Meaning of love Episode {1}

Hi guys sandy is back with fresh new story ❤
First, I wanna give a flying kiss to all of you ? for the big support that you give it to me in tpk+ my imagination, I really thanks all of you because of your support I decided to write this story hope you love it ?

Second, this story will go farrr from the cast in the tpk cast only Manish and jigyasa will be here with there original name Bihaan and thapki , I hope you will love the new cast that I made ..

Last, the story will be totally different but thapki will be a stammer girl too.

The story about two different people who don’t believe in love but what will happen when both of them fall in love to know keep reading meaning of love ….

Main cast:

Manish goplani / Bihaan the most famous guy on college .

Jigyasa Singh/ thapki a girl with big dreams.

Other cast :

Ronit roy /Rajnath Kapoor Bihaan father and the manager of the college.

Simone Singh/ Priya kapoor Bihaan mother.

Pyumori mehta/ Radha sharma thapki is stepmother .

Sanjay batra /Shashi Shama thapki is father

Sanjeeda Sheikh / Alia .

Karan wahi/ Karan – Bihaan friend .

Mohit sehgal / siddharth or sid

Shiny doshi / Anjali -thapki is friend .

Mumbai a place that people make their dreams come truth, showing the city from different angles and than it come to thapki is house from out side.

Thapki house, a music of thapki play and thapki get ready and wear her earring and bracelet and her mother call her ,
Radha: come on thapki you will get late.
Thapki show her face she smile and says : good m..morning maa..
Thapki take her bag and says: am always r..ready first I w..will go to my father shop and then I will go to .
Radha : good bye and don’t forget to get early to house , thapki smile and go.

In Bihaan house, Bihaan sleeping in bed the housemaid come and try to let him wake up, Bihaan yell : get out let me sleep Rajnath : Bihaan..
Bihaan wake up immediately: dad yes I wake up..
Rajnath : today is the first day at college so please don’t be late .
Bihaan: yes dad I will ..
Rajnath go,
Bihaan tell the housemaid to take out his new clothes and bring to him breakfast,
Bihaan go and get ready ,
Karan come to his room,
Bihaan: you..get out before dad come I tell you yesterday my dad don’t want to see your face in this house,
Karan: don’t worry Bihaan he left minutes ago so I come to take you to your first day at college am sure your dad will be proud of you .
Bihaan make a sad face: I wish..let’s go.

In college, the whole students putting poster of Bihaan coming to college,
Anjali: oh god this guy drives girl to crazy look to this much of poster …
Thapki get of her bicycle and enter the college she sees Anjali,
Thapki come from behind her and says: helloooo..
Anjali get scared: ahhhh..
Thapki laughs: you will never change..
Anjali hits thapki: you scared me ..
Thapki: I am s..sorry .. Anjali how are you I m..miss you a lot .
Anjali hug her I missed you more thapki ,
Thapki and Anjali sit in cafe in college,
Thapki: Anjali I feel scared from college,
Anjali : scared…but Why??!!
Thapki hold her hand together and look at
Anjali : you know life of teaching and new students I..i don’t know if people will make jokes of stammer ..
Anjali : look thapki I told you before you are amazing girl and this stammer don’t let her be your finishing line, so today someone make joke of your stammer will you stop coming to college?!
Thapki: I ..I will not ..
Anjali smile: thapki don’t feel scared am with you her I know it is my last year and your first year her but I will try to let you feel comfortable in college..
Thapki smile thanks Anjali,
Suddenly a man get out his gutter and thapki and Anjali looks on..
The man : hello my sweetheart girls I know you miss your lover singer sssssid..
Anjali get anger she says: let’s go thapki this man is crazy always come to the cafe to annoyed girls..
Sid keep singing and the girls keep clipping for him he sees Anjali in way of exit the cafe he says: hey my love Anjali where are going I made this song for you ..
Anjali look at him and keep walking with thapki, Sid run in the door of exit and look at Anjali ,
Anjali : are you crazy I want to go out ,
Sid: In these eyes I see your love to me,
Anjali : you end your movie dialogue so I can leave ..
Sid: wait there is more..
Anjali push him side and take thapki is hand and go out the cafe,
Sid rubber his hair from back and says: wait I didn’t finish, I need to watch new movies.

