Krishna Chali London 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna learns her result

Krishna Chali London 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor doing Radhe’s dressing. Shukla says this happened because of Krishna. Radhe says don’t know where is Saajan. Shukla says he would have gone to watch movie, you just apologize to Prashant, I will make him take case back. Radhe says I will ask him to take Krishna, I will better die. Shukla gets angry and says just find Krishna from anywhere. Dubey comes and shouts Krishna. Shukla looks at him. Krishna says Bua ji, Prashant made fake case and framed Radhe, I m here, I m fine, nothing happened with me. Prashant says you can’t see truth. She says I can see your truth, you have framed Saajan and Radhe. She calls lawyer to hep them. Saajan asks her to listen. Bua asks Prashant to tell Krishna.

Prashant says listen to me, what Radhe did. Krishna asks shall

I say, he has taken a bullet for me in Mumbai, he fought with death for me. Prashant says he is mean, he has ruined your dreams. He says atleast see your result in my phone, you passed the exam. She says I don’t want to see any result, you can’t say the truth. She leaves. He thinks sorry, I have to do something to open your eyes. Dubey asks for Krishna. Shuklain asks him to calm down. Shukla asks him to control his tone. Dubey holds his collar. Shukla scolds him. They argue. Dubey scolds all of them. Dubey says your work is to do kidnapping and beating people. Lali says listen to me, I m like your daughter, I regard Krishna my younger sister. Dubey cries and says Krishna can become a doctor, she passed exam and got admission, Radhe lied and made her believe that she failed, he ruined her dreams. He threatens Shukla. He gets a call and leaves.

He asks why didn’t you stop her. Prashant says Krishna didn’t listen to me and Bua. Krishna and lawyer reach the godown. Prashant says she told me that she will collect proof, I m going after her, I m near Shukla’s godown, come soon. He shouts and acts like he got beaten up. Dubey worries. Prashant says sorry, but truth is bitter. He gets kerosene oil. Krishna asks lawyer to check if there is any evidence. Dubey calls lawyer and talks to Krishna. He says your life is in danger, just leave from there. Lawyer says some oil smell is coming. Prashant says Radhe got bullet for you, see what I can do for you. He lights fire. Lawyer asks Krishna to come fast.

Prashant enters the godown and asks Krishna to come. She says leave me, I won’t go with you. He asks her not to be stubborn. He lifts her and takes her out. Dubey reaches there and sees Prashant getting Krishna out. Dubey hugs her. They cry. Prashant says Krishna is fine, Shukla family is bad, they burnt the godown and didn’t think for Krishna. She says its a lie, Radhe got shot for me, maybe you have ignited this fire and hurt yourself. She scolds Prashant. She says we can’t trust Prashant. Dubey says fine, just Radhe is honest, I will tell his truth, tell me you failed and can’t become a doctor, your result was fake. He gives the result and says Radhe didn’t wish you to become a doctor. They cry. She sees her result and recalls Radhe’s words. Prashant says truth is in front of you, I explained you, Radhe doesn’t deserve you, you see this and tell me, Radhe didn’t tell you truth, when you were at airport, I was also there, I ran away from Radhe and Saajan’s clutches, I called you, Radhe answered call and then he took your phone, he did this as he doesn’t want you to go London and become a doctor. She gets shocked.

Krishna gives her result paper to Radhe. He checks it and gets shocked. She says its my real result, did you hide this from me or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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