udaan pyaar ki-sukor fanfiction 1

This is my first fanfiction on sukor.i am sorry for any mistakes.

my story starts after Suraj becomes bandhua.bhaiyaji is torturing him in every way whereas chakor is trying to save him .she puts in all her effort to save him and lessen his pain but she is not so successful.suraj sees her hard work for him.he realizes the pain which she felt for him.he somewhere realized his love for her but always refused to admit it.
After a plenty of torture for almost 7 days chakor finally makes a plan.she could not see Suraj’s worsening health.today she decided to do something big.she took Bijli’s help and asked her to mix sleeping pills in each one’s food including all family members. Bijli agrees . chakor herself mixes pills in goon’s food.she sees that everyone was sleeping.Then she herself prepares food for Suraj.

She then takes food and goes to Suraj.Suraj sees her and smiles on his helplessness.But chakor comes to him and says ,”Suraj I have brought food for you as I can’t see you in such a condition.”
Suraj says,”but how!.”amazingly.

Chakor explained him.and said,”u can be cruel to yourself but not me.u are here because of me.because of my trust on cheeku.But I would not allow you to starve.you are my life…………”
Suraj looks on.

  1. Vinlora

    Beautiful start…interesting. ..update next part soon and plz make it long episodes. .

    1. Vksingh

      thank you so much. I would make the next part longer.

  2. ShinyGeorge

    Nice lovely continue

  3. Good start..really interesting
    Update soon

  4. amazing episode

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