Bihaan and Karan come to the college and the girls screaming in seeing Bihaan,
Karan: look to all these girls..
Bihaan: please let them get off from my car I want to enter..
Karan: I get your back brother…he take a speaker and get his face out of the care and says: hello girls if you want to see bihaan just make a space so he can enter…
All the girls make a space and Bihaan enter,
Karan: you are so lucky Bihaan I wish girls die for me..
Bihaan: hahahaha very funny you think am enjoying this it is really annoying, listen I will go to my dad office you go and let this girls stop screaming..
Karan: as you say brother.

Bihaan was in the way to his father office,
Thapki was in the way two ..
Bihaan enter the office and thapki wait out side she sees Bihaan enter she get angry and says: what a weird man he enter before me and without knock the door …
Rajnath was doing work and Bihaan sit in the chair and put his legs in the table,
Rajnath : Bihaan this is college not your house put your legs down!!
Bihaan: come down dad..
Rajnath : am not your father her am your manager so you don’t need to act like my son I will behave with you like other students her..
Bihaan get angry: but dad..
Rajnath : no more word, her your paper you accept to be in this college but I will tell you again you will not get a special treatment her..
Bihaan give his father angry look: ok I will behave with you as you are not my father!!
Rajnath : go now .
Bihaan left, Thapki sees him ,
Thapki: finally he finished she knock the door and enter..
Rajnath /the manager of the college: hi your name is thapki right …
Thapki smile : yes sir ..
Rajnath : am happy to see you in this college your grades was really high ,of course our email come to you that we accept you in this college her you files you officially a student her…
Thapki get more happy: thank you sir ..
And she left,
Rajnath : this girl deserves to be in this college but Bihaan I don’t know why I let him enter .

A speech from the manager to all students,
Rajnath : hello everyone I want to tell you that this day where all students will start new journey of life ,
Bihaan and Karan was wispring ,
Rajnath : Bihaan can you please come and tell all the students what did I said..
Bihaan get nervous and he go to stage, all girls keep screaming..BIHAAN..BIHAAN..
Rajnath : please be quiet and let’s listen to Bihaan come on tell us what I just say …
Bihaan: I …don’t know..
Rajnath smile: how you will continue in this college If in the first day you don’t pay attention, I will give you a great example of a student that focus …he keep looking for a student…than he says: yes where is thapki ..
Thapki looks on and try to hide…
The girls : weird name what thapki hahaha..
Rajnath : please thapki come I want you to let this show off boy how to listen..
Thapki walk to the door suddenly Anjali saw her she take her hand…thapki try to remove Anjali hands and tell her I don’t want to go …
Anjali : thapki don’t be scared go the manager want you .
Thapki walked and the students look at her ..
Bihaan sees her and he get angry,
Rajnath : look to this girl she is the first student that get a high marks in whole subject and look to this boy who failed several time and by my money I let him pass…
Bihaan get more angry he yell: stop it ..
Thapki get scared, Bihaan go to thapki,
Bihaan: if you are so smart so let see you tell us what my dad says I mean the manager said..
Thapki looks down and says: he w..was..talking ..about …the of life..
Bihaan: stop why you stammer ..
Thapki tears: i..
Bihaan keep laughing and the whole students keep laughing..
Bihaan: you like a train voice please continue, well guys I thought that am the only one who can make people laugh but after I see her I think all of us should clip for her…
Rajnath : stop it never will be like her ..
Bihaan: I don’t want to be a stammer hahahaha..
Thapki cry ..
Bihaan: what happened are you crying..well this place not belong to people like you who stammer ….
Thapki run to the door ….
Rajnath : you will regret for what did you do to this girl ..
Bihaan: whatever..

