The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 11 )

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(Sayyam enters the room silently . Krishna looks at him. He sits down on a chair next to her . She smiles. He holds her hand . )
Krishna:Congratulations u r a dad now
Sayyam:And ur a mom
(He hugs her . Soon everyone enters . Bhnavna clears her throat )
Bhnavna:Sharad I think we need to leave them alone .
Krishna :It’s nothing like that
Yuvaani:Sayyam if ur done romancing ur wife can we see the kids
Sayyam:oh no I forgot about them
Yuvaani:u will rmbr only when ur done smooching with ur wife
Krishna :(blushes )Yuvaani…
Yuvaani:lemme stop

Sayyam:(goes and picks up the girl from the crib and kisses her forhead .)
Suhani:Wow Sayyam so u chose to pick ur daughter first
Sayyam:yeah maa. Bc she is gonna be my daughter .She gonna remind me of Krishna
Suhani:(picks up the son . ) and this is my grandson . (She adores him and hands him to Krishna )
Krishna:(looks at the baby ) Aunty there’s a bad news 
Suhani:(look and get worried )wht happened
Krishna :This boy looks like Sayyam
Sayyam:So whts wrong with my looks
Krishna :I don’t like u

Sayyam:Ur acting like ur the prettiest woman on earth .
Krishna :u look like a ugly monkey
Sayyam:U look like a ugly elephant
Yuvaani:shut up both of u . U r both parents now . U have children’s now but ur arguing among urself . Guys grow up
Yuvraaj:u know something Yuvaani ur mom and I used to argue just like that . But these little arguments r the sign to love
Yuvaani:that’s true . Bc Sayyam can’t stop romancing Krishna .
(Everyone laughs . Baby thinks : enjoy ur lives . Bc this happiness won’t last long . Ur happiness lies within Sayyam and Krishna right Suhani? Well thwy won’t live  happily . I can assure u that )

Precap:Sayyam and Krishna enter Birla house . Suhani does their puja

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  1. So good ?

  2. Aarti32

    Aww..It was cute.. But hate baby..

  3. ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I luv this track your stry was amazing

  5. Syedul

    Thank u but need more comments

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