Teri fariyaad (episode 24)

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Friends I’m back from now on I will only post and I have few questions in my mind so please go through the note at the end and answer them it’s a request

Next day
Night time
Kids were already sleeping in there room
Swara was sitting on couch busy in her mobile while ragini was pacing in whole hall

Ragini frustrated – where the hell this lucky is let him come home I will not leave him idiot stupid fellow
She was continuously saying something when door bell rang

Ragini looked at swara and angrily went and sat near her

Ragini angrily – I will not open the door let him stay out for sometime

Swara nodded her head in disbelief and opened the door but got shocked to see someone

Ragini came from behind – I told you not to ……. Her words left incomplete seeing the person with laksh

Laksh was standing there supporting a unconscious sanskar while sanskar had a bandage on his hand and a slight cut on his forehead

ragini shockingly – what is he doing with you

Laksh – sshhhh….let me come in I will explain you

Swaragini moved and gave him way

He took sanskar to guest room and laid him on bed covering him with a duvet

He came out only to witness questioning face of swaragini

Laksh sighed – actually I was coming home when I saw a group of me or surrounding something when I went there I saw him lying there unconscious so I took him to hospital

Ragini – then why you bought him here

Laksh – I don’t know where he was staying and can’t leave him alone in hospital so bought him here …… Is it ok with you swara

Both turned to her for answer but found her gazing at sanskar with tears forming in her eyes

Ragini was about to shook her but laksh stopped her and took her from there to her room

Here Swara started moving to sanskar with heavy steps
She sat beside him and caressed his hair lovingly

Swara in broken voice – what you did to you sanskar this is not the bold sanskar for whom I fell for ….. Two heavy tears escape from her eyes and fall on his hands she closed her eyes for few min …….when she remember his betrayal she immediately wiped her tears ……… Why sanskar was it so difficult to trust me I can never forgive you for that never but after all this also I can never hate you but I surely hate myself to love you still
Saying this she ran from there

After swara left the room sanskar slightly opened his eyes tears were filled in his eyes too
He sat on bed throwing his head back on headset

Sanskar – I’m sorry jaan but you have to forgive me it’s my promise to you jaan (he said in determined tone)

Ragini room
Ragini was angrily pacing in room cursing someone under breath
While laksh was sitting on bed with a pout

Ragini angrily – you monkey why you pulled me from there haven’t you seen dii condition she needed me and you idiot bought me from there

Laksh has enough of her scolding she was shouting on him from past one hour now he can’t take her more he swiftly marched towards her and caged her between him and wall keeping both his hands on either side of her

This all happened in seconds that ragini didn’t had time to protest

Laksh moved closed to her face and whispered huskily in her ear – don’t you think I also need you

Ragini breaths started getting heavy seeing him so close and above that his words are working as fore in it

She tried pushing him but laksh held her hands and locked them behind her back

He nuzzles his head in her neck caressing the length of her neck with his nose tip – tell na don’t you think you should also spend sometime with me

Ragini hardly was able to say something her grip on his collar was becoming even more tight with each passing sec while he kept repeating his question teasing her neck

Ragini finally said – laksh please

He smiled and stepped back still gazing her intensely here she felt burning under his strong gaze she does her head in shy

Laksh ( dramatically ) – omg ragini and blushing it should be today’s headline

Ragini smiled and hit his chest playfully
He took her in his embrace

Ragini playing with his shirt buttons asked innocently – why you bought him here you know dii will break each sec seeing him near

Laksh – do you trust me?

She broke the hug and looked at him in shock – is this a question to ask

He felt proud of her and the unconditional love he can feel from her words

Laksh – then don’t take tension every thing will be fine
He parted her cheek with his hand and left from room asking her to sleep

Next day
Sanskar was standing bowing his head and ansh standing in front of him folding his hands near his chest

It’s like sanskar is some criminal and ansh as a lawyer interrogating him

While others were sitting on couch witnessing them with broad smile playing in there faces ( remember Swara is not here she is in kitchen preparing breakfast or you can say keeping herself away from him )

Ansh – so who are you ?

Sanskar confused – huh?

Ansh sounding to be angry – I don’t like repeating my words ?

