Kriyam SS–Destiny– chapter 4

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Soon the engagement ceremony came to an end. Everyone proceeded to leave.
Saumya and Krishna were about to leave but dadi stopped them

Dadi-“saumya, you know na that sayyam’s wedding is in just a week and there are so many works to do. And riya’s family will also come tomorrow and will be living here only for other rituals. So if you don’t mind can Krishna live here till the wedding” saumya looked at Krishna
Saumya-“ok, I don’t have any problem..” yuvaani ran to krishna
Yuvaani-“ will live in my room with me..” Krishna smiled to her.
Saumya-“ok, then I will send her clothes and some of her belongings tomorrow..” sayyam went towards saumya
Sayyam-“aunty, I will drop you..”
Suhani-“saumya then send Krishna’s clothes and all with sayyam..”
Saumya-“hmmm” and both saumya and sayyam went from there.

After sometime

Krishna was with yuvaan and yuvaani in yuvaani’s room. They were chatting. When sayyam came inside the room with krishna’s bag
Sayyam-“krish, your belongings..” Krishna took the bag from him
Krishna-“thank you..” and sayyam was about to go
Krishna-“where are you going??”
Sayyam-“in my room”
Krishna-“come sit with us for sometime as you are going to forget us after 1 week that you even had a friend named Krishna” sayyam sat beside Krishna and encircled his hand around krishna’s neck from back and pulled her towards him.
Sayyam-“nothing will happen like that….you are very important to me…and that will never change who so ever enter in my life..” yuvaan ran towards the door and closed it and Krishna removed sayyam’s hand.
Krishna-“sayyam…she is not who so ever..she is Riya, your fiancé and would be wife…”
Krishna-“ok..leave that….so how many times did you meet riya..”
Sayyam-“just once…”
Krishna-“WHAT??…just once”
Yuvaan-“krish, you should not be so amazed…he is the sayyam birla…”
Yuvaani-“and he is the only one who can do such things..”
Sayyam-“what do you mean by such things??”
Krishna-“they mean that you agree to marry her after just one meet..”
Sayyam-“so what is the big deal in this..??”
Yuvaani-“bhai for us it’s a big deal but for you…” Krishna stood up
Krishna-“sayyam..(sayyam looked at Krishna) are going to take riya for a dinner date” sayyam immediately stood up
Yuvaan-“sayyam..she is saying you to take your fiancé for a date not someone else..” sayyam was about to say something
Krishna-“its final” and all three of them pushed sayyam out of the room before sayyam could say anything more and closed the door.
And trio sat on the bed.
Yuvaani-“Krishna, why you planned this dinner..??”
Krishna-“see..sayyam is not going to say no for the marriage. So its important for them to know and understand each other…”
Yuvaan-“I think you are right…”
Yuvaani-“now you go…we are feeling sleepy..”
Yuvaan-“hmmm…gud night..” and yuvaan went from there

Mid- Night

Suddenly Krishna woke up from her sleep and sat on the bed. Then she looked at yuvaani who was sleeping peacefully. Krishna then went out of her room and then she went to the terrace.
Krishna saw sayyam standing there. She walked towards him.
Krishna-“not feeling sleepy?” sayyam looked at Krishna bit surprisingly
Sayyam-“you are here at this time”
Krishna-“actually my sleep broke and then I was not feeling sleepy…that’s why I thought to come to terrace…and you?”
Sayyam-“I was just thinking something”
Sayyam-“about what you said?”
Krishna-“me? What did I say??”
Sayyam-“the talk we had in yuvaani’s room..”
Krishna-“oh that…but what are you thinking about that??”
Sayyam-“I was thinking that after marriage will I be able to manage all my relations properly….”
Krishna-“ will…and yah don’t think about such things..slowly and gradually everything will be fine….ok “
Sayyam-“everything will really change??…”
Krishna-“come” Krishna held his hand and pulled him towards the chair and made him sit and then she sat beside him.
Krishna-“sayyam listen…obviously there will a lot of change in your life…as after marriage….you will share your life with Riya. Your priorities will little bit change…”
Sayyam-“Krish…that’s the thing I don’t want in my life….i want everything same…like it used to be..”
Krishna-“it’s all about the matter of happiness…”

Krishna-“silent…(Krishna took a deep breath)..after marriage you will understand how to be with the things and how to tackle with the things….you can’t take tuition classes for this..”
Sayyam-“hmmm” and he smiled looking at krishna
Sayyam-“you became philosopher”
Krishna-“very funny…here I am trying to make you understand…and you are joking..”
Sayyam-“yaar…thank you..”
Krishna-“for what??”
Sayyam-“for being my best friend, you were always there whether it was tough times of my life..or best ones” and krishna smiled to sayyam
Krishna-“don’t be senti..” and she gave him a tight hug. After sometime she broke the hug.
Krishna-“ lets go..”
Sayyam-“hmmm” and both of them walked to their respective rooms.
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    Nice..plz try to upload
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    Beautiful…fantabulous episode.. Its ok take ur time but don’t stop updating..and if u can than plz try becoz u have lot of readers admiring ur work… I loved the kriyam scenes and Krishna’s new andaaz…great..?

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