Ambaraan barasya paani.. mitti di khusboo (Part 5)

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Laksh drops his eyes to see the girl who has hugged him. He knows she is the girl who is going to marry. Ragini opens her eyes and realizes what she has done.
“Now what..? if she breaks hug, Laksh is going to see her. if he sees her, he comes to know who’s she. If he knows her identity..??”

He is going to reject her..!!!


She doesn’t wanted that.. it is her who has to reject him..! not he..!!

Her plan is going to flop. Ragini doesn’t break hug as he is going to see her as soon as she raises her head.
Then Janaki and Dadi comes into force. They places a veil on Ragini’s head.

“Laksh beta, we said no. you both are not supposed to look at each other till marriage. This is our rule..! so, go back..”
Dadi says. Ragini takes breath as they entered the spot at correct time.

Laksh nods his head and looks at Ragini. But, her face is covered. Laksh goes away.

Laksh sits in car and calls to Ragini’s phone.

Ragini: are you mad..? why did you come home directly..?

Laksh: then what should I do..? you were not lifting the phone..!! I wanted to tell you important thing..

Ragini: oh, then tell now..!

Laksh: Ragini, actually the girl in restaurant was my friend Ragini. I have no relation with her. she is just a friend. And we met after 4 years..!

(Ragini laughs in herself as Laksh couldn’t recognize both are same)

Laksh: you are misunderstanding me…

Ragini: so.. you won’t love that girl..?

Laksh: no..! not at all..!!

(Ragini feels a little sad. But, she knows it already.)

Ragini: why don’t you love her..?

Laksh: aahh.. she is a problematic girl and her love is just infatuation.!!

(Ragini gets angry)

Ragini: so, you love me..?

Laksh: yes..! only you..!

(Ragini doesn’t understand to feel happy or not)

Ragini: you didn’t like the girl whom you saw, but why did you like me..?

Laksh: bcz, love is not about looks Ragini. It’s all about heart and feelings…

Ragini: so, there is no need to look at me..!!

Laksh: hey, but I wanna see you once before marriage..!!

Ragini: ohh.. you will see me, and if you don’t like me, you can drop the marriage..! is that what u r thinking..?

Laksh: but, I said you already that I love you…

Ragini: so.. keep loving me. Look at me only after marriage..! pure that yours is true love..!

Laksh remains silent.

Ragini: what..? are you afraid of this challenge..?

Laksh: challenge accepted..!!

Ragini amazes.

Laksh: I will see you only after marriage..!

Ragini: what if you don’t like me after getting married to me..?

Laksh: it won’t happen.. bcz.. I truly love you..

Ragini thinks,
“Why Laksh, it’s me only who proposed you 4 years back. But, you rejected me. But you don’t know today you are loving the same girl. Why..? why didn’t you like me then, and why do you like me now..? but, once my heart is broke.. it’s broke..! you may love me, but I can’t accept you back..! you should also understand the pain I undergone when you rejected me. I will make you fall in my love further and at last, I will reject you..! take the pain then.! This is revenge..! Ragini’s revenge..!!”

Laksh: why are you silent..??

Ragini comes out of her thoughts.

Ragini: ok.. keep loving me Laksh..! more and more and… more….

Laksh smiles.

Ragini smiles and cuts the call.

The rain starts outside. Laksh and Ragini both looks at rain. The rain wets the land and the mud becomes wet.. arousing the sweet aroma around..
Ragini says it’s revenge, but she feels loved being loved by Laksh.
Laksh comes into balcony stretching his hands wide and smelling the fragrance of wet mud..

Song in back ground plays…
“Jadon… ambara barasya paani…
Mitti di khushboo,…. mitti di khushbu….
Mitti di khushboo aayi…”
A slight thunder strikes. And laksh opens his eyes who’s face is wetting in rain. He brushes his wet hair back…
“Ambara barasya paani….”