Sanskar eyes widenes listening him it’s the same rule which he had in his life before Swara entered

Ansh loudly – speak

All closed there ears preventing them to become deaf

Dev – uncle speak up otherwise bhai will make me deaf

Sanskar smiled looking at his innocence but his smiled vanish looking at this little devil who was starting him angrily

Sanskar – myself sanskar Maheshwari

Ansh making faces so big name I can’t spell also all chuckled listening him

Ansh – you will stay with us

Sanskar nodded

Ansh shouting – and who gave you permission

Sanskar immediately pointed to laksh

Laksh – oye why are you pulling me in between you both only sought out
Ansh to laksh – I will see you later
Laksh gulps in fear listening him remembering his worst pranks

Ansh – but you can’t stay here

Sanskar frowning – why

Ansh – becoz I’m saying

Ragini spoke getting up – leave it ansh come have your food look dii is arranging table

He nodded his head in big no

Ansh – I still remember becoz of him my mama has tears in her eyes

Listening him dev also came and stood beside him

Dev – yoy can stay here but

Ansh in challenging tone – we are giving you 7 days

Dev – after that you yourself will leave this house

Both smiled and gave hifi to each other

Raglak looked at them in horror they knew what is going to happen with sanskar both looked at sanskar with sympathetic look while sanskar not knowing these little devils stood there confused
Let’s see what is coming in sanskar path now when our cute devils cross his way
Ansh is naughty one while dev on other side is quite and reserved type
Both there she is 5years and if you have any more doubt you can ask me directly
Guys do you want Swara to forgive sanskar easily or she should take time
Secondly, do you want sanskar apologetic side or him being naughty ( I hope you understand what I mean )
For raglak fans I’m sorry if you felt neglected during these days I will try compensating for it
Guys on more thing my friend disha started a new ff ‘ school adventures ‘ please go through the intro and tell us how it is ……. It is totally based on school fun friendship love jealousy ….. So please it’s a request you all go through it


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  1. Rj12

    Wow very interesting epi this was

  2. I wanna see naughty sanskaar

  3. Minions

    Awesome avi … I didn’t knew you write so well …. Dev ansh are awesome

    1. Minions

      About your questions give some time to swara to forgive sanskar and
      Answer to your second question I want to see both type of sanskar

      It took me a min to write this down if you don’t use it then get read ??

  4. Interesting…..Give sanskar naughty side to make swara ‘ manno plan’????

  5. Simin

    Superb dear
    swara dont forgive him easily
    i would like to see his naughty side

  6. Tamil

    Awesome swara should take time and want sanskar’s both apologetic and naughty… side

  7. Naughty side of sanskar with a valid reason for sanskar behaviour earlier but first days in house with a torches from little devils who loves him later.

  8. Nice..no swara should not forgive sanky easily..tc..

  9. Shana98

    Interesting and naughty side of Sanskar and Swara taking time and when is raglak scene going to come in

  10. yaa if not raglak track than why we. comment and about that ff adventure sorry raglak fan not interested so if u keep swasan jab than we don’t interested in ur ff

    1. hey u she didn’t ask to u to read

  11. wow nice epi ,i would like sanky’s naughty side update soon plz

  12. Fairy

    Awesome episode dr…..hay!!!lakshh????loved raglak part…..waitng super eagerly for moreeeeee!!!???? Keep rockng n stay blessed dr?

  13. Outstanding
    Swara should take little time to forgive sanskar…. n pls show naughty sanskar….. Eagerly waiting for next episode

  14. Kriya.n

    You are so bad yout told me that you will come back on Wed and now you posted this part ….. You know I was about to post it but ….. ??????????? I am saaaaaddddd … You meet me in school tomorrow .. ??????

  15. Soujanya

    Awesome….. Swara should take some time to forgive

  16. Priyashini

    Hlo yaar..thus is my comment.very nice ff.I loved it.and swara!!!! Let take her own time..and sanskar !!!! Let him be a naughty apologized…raglak!!! Make them quite playful romantic.. Devansh!!! Be a obedient pranksters ..tc keep smiling

  17. Simi

    Awesome dear..
    Dont forgive sanskar easily.. Plz

  18. Awesome dear……

  19. A.xx

    nice xx

  20. Arshaanya

    Want apologetic sanskar coz ve seen lot of his naughty side…. n m fine wid both she can frgve him anytym bt want her to b lil angry wid laksh as he made dis plan knwng swaraz suffrngs

  21. nice. loved raglak and interrogation of ansh.

  22. Thank god you came back and give small raglak scene but plz don’t neglect raglak.

  23. Vyshu10

    nice…i dont naughty side….let him seek forgiveness genuinely n seriously

  24. Shifa96

    Nice..don’t forgive sanskar easily

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