Siddhi Vinayak 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra mesmerised by Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari speaks to Badge Number 103 (Rudra) on phone. How is Vin still alive? He replies that no one has ever spoken to him like this before. She tells him that Vin must die. We have really less time. There is no scope for a mistake. Finish it asap. She disconnects the call.

Manjari claps as Siddhi comes home. She covers Siddhi with a white cloth. You should get used to wearing white now. Only 2 days are left in Vin’s court hearing. Bappa dint do the right thing. You know my truth. You also know what no one should have known yet you cannot harm me in any way. Now that you know it, I would advise you to stay be very careful when it comes to me. You would have understood by now that you have nothing against me. I got it out of my way! It will be better for you to accept defeat. Siddhi throws the white cloth away. It’s Vinu and my family who should be careful about you as you are a threat to everyone. I dint make any mistake. You made the mistake of bringing me in this house as Vin’s shield. She throws vermilion. This might just be red colour for you but it is the biggest strength for any married woman. You did all the wrong things to get what you wanted but I will do every right to get Vinu out of the jail. Vin will come home and will fill my hairline too. You wanted to see me a widow wearing this white saree but Siddhi Vinayak Kundra promises you that I will welcome Vin at this very door dressed as a bride. She walks away.

Siddhi tells the car number to someone on phone. It was right outside the police station. Driver stole my purse too. Gauri comes there. She looks at the number and thinks it seems familiar. Siddhi is unaware of her presence. She tells the caller to find out where the car is. My bag is inside. She ends the call. Gauri asks Siddhi about the cheque. We get a cheque as pocket money every month and wanted to talk to you about it. I thought to do puja in Manvir ji’s name in temple and offer something to poor too. Siddhi tells her not to hesitate. It is your right. It just skipped form my mind. Prachi is also at the door. I too need it. Siddhi assures Gauri she will do something soon. Prachi too asks for her cheque. Siddhi asks her to go for now. I am doing something urgent. Siddhi thinks I got a chance to meet Vinu because of Bhabhi and Prachi. He only will sign the cheque. Prachi is going out when Siddhi tells her not to worry. You will also get your cheque. Prachi hugs her happily before leaving from the room.

Next morning, Constable tells Vin not to fight with Rudra. Your uniform was torn in that. We cannot replace it every day. Vin nods.

Rudra looks at Vin and takes out his knife. It will be his last day today. Constable excuses himself for a minute. Vin heads to his cell on his own. Constable says I did my work. Now it’s his (Rudra) turn.

Siddhi reaches jail. Constable asks her to get her security test don’t before meeting Vin. She agrees. Siddhi collides with Rudra on her way. He is distracted by her and looks at her from top to toe. She is wearing the same colour saree as his doll. He looks at the doll.

Vin is in the corridor and Siddhi is also on her way. Rudra is following Vin. Vin steps inside the room where Siddhi is waiting for him. Rudra is about to stab him but stops himself. Vin and Siddhi get busy talking. Rudra is able to see only her eyes. Siddhi hugs Vin but he does not hug her back. Rudra looks away angrily. Siddhi asks Vin how everything changed so quickly that he does not even want to look or talk to her. Why are you so upset? He says how you can expect anything else after hurting my mother. She says I dint come here on my own. I came here to get some cheques signed. He tells her she dint need to come here if she had spoken to Ma once. She is shocked to know that he gave everything to his mother. I don’t think I can get out of jail ever! It is impossible. Only Ma know how to handle everyone and everything so I put everything in her name. You can take her signatures. She speaks of his hearing. He tells her to take care of Ma if anything happens to me. She tells him she wont let anything happen to him. We will be together. He tells her to stop dreaming. I can even get death penalty. She says I too will die if anything happens to you. He tells her to think before talking. Nothing can happen to you. She is upset that he gave up so easily. I am fighting with everyone outside but you! She leaves upset. Rudra is standing near the door and closes his eyes mesmerised. Rudra begins to follow Siddhi blankly. He holds his doll tightly while staring towards the door.

Siddhi is with Dadi. I don’t believe how Vin can give up so easily. How can he think he wont survive? I cannot think like that. I will be his shield. I don’t have time. The hearing is tomorrow. I know the truth but I have no proof. I don’t know how to prove his innocence. Dadi says I know what you are going through. Siddhi rues that they know the truth yet cannot do anything as they lack evidence. I cannot live without Vinu. I am very scared. She cries. Dadi comforts her. My daughter cannot give up so easily. Kali Ma is with us. I pity Manjari ji and I wonder how a mother can stoop so low just to get her son’s property! We have to focus on getting Vin out of the jail instead of punishing Manjari ji. Siddhi agrees with her. You told me that Shivam was shot on the back? Dadi nods. I saw it myself. Siddhi gets thinking. It means it was shot from behind. If we are able to prove this in court then we can prove Vinu innocent.

Precap: Siddhi refuses to go to court. I will do puja at home and I wont stop till you tell me that Vinu is coming home. Shankar agrees. Siddhi starts ger puja.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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