Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (KRPKAB) Shot 2

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@school assembly

Sona’s POV:
I’m excited! Really excited! Though the results aren’t out yet but somewhere in there I have this feeling that I’ll be elected. But with the badge comes responsibility. Will I be able to manage things?
My string of thoughts was broken by Mani man’s voice.

MM: So her I’m going to announce the much awaited results which will be followed by the investiture ceremony.
Firstly, I would like to tell you who’s gonna be your head girl. Well, it’s SONAKSHI BOSE of class XII B. Give her a huge round of applause everyone!

I went up to the stage. Stood beside principal sir and Mani mam went on with her announcements. But one thought kept creeping in my mind. “WHO WILL BE THE HEAD BOY?”…..Ya I know I told Ele that I don’t care…but still….I’ve to share this responsibility with him for the next whole year. Uday is complicated but I think we’ll be able to manage…….but this Dev!….. I know nothing about him….not even his full name…..what was it??…….some Dixit!…..something like Devdas or Devanand…..urghh!!!….no no he can’t be the school captain…otherwise I’m dead!

MM: And now its time to announce the Boy School Captain’s name….and its………

Sona: (to herself) Uday.. Uday…plz say its Uday!

MM: Its none other than……..Devrath Dixit of class XII A.

Sona: Damn!! Devrath Dixit?? I don’t even know him. God!!… How will we even work together? He seems to be so lost in his own world….so arrogant…. Total obhodro. He’ll simply snub me if I speak. You better be quite before him sona.

Dev’s POV:
I came and stood next to her. O.K. so Miss. Sonakshi Bose and I…. Freak!!! She’s every teacher’s pet.. So talented! Must be carrying ego on her nose. I know the girls of her type. They just know to snub people off and rule! I must avoid speaking to her.

MM: I request principal sir to kindly handover the badges to the School Captains and Vice Captains and bless them with his valuable words.

Its feels great! The School Captain badge pinned against my chest… Mom will be really proud………. But Dev…where are your manners? Come on congratulate her…. Why should I? I mean we don’t even know each other! Won’t it be absurd? Absurd?? Are you mad? What’s absurd in congratulating your partner?…… Wait!!…. Partner??…. Dude! Does she even consider you one?… Uh! Forget it! Just stand here quite.

Sona’s POV:
Should I congratulate him? Why should I? Shouldn’t he do it first? He must be thinking.. “Yeh kisko head girl bana diya?”….. Why will he even speak to you sona? So what if he doesn’t? Its your duty to congratulate him. But he is soooo tall. I’ll have to lift my head up, look into his eyes and then say it. Na na…no need. Keep looking straight. Whole of the school is staring at you.

The ceremony got over and we were back to the class.
Ele: Did you talk to him?
Sona: To whom?
Ele: Sonaaa
Sona: Ya! That’s my name. I know!
Ele: Dev.
Sona: Ya! He’s handsome. I know!
Ele: What?
Sona: What what?? Why are you speaking nonsense Ele?
Ele: Excuse me! Its you who’s blabbering stuff!
Sona: Who? Me? No ways!…I was just….
Ele: Answer my question Sona. Did you talk to Dev? Did he say something? Are you guys friends now? Do you guys like each other?
Sona: Ele relax! Breath! We did not talk at all. He’s so weird and TALL….pata nahi MAA ne kya kha ke paida kiya hai? Didn’t even congratulate me. Mannerless!
Ele: Did you congratulate him?
Sona: Why would I?
Ele: Mannerless!!
Sona: Oh hello! All my manners are intact OK… Its just that I don’t feel like talking to him. I feel he would disdain me. He just seems to have that haughty kind of an attitude. And I don’t wanna get snubbed by a guy like him.
Ele: Uff Sona! You think too much yaar! He doesn’t seem that bad.
Sona: Why the hell has he become the topic of our discussion today? Better focus on your lessons or sharma sir will sue you.
Ele: Yeh boli padhaku Sona!!

Days passed by but Dev and Sona hardly deigned to look at each other, forget talking. Even in the corridors they would just pass by ignoring each other.

It’s been a month now. Its time to decorate the house display boards. Deadline is just two days away.

MM: Sonakshi why aren’t the display boards ready yet? Go and inform all the house captains that they have to get it done by this Friday.
Sona: OK ma’am.
MM: You can ask for Dev’s help.
Sona: No mam I’ll take Elena along.
Ele:(in that creepy teasing tone) Sonakshi…you and Dev are in the same house right?
(Sona frowns)
MM: Oh is it? Then the two school captains must put up something great on their display board. Yours must be the best.
Sona: We’ll try our best mam.
MM: Off you go then!
Ele: WE will try OUR best mam…..hmm….not bad haan sona….
Sona: Elena ki bacchi tu ruk!!

PRECAP: Last day of display board decoration- Devakshi and teamwork- will these two words come together?

