Agnifera 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni and Kishan’s Romance Starts

Agnifera 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishan walks to living room and stops seeing Agni sleeping on couch. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and sits staring at her. A romantic song plays in the background. Daadi goes to Revathi’s room and tells she is chanting mantras here and her both granddaughters are fighting with each other, if they like each other or not. Revathi nervously says they both love each other and says they both are like a diamond, but did not stay together in childhood, so they fight. Daadi intrigues further and asks if her bahus also used to fight. Revathi says they used to stay like sisters, but passed away after giving birth to their daughters. Dadi asks if granddauthers did not stay with her then. Revathi says it is fate that separated them. Daadi thinks she needs masala news and has to find out truth.


morning, Agni is seen sleeping on cough and Kishan sleeping sitting on floor next to her. Agni holding his hand in sleep shouts ye haath ham ko dede thakur and wakes up seeing Kishan next to her and asks what is he doing here. He says he came searching charger and seeing her here slept off. Their shy drama starts. They both shy looking at each other. Mukhri enters and smiles commenting on them. Agni gets conscious and scolds him to be near jeep. Yashi notices thatr and asks Kishan what is happening. He says nothing. She asks if he needs help. He asks to pour more milk in oats and nervously leaves to his room.

Agni goes to her room to get ready, but Sakshi occupies bathroom and acts as bathing. Agni helplessly walks out and searches bathroom. Yashi notices that and asks her to use Kishan’s bathroom. Agni goes to Kishan’s bathroom. Kishan walks in and says he needs to bathe first as he is getting late to office. Their nok jhok starts. Shower starts by mistake and they both get drenched in water. Their romance starts. Kishan goes out. Agni closes bathroom room.

Badki/Kishan’s senior mother goes to home temple on her wheelchair to pray god. Sakshi passes by speaking over phone to her aide to find out agent who sold house to her daadi. She sees Badki’s pallu catching fire via temple lamp and shouts auntyjii. rushes to her and sets off fire via her hand, asks if she could not move. Badki says she is paralytic and cannot even shake her hands. Kishan runs in and asks if she is fine. Badki says Sakshi saved her and her hand is burnt instead. Kishan says he saw her moving her hand and praises Sakshi that her treatment is working, insists her to stay in his house for a few more days and treat his mother. Sakshi fumes that shhe wanted to go, but he trapped her in his words.

Precap: Daadi talks about Kishan and Sakshi’s alliance to Revathi. Revathi likes it. Agni and Kishan’s romance starts. Kishan gives his mother’s medical reports to Sakshi and says she should treat his mother.

Update Credit to: MA

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