Thapki sad song play,thapki keep crying..
Anjali come and hug her,
Thapki crying voice:I..I tell you that I don’t want to go but you..
Anjali : why you crying thapki be strong …I don’t want you to break down from the first day …
Thapki wipes her tears and says: you are right Anjali… b..but why he says I don’t belong her…it because o..of my stammer..
Anjali : thapki … don’t think about what happened do shift-delete…
Thapki laughs: ok I will do it thanks Anjali ..
Anjali hug thapki again and says: you are my sister so I will always support you .

Bihaan and Karan was in the cafeteria, the girls was watching Bihaan all the time and takes pictures,
Bihaan : until two hours these girls keep looking at me don’t they feel boring..
Karan wave to the girls, the girls don’t care,
Bihaan smile and wave, the girls waves back and says : hi .. Bihaan,
Karan get angry: why the girls love u and don’t care about me…
Bihaan: I call it handsome secret..
Alia come and the girls feel jealous from her,
Alia go to Bihaan,
Bihaan: you come now don’t you know that I was waiting for you from the morning..
Alia: sorry baby I had to go to the salon today but how are you and how are your friend..
Karan: I tell you many time my name is Karan ..
Alia: what ever..
Bihaan: what to say Alia today my father did it again..
Alia : he insult you ..
Bihaan: even you know my dad..
Karan: but this time he comparison with a girl that named thapki..
Alia: what you mean he get him in stage and comparison with a girl …
Bihaan: yes he did this to make feel that am stoped and don’t deserve to be her but I make that girl feel the insult and cry…
Alia get angry: what you make a girl cry ..
Bihaan: so what ..
Alia: right now go and apologize to her..
Bihaan: you can’t force me..
Alia: really I will stop speaking to you ..
Karan: Bihaan go and apologize..
Alia: think again Bihaan …Alia about to go ..
Bihaan: wait..I will go and apologize …you know I can’t stay without speaking to you Bihaan hold Alia is hand and Karan come and remove his hand..
Karan: Bihaan maybe you forget there is girls looking at you, now go and apologize to miss thapki..
Bihaan: yeah I will go bye Alia don’t forget to call me..
Alia: I will bye..,Karan keep looking at Alia and smile..
Alia : if you finish looking at me can we go to class..
Karan: hu..yes let’s go .

Bihaan in his mind: why I always care for Alia it impossible to be love because love story make me throw out ..suddenly he hit thapki..and her book fall down ..
Bihaan look at thapki ..
Thapki remember his word “you don’t belong her” And she start pack up her books ..
Bihaan: I will help you he start helping her ..
Thapki point her hand to stop ✋?
Bihaan stoped..
Bihaan: look ..I wanna say am sor…
Thapki cut him : stop I don’t wanna her anything from you she take her book and about to leave her scarf stuck in Bihaan watch …
Bihaan look at thapki from behind..
Thapki get shocked she thought Bihaan hold her scarf she says : how dare you ..she look behind her ….
Bihaan points to his watch not him..
Thapki try to remove the scarf from his watch Bihaan look at her …he says : I will do it ,
Thapki try she can’t, Bihaan remove her scarf and says am sorry ..
Thapki: what !! you say you are s..sorry..after you made me cry no don’t need to apologize..because f..from on I will prove to you that I ..I deserve to be her..
Bihaan : okay..and from now on I prove the opposite..
Thapki: I don’t know how p.. people like you study this college..
Bihaan get angry: will actually there is a lot of people like me her and am sure that nobody like you her …
Thapki: what do you t.. think that I will care for w..what u said ..I don’t care I will prove to you … that this thapki deserves be her
Bihaan : fine am sure you will not stay for more than a week ..
Thapki : you will see..
Thapk walking and Bihaan sees her and he walks to another side …

Next episode you will see :
Thapki try to find her class, Bihaan ask thapki to do his homework , Anjali tell Sid to stop following her.

I really hope you like it
Love u all
Take care

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    1. Hello my love how are ❤️?
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