Krishna Chali London 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna learns Shukla’s bad deed

Krishna Chali London 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna coming to Bua and hugging her. She asks what happened. Bua says they arrested Dubey on charges of using fake medicines and doing fraud, they aren’t letting us meet them. Krishna says we will bail him out, how can they do this. Bua says they are asking for 10 lakhs, how can we arrange money. Krishna says its my right to meet my dad, you can’t stop me. Inspector asks constable to take her to her dad, but she won’t be able to see him in the state he is. Krishna goes to Dubey and asks him to come out in light. Dubey cries and asks her to go, she won’t be able to see him. She asks him to come out for her sake. He comes out. She sees many wounds on his body. She cries. She holds his hand. They cry. Krishna comes to inspector and gets angry. He says he was arguing with us, so we had to beat him up.

Krishna asks what is his mistake, he is not a fraud doctor, did he kill anyone, is he a terrorist, what did he do, he is a registered medical practitioner, RMP, he is not a fraud. Inspector says shut up, does he have any degree, like father, like daughter, are you a fraud lawyer to shout here, we got order to arrest him and raid his clinic, there was a complaint against him. She asks who did it. He says we can’t tell you, fake doctors like him should be treated this way. Bua says believe me, Dubey is a kind person, he is a big doctor, we will follow whatever you say, tell me some solution. He goes.

Constable says Mata ji, I know Dubey ji didn’t do anything wrong, he is a king person, he treated my mother too. Bua nods. Krishna asks what shall we do. Radhe and Saajan come and ask what happened. Constable says you have to go lucknow and meet the minister personally, it may work, we got the orders from top levels. She says fine, I will talk to the minister, arrange for bail. He says bail bond of 10 lakhs is decided, can you pay 10 lakhs. Radhe says I will get bail money. Saajan says I will also try to get money. Radhe says don’t worry, I will talk to dad and ask for money, he will not deny, don’t worry. She says no, I don’t want his money. He says don’t be adamant, go and meet the minister, I will get money. He goes with Saajan. Krishna hugs Bua and cries.

Shukla asks Triloki to keep gifts in the car. Shuklain asks what’s all this. He says its not necessary to tell you. Radhe comes and says I want your help, Dubey is arrested by wrong accusations. Shuklain asks what. Radhe says Krishna is worried, help me, she needs 10 lakhs. Shukla says I will talk later. Radhe says Dubey has been trapped, you are reacting cool, please… Shuklain recalls Shukla’s words. She asks have you done this. Shukla stares at her and asks what have I done, tell me, think before you speak. Radhe looks on.

Radhe says dad… Shukla says I m not jobless like you, I m running a business, I can’t always solve your inlaws problems, I can’t help. Bela gets glad. Radhe asks Shuklain to tell Shukla, he has to arrange bail money, he promised Krishna. Shukla gets angry and signs no to her. She says no, I can’t help you in this matter.

Bua says we have come from far, let us meet minister. Pandey says you can’t meet him. Krishna argues with him. She threatens about calling media. He asks her to have cold tea and wait, minister will come and then talk to them. Bua and Krishna sit there. Bua says minister will come from outside, we shall wait there. Krishna says yes. Triloki says Radhe, dad will slap us if we talk to him. Radhe says I will get the slaps, just talk to dad. Gajanan says go home Radhe. Radhe goes. Gajanan stops him and says I will talk to dad when he returns home at night, I have one lakh extra in account, I will give it to you. Radhe hugs and thanks him. He says you are great, Krishna doesn’t know you well. Gajanan asks him to go, Krishna and Dubey need him now. Radhe goes.

Krishna and Bua see minister coming. Shukla comes there with gifts. Minister says Dubey is treated well in jail, your work is done. Krishna and Bua get shocked. Minister says I told inspector to beat up Dubey by getting him undressed. Shukla laughs and thanks him. Krishna cries.

Shukla says how dare you raise your voice on me. He slaps Radhe. He asks should I do it again and raises hand again. Radhe holds Shukla’s hand and moves him away. Shukla gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hats off to the make-up artist for the realistic wounds expressed on Dubey’s face. Just brilliant.The best I have seen on small screen in a long time.

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