Bepannah 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: One more twist in the wedding

Bepannah 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone starts clapping for Aditya and Zoya. Aditya remarks that life is a precious gift which they only get once. We must not waste it on what happened in the past. We got a silver chance today to make it the way we want! Mysterious guy keeps loosening the rope. Aditya adds that he loves his present and future. I want to shout out to my life and tell life to hug me close. Zoya notices the truss shaking.

Lady Inspector interrogates Roshnaq and Noor. Did Wasim say that he will ruin Aditya Huda? Roshnaq nods out of fear. Lady Inspector keeps asking her strange questions. Roshnaq says my husband committed the mistake of saying things which he shouldn’t have. Any father would have done the same if his daughter had left her wedding in between and left with Aditya Huda! Lady Inspector does not buy

it. Roshnaq asks her if she has a daughter. Lady Inspector shakes her head. Roshnaq replies that she wont be able to understand it ever then. Noor mentally refuses to forgive Arjun for her mother’s condition.

Arjun comes to his mother’s room but finds her sleeping peacefully. He decides to talk to her tomorrow morning. Anjana opens her eyes the moment he is out of the room and dials a number.

Aditya tells Zoya their future will be very good as she is his present and tomorrow. I wont let you go away from me ever! She smiles. She looks up hearing the noise. She asks Aditya to come but he keeps talking. The truss starts falling. Zoya notices it and pushes Aditya in opposite direction and herself runs in opposite direction. Everyone is shocked to see it.

Aditya shouts Zoya’s name the moments lights are switched on again. She is chasing the mysterious guy but he runs faster. Aditya runs and hugs her.

Inspector tells Wasim he might say no but they have proof against him. we have your call recording. Harsh is sitting outside the cell. Wasim’s call recording is played where he is speaking about getting Aditya out of his way so Zoya comes back to him. Roshnaq asks him if Zoya’s love and Aditya’s hatred made him stoop so low. Is this true? Wasim requests her not to say so. You are with me since 35 years. You know me well. I cannot hurt anyone especially Zoya. She says you were so angry at that time. A lawyer (Rathore) interrupts them. Arjun is also there. Wasim shares that he has been talking to his lawyer only. I have been talking to him only on that call. I was calling him as I wanted to bring Aditya and Zoya on the road. Zosh Events was pulling back my 5 crores too. I wanted the company to shut down if they had failed to return my money on time! I cannot think of killing anyone ever!

Harsh refuses to believe Wasim but Rathore shows him the notice they were going to submit in court tomorrow. Arjun reads it. Uncle is right. Harsh says how do you know these papers weren’t bought on backdate and made today only. Arjun reasons Wasim isn’t a criminal but Harsh points out that no one is born a criminal. Circumstances make one thus. I wont let him go till the time my son returns home safely.

Vatsal tells Aditya and Zoya that he scolded the event manager. Zoya is sure something is wrong. Ishita asks her if she doubts someone. Zoya shares that she feels as if someone has been following them. Aditya calls it an accident but she insists they aren’t mere accidents. They are happening back to back. Ishita seconds Aditya. Forget everything and dress up. we will double check everything here. There wont be any hindrance in the wedding. Vatsal and Ishita go to check the preps. Aditya assures Zoya nothing will go wrong. You haven’t been looking after yourself since days. You have been worried for everyone. She asks him what if something had happened to him. He says nothing can happen to me till the time you are here. A waiter hands them 2 boxes. Aditya makes her drink water. She tells him she is very worried. Are we doing the right thing? Aditya replies that they are getting married. It would have been wrong if they weren’t marrying. Society may try as much as they want but we are destined to be together. We will never part now! She holds his hand overwhelmed and nods. One of the boxes moves a little. Someone clicks their photo just then.

Anjana looks at the photo. They look so happy in the photo. Hope my evil eye does not fall on them. She smirks.

Two girls are helping Zoya get ready. She remembers how Wasim broke all relations with her and is emotional.

Two guys are helping Aditya too. He recalls his confession to Zoya. A smile spreads across his lips. The boxes are in that room only. One of the box starts shaking.

The girls excuse themselves for a moment. She thinks of her mother and closes her eyes. Roshnaq touches her chin. Zoya keeps her head in her lap in disbelief. You are for real? Roshnaq says where I would have been today if not with you. Zoya asks her if Abbu if still upset with her. Roshnaq tells her to remember what she is going to tell her just now. Your decision is very difficult. It might be possible that you might have to face a lot many problems in future. You do not just gain the love of your husband in a marriage but his family’s love is also gained. Relations are very weak. They break in no time. You sometimes spend a lifetime keeping them together. Always keep your mind in check and your heart clean and pure. Always be strong. Seek Aditya’s help if you are shaken. Always remember that your Ammi is always with you. Zoya closes her eyes happily. She opens her eyes and realises that she had been imagining it. The girls come back and are surprised to see Zoya all ready. Sorry for taking too much time. Let’s head downstairs. Your groom is waiting for you.

Aditya is sitting in the mandap. The boxes are kept in front. Aditya takes out the mangalsutra from his pocket and looks at it sweetly. He keeps it in the thaal. Pundit ji asks them to bring the bride. A girl remarks that the bride is here. Aditya looks sweetly at Zoya as she comes dressed in the bridal attire.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya are taking pheras and making promises to each other. Zoya sees the snake in her garland and shouts out to Aditya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Jennifer Winget received ITA Awards 2018…👏👍👌😍😘

  2. Ok new promo out.
    I kind of like it, just please don’t ruin this one to.

  3. Guys I just saw the new promo.. AdiYa are married and Zoya receives a text saying”how does it feel to be married to the guy who killed Yash” and Zoya eyes Aditya in confusion. I am not able to share it here for some reason but check it out on insta..
    I swear I had this feeling that one of them is gonna be blamed but I thought Anjana would blame Zoya!
    And I know,I know this is too soon to comment but guys,if she believes the text,or start doubting Aditya.. I will leave this planet.
    Ik it’s very soon to comment an she probably won’t believe since she stood by him during Rajveer scene,Janmashtami n all but I’m scared,fam. With the writers on this nonsensical tactics spree,I am skeptical about everything right now!
    I swear.. This will be the dumbest thing in the entire tv entertainment history! And that’s saying something.. ..

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