P.S. Hey guys! If you felt that the episode was short then I’m extremely sorry….running a lil busy….. That’s why I’m trying to post short episodes but on alternate days so that you don’t miss the link. Hope you liked it. Do comment and lemme know. Love ya!

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  1. well done dear…nice episode…post next soon

  2. Heshine

    Wow…Samayra…this was indeed nice….awesome…perfect…! Hipefully , sure dev and Sona would soon become devakshi..!
    Lovely yaar…!
    Post soon…!???

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you so much heshine? love ya!

  3. Akshita

    post soon yr?❤

  4. Sgatik

    Nice episode. Waiting for them to talk to each other. Pls post soon

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank u shobhita Di? They will talk in the next episode.

      1. Sgatik

        Am surprised how u know my name. I didnt mention anywhere.? May be from email id?

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Oh I’m sorry if you didn’t want me to mention your name… Actually I just had a doubt if you were a man or a woman…coz sgatik was a lil confusing…. So I had check your profile on your page on TU….you’ve mentioned it there.

      1. Sgatik

        Oh ok. Hey don’t be sorry. Sgatik is short form of my son’s name sourish gatik. I was little surprised to read my name, thats it.

  5. DramaQueen1004

    It was awsum sam… Hope devakshi put an amazing n creative display
    Im waiting to read d next
    pls post soon

    1. DramaQueen1004

      luv u bolna toh bhool hi gyi
      koi baat nhi ab bol deti hoon
      love u loads yr

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks for all your love nafia?
      Love you too dear?

  6. Awesome episode

  7. Riti1107

    I’m reminded of my school days
    When I was in 10th I was the vice captain of my house & I wouldn’t talk to my house captain
    He was a family friend but …
    He was aaahh … Aa …
    Too weird
    But we had to talk occasionally
    Inko bhi baat karna padega

    Sorry sorry I started my own rant?

    Love u twinny❤❤

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      I can totally understand… Meri bhi yahi story hai….yeh saare captains hote hi hai “weird”…..but baat toh karni hi padti hai. Yeh bhi karenge. Next episode mein.

  8. V.V.harshita

    Awesome Post soon

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks harshita I’ll post asap?

  9. Hehehe….
    Tum dono…riti aur tum sammy….kya superb likhte ho school days ke baare mein….you know what we can easily relate to it….we could see ourselves in them….
    Everyone have the same story in school..
    I loveddd this update….it was vey very nice…?
    And love you too sammy…??

    1. School ki yaad dila dii….??

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      I’m glad you liked it dear…. All I would say is its just the beginning.. I believe you’ll be able to relate to it till the end of the story.
      Keep reading. Love you too?
      SAVARI triplet zinda baad???

      1. ZINDABAAD..!

  10. ShrutiP

    Sorry phir se late ho gayi…I was really waiting for your ff… School ki yaad agayi…Dev and Sona to decorate the display board together… Amazing
    Aapke works mujhe bohut passed aate hain…Please post soon…
    LOVE you…???

  11. ShrutiP

    Sorry phir se late ho gayi…I was really waiting for your ff… School ki yaad agayi…Dev and Sona to decorate the display board together… Amazing
    Aapke works mujhe bohut pasand aate hain…Please post soon…
    LOVE you…???

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks you sooo much for all your love n appreciation shruti. Means a lot. Love you too dear??

  12. Darshana

    Lovely?..damn excited for the next !!
    post soon

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks dear! I’ll try posting tomorrow.

  13. Nikkita0194

    ab mai toh badi nhi hu but mujhe v schl ka house caption banaya tha fifth me n vo jo dusra ladka select hua tha he was also in the same house n was my classmate we both never ever use to talk but strange in 1st 2nd 3rd we were benchmates too aur ab lagbhag do sal ho gaye humne bat bhi nhi ki cuz he is mr.attitude no. chalo m talking rubbish na
    n sry 4 cmnting late
    luv u di
    urs niks
    post asap

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Its all right niks…love you too….I’ll post tomorrow.

      1. Nikkita0194

        really tks dii luv u 2

  14. Aamu

    Abhi b baaat hi ni ki..???
    Dono me attitude kut kut k bhara hai..
    Chalo watever…u hav to handle dat..muje to read karna hai jo mene kiya n…n it was fabulous…
    N last part elena wala v will try OUR best..was??
    Jldi jldi next wala post karo n haaa…sorry for late kalkar liya tha lekin net slow ho gaya tha so..!

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank u aamu n Don’t worry they’ll talk tomorrow. I mean in the next episode.

  15. Priya12

    Sry, for not cmting in ur 1st chappy….
    I think I have missed ur ff…
    After reading ur ff…
    Omg..U ( I ) r such a buddho …how can u miss this amazing ff…
    Really it was nice…
    Very well written…
    It’s interesting…
    Pls post asap

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