Dil Hi Toh Hai 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gita indirectly exposes Rishabh before Palak

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The Episode starts with Palak asking Rithvik what did his boss tell him that he had beaten him and left the job. Rithvik says Utsav said bad things. Utsav comes to VP’s house and tells that Rithvik has beaten him as he asked him about Palak affair. Dadi says she will never accept that Palak has any affair and says Rithvik shall have beaten you more. VP asks Rishabh to tell the matter. Rishabh tells VP that Utsav just asked him about Palak, and Rithvik got angry and beaten Utsav for Palak. He says he left job also. VP says nothing shall happen to Rithvik. Aman’s mum calls Gita and informs her the same. Vikrant asks Gita if she wants him to offer job to Rithvik. Gita says no and says let him be jobless for sometime. She says a storm will come in his house. Vikrant says I am with you. Palak asks

him what happened? Rithvik says I have beaten my boss and injured him, and says I just know this. Palak says you need this job and asks why did he beat him. She says you are not telling me, I don’t want to hear now. Rithvik is troubled by Utsav’s words and gets hurt. Palak thinks I scolded him much.

Rithvik takes out his anger and hurts his hand. Palak says sorry and hugs him. She says lets have food and asks what he wants to have, says she will make it. She comes to VP’s office and asks receptionist to inform him that Palak Noon came. Ananya, Setu, Aman and Rohit are with her. Palak thanks them for helping her with Rithvik’s birthday celebrations. Ananya says we will help you until you get back to house. She says it is strange that you never met uncle. Palak says yes, we never saw each other. VP tells Mamta about Palak and says she kept their surname. Mamta says they are married now and it is upto Palak to keep her husband surname or not. Mamta says Rithvik lost the job. VP says because his boss asked him about Palak having an affair. Mamta says whatever Rithvik did was right. Receptionist tells that VP doesn’t want to meet her. Palak says she will go straight to his office. VP leaves from the other door Mamta promises that she will bring Vijay there. Ananya says she will capture the moment when they meet. Mamta says she is sure Vijay will like her instantly. Palak says she will wait for them.

Ananya asks Rithvik why didn’t he tell Palak about his boss. Rohit says your marriage is going through a sensitive side. Aman tells him about VP’s doings. Palak meets Gita. Gita asks her to share her problem. Palak says my husband….Gita says all men are same. Palak says my husband is a great man, his mum left him with a big wound. Gita asks how much he hates his mum? Palak asks how do you know? Gita says you said that and asks her to meet Utsav Verma. Palak gets tensed and says ok.

Palak calls Setu and tells that something is weird. She says her boss is sending her to Rithvik’s boss office. Setu says they are pharma companies and collaborate. Palak says she is not getting right feeling. Gita tells Aman’s mum that Palak will see truth. Palak comes to Utsav’s building and hears employees talking about Rithvik beating Utsav for badmouthing about Palak. Gita says Palak shall hear what has done this. Palak hears Utsav telling Rishabh that he got beaten due to him. Rishabh says Rithvik is his step brother. Palak gives file to peon and calls Setu. She says it is all done by Rishabh. Peon informs Utsav that Palak gave him file. Rishabh says she heard us. Palak comes home and says you left job for me. Rithvik says I will get job again. Palak says how much you beat him? She says you shall break his mouth. She says I feel really proud of you and asks why you didn’t tell me everything. I thought you refused to take orders and would have beaten him being Noon’s son, but you fought for me. Rithvik says you think this. Palak says I called at your office and enquired. Rithvik says you are my wife and I will always fight with you. Palak asks him not to hurt himself.

span style=’color: #ff00ff;’>Precap:
Palak tells Rithvik that she has invited her boss for his birthday. Rithvik says your boss is good looking. Palak says I got a job because I am capable.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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