncomfortable sayyam understood it and hold her hand. This was their 1st touch sayyam felt a current passed though his body same thing happened with Krishna.. boys took the girls near a car that was sayyam’s car beside that there is another bike that Is sanskara’s bike.

Girls said bye to their new frnds but sayyam stopped them it’s little dark now we’ll drop u guys get in.. sanskar: swara u come with me in the bike and ur house is also near to my house na…
Sayyam thought He knows her address also… i’m impressed Sayyam:Ok then i’ll drop u both…
All agreed and get in to their respective vehicles and left the place
In car sayyam 1st dropped Nandani… he thought that Krishna will be uncomfortable to go with 2 boys his guess was ryt? Yes she was uncomfortable he sighed lucky to do something… lucky managed the situation and then sayyam dropped Krishna to her baadi. Krishna thanked sayyam and went in sayyam was looking at her till she goes lucky was seeing this and smiling…
Screen freeze with all happy faces…

Precap: I didn’t think about it… what kind of a kriyam scene you guys want…

  1. Aarti32

    Superb episode..N I want some sweet n subtle Kriyyam scenes in next episode..

    1. Shaani

      Ok then I’ll write another kriyam moment in next episode…thankx for reading…glad u liked it…

  2. Honeypriya

    That’s soo sweet.
    Good start actually…..
    Wht abt yuvaan n yuvaani
    N how sayyam will get to know about his reality

    1. Shaani

      Firstly i thought not to reveal it..but yeah…now I’ll that part also..if u guys like it thanks for reading n commenting…

  3. Romantic?

    1. Shaani

      ?? thanks for reading..

  4. So good ?

  5. U can make Sayyam know about sambhav and then Krishna consoling him and supporting him
    You can create some confusion between them….

    1. Shaani

      Ok…thankx for the idea… I’ll do something like that also…

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