Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 04)

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Hi guys i’m Shaani. How are u all? Thankx for liking my ff..i know that u guys want kriyam scene more n more but 1st I have to unite them naa..after few episodes i’ll make them frnds 1st . then u ppl can enjoy kriyam scence..i promise i’ll give various types of kriyam scence if u ppl have negative comments also u can give them no problem becz frm that I can improve my self…and no need to say about positive comments there are my power boosters…enough of my talks let’s start todays part…

Episode 04

Krishna is going home. She is in a deep thinking
Krishna’s POV — His eyes has some fear & pain. I see him everyday but he has never ever been noticed me..may be idk. He is very rich boy & me one middle clz girl for me..but I don’t know wht happen to me when I see him. I can’t control my feelings.. Krishna’s brain: aree Krishna wht are u thinking? Stop thinking about him. Krishna’s heart: Krishna definitely like him.find more about him..Krishna’s brain: STOOOP enough for today…
Krishna went to her house her mom is already waiting for her.. Soumya: beta u r very late..
Krishna; i’m sorry maa we had to finish the assignment na. Now we can submit this 2mrw.

Soumya: how was ur day Krishna?
Krishna:(Krishna remembered about Sayyam) It’s good maa..nandani told me to tell u that yout food is very tasty. She loves to eat your handmade food ma…
Soumya smiled and said “Krishna go n refresh urself n come. I’ll prepare dinner”
Krishna: ok maa… (she went to her room)

Scene change to Birla Mansion(BM)
When Yuvaan and yuvraaj entring into the mansion. Ladies of the house is arraigning the dinner table.
Suhani: u both came? Yuvaan how was ur 1st day at the office.. masa aaya…
Yuvaan: Maa…. I was with papa all day. Aur kaam karneka masa kya hai ma… that presebtation, this presebtation this meeting that meeting ERRR… forget about it maa…it’s smelling good… i’m feeling hungry…

Suhani: first go n have a wash yuvaan
Yuvaan ok i’m going
(Sayyam is in a deep thinking when yuvaan entering) Sayyam: Bhai how was ur day?
Yuvaan: don’t ask yaar papa didn’t left me for a single minute. I couldn’t even talk to a girl in the office. I should talk to them 2mrw. Mee change karke aati hui..
Krishna’s house

Krishna is writing her diary. She stopped writing it & went toward the balcony and look at the sky & started to think.
Krishna’s POV—– the very 1st day I saw u I didn’t even know ur name.. but I felt a connection with u.. I don’t know why I always attracted to u may be ur attitude. Idk. I always started to observe u without being caught. But my bestie been the childhood frnd she knew about it… slowly got to know about u. Your name, age etc. I always wanted to be a frnd of ur’s but I never got a chance. And then I got to know that u hate girls. I have never seen u with a girl. Idk the reason behind it. But today when I looked into ur eyes. I saw the pain & fear in ur eyes.
Krishna’s thoughts were interrupted by her mom.

Soumya; Krishna come.. lrts’s have dinner..
Krishna: i’m coming maa..

In BM (Birla Mansion)
All ate dinner together & had a family time.and went to sleep( I don’t want to drag the fmily time n all)
Becoz of tiredness yuvaan dozed off soon. But our sayyam is not getting sleep. So he went near the window and started to think
Sayyam’s POV —- My biggest fear is to love a girl again. Once I loved a girl with all my heart but she didn’t even trust me for a once. How can someone tell like that. That day is horrible day to me. I wanted to hide somewhere I wanted run away. Yes I ran i’m here leaving that horrible city I can’t never ever forget that incident. But now who is this i’m attaching towards her… wht is these feelings…
Screen freeze with sayyam & krishna’s faces

Precap- will they meet again? Will they share their pain? Will they become eachothers strength?

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  1. This is seriously so good. Waiting for the next update ?

    1. Shaani

      Just now I submitted the next episode i’ll be uploaded little later… thanks for reading this..

  2. Aarti32

    Luvly.. Blooming love..oooooo?

    1. Shaani

      Yeah .. thanks for reading …. I have submitted the 5th & 6th part it’ll be uploaded soon .. read them also…

      1. Aarti32

        Sure dear

  3. Lovely❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u plz read the next part also it has been uploaded…

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