Krishna Chali London 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna and Radhe meet in court

Krishna Chali London 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla saying Krishna is the problem, I will get the treatment done the way I want. The man goes. Shukla says now I will kill two birds with one shot. The power supply gets cut. Shikla says why did they cut power now. Bela is with Shuklain. Shuklain gives the list to Lali and asks her to get those things prepared for puja. Gajanan says Lali is not fine, she won’t be able to manage work, tell me what to do, Bela and Triloki are also here. Bela says I want to tell you that I m also not fine, but I didn’t say anything, I just did my duty. Shuklain says enough of your drama.

She asks what happened to Lali, she is just little tired, why are you worried. Gajanan says she is not just tired. Shuklain asks what’s the matter. He thinks if I tell mom, she will start crying, Lali will dooubt. He says nothing, Lali has some weakness. She says its nothing serious, don’t worry, I have a lot of work. She gives other list to Lali. Shukla comes with lantern. Shuklain shouts. Shukla asks Lali to go to her parents’ place. Light comes. He says my words were true. He asks her to go.

Sonal asks Krishna to ask Dubey to have food. Krishna gets Gajanan’s call. He says dad is sending Lali to her home, he is taking her for treatment. Krishna says its good news. He says I was so scared, Radhe doesn’t know he is doing a big mistake by not being with you. She cries and ends call.

Saajan pulls Radhe’s leg. Radhe gets angry. Saajan asks him not to get angry and patch up with Krishna. Radhe saays don’t teach me, since Krishna left me, she comes to Kanpur, she is dying to meet me, she acts as if she doesn’t care, she won’t be able to go London without me. Saajan says you will have divorce papers, what will you do. Radhe says you will see what I do. Dubey refuses to eat. He says promise me you will sign divorce papers. Krishna nods. He gets food. She goes to room and cries. She sees Radhe’s card and recalls his words. Triloki romances Bela.

Bela says I m not going to pandal, I have to see court, I will go for Radhe’s divorce. Shuklain scolds Bela. She says Radhe is so depressed, he is my youngest son, don’t celebrate his divorce. She asks Triloki to handle his wife. Krishna and Radhe meet the judge. Judge asks did you guys talk well, are you sure that you want a divorce, is there still hope for a compromise. Radhe asks him how will he feel if anyone makes him feel good for nothing, what if your wife joins hands with someone you hate, tell me how will you feel. Judge asks what nonsense. Lawyer asks have you lost your mind, judge will send you behind bars, sit down.

Radhe gets up and says sorry, I m the youngest in my family, I got responsibility of biggest pandal in Kanpur, even then my wife feels I m good for nothing, I m ninth standard fail, she is district topper, she wants to go London to get educated. Krishna sits crying. Radhe says I know her dreams are big, let her go if she wants, there is no point in discussing this. Judge says I understood, sit down. He asks Krishna will you be happy with the divorce. She gets up and says Radhe wanted to marry me, I had turned down the proposal, but he didn’t listen to me, and we got married, he wants the divorce now. Radhe says don’t blame me for this. Judge asks him to sit. He asks Krishna to give Radhe divorce, but she has to come back here after six months to sign, will she come from London.

Krishna says its the last bond, we both got free now. She gives him the pendant. Radhe burns her memories.

Update Credit to: Amena

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