Song keeps playing.
Laksh dances in rain in going into garden, Ap and Sujatha are shouting on him to come back…
He sings..
“Chaliye chal mudiye sajna…
Chal mudiye bandyan…”
Laksh takes a spin while dancing and falls on knees singing..

“Chal mudiye us raah..”

“Jitthe vasdi, jitthe vasdi..
Jitthe vasdi Khudai..”
(he touches the flowers laying himself on ground)

Now scene shifts to Ragini who was sitting near window looking at Rain. Her hair is waving due to cold wind and a super stretched smile on her lips…
Song plays…

“Jadon ambara barasya paani…
Mitti di khushboo,….
mitti di khushbu….
Mitti di khushboo aayi..!”
she holds rain drops in her hands and plays smiling looking at them..

music keeps playing…

Raglak are taking in phone next day..

Laksh: hmm, Ragini do you like rain..?
Ragini: no..! rain only loves me..! whenever I feel loved the rain comes..!
Laksh: so, may be you are loving me now. that’s why it’s raining out.. see..!

Ragini looks out..

Ragini: but, this is rainy season..!
Laksh: yes..! that’s why it’s our love season..!
Ragini remains calm.

The song plays..
“Jadon mere shehar nu..
Jaande dekha gair nu..
Jaandiyan si meri vi sadaa…”
Ragini was rubbing her fingers walking here and there thinking something.
“Baitha kinni door main
Hoke majboor main
Rabba teri kidda di sazaawan…..”
There Laksh was dancing with his parents singing the above lines…
Assume as someother day, Raglak are talking in phone again…

The song keeps playing, both Raglak are laughing talking with each other…
“Ek sun le awaaz…
Ek poori karde meri aas..
Ek maan ja ardaas..
O thoda mudke,
O thoda mudke
O thoda mudke bulaayi…”
The screen blanks on their smiling faces talking in phone.
Then screen brights again.. Ragini was playing in rain holding umbrella… (she is wearing a 3/4th skirt and yellow umbrella)
And Laksh somewhere is singing with his colleagues holding guitar.
The both scenes keep playing simultaneously.. with the song..
Song plays…

Jadon ambara barasya paani…
Mitti di khushboo, mitti di khushbu
Mitti di khushboo aayi

Jadon ambara barasya paani…

Jadon ambara barasya…”

The song ends… the rain stops… the roads are seemed to be wet.
(In song assume 15 days have passed. They have talked in phone for 15days)

And we hear a laugh,
It’s Ragini’s laugh. She is talking in phone.

Ragini: laksh, plz stop joking. I can’t laugh…

Laksh: keep laughing.. bcz tomorrow you should look gorgeous..!

Ragini: why..? anything special..?

Laksh: oh my short memory girl..! tomorrow is our engagement..!!

Ragini shocks at once. Now, she has come into fact. She remains silent.
“hello..? hello..??” laksh keeps talking. Ragini cuts the call.

She stands in her balcony silently. She looks at the moving away dark clouds.

“What have I done..? I thought to make him fall in my love. Yes, he was already in love with me. But, along with him.. I too fell in love..??”
Ragini’s eyes become moist.
“How could this happen..? I thought to make him far.. but he became even more close to me now..! and tomorrow is engagement..! I should have rejected him earlier. I forgot my revenge and mission..! what to do now..???”
Ragini thinks. Her phone rings with Laksh’s call again…
She lifts and says,
“Aap ke dwara dial kiya gaya number out of coverage area mein hei..!
The number you have dialled is out of coverage area..!!”
Ragini says in confusion… and Laksh is confused here…!

Yaaa…!!! Generally when rains, the mobiles become out of coverage area know..! so, later what happens..?
Whether Ragini’s revenge is successful or not..?
Have to wait and see… and in two more parts this SS is over..!
Hope I didn’t bore you all… bcz, I know this is not interesting. But, I have started writing this SS having love on the song..
“Ambaraan barasya paani…”
I love it a lot.. if you too want to listen,
Follow the link,

(dear tu, give link if possible)

Don’t forget to say about today’s part and tell me who else also like this song..?

To be continued…………..


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