Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil enlightened about his paternity

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika wish to tell Sahil about something else as well. Bari Amma and Bhoomi try to intervene. Sahil stops them as it’s after years that he wish to hear Vaidika, she has a right to speak and may also demand anything. Pandit ji now interferes and comes to bless Vaidika for all the courage and righteousness. Bari Amma murmurs to Bhoomi that they must arrange for bone marrow before Vaidika tells Sahil about the truth. Bhoomi thinks that bone marrow is important for Ved’s life, then how she must stop Vaidika. Ved and Sadika run to hug Vaidika and demands to eat Prasad, Sadika accompanied him. Ved now demands Sahil to join them. Nani stops Bhoomi from moving on.
Puneesh had furiously left the hall and breaks the furniture around the room. Prachi comes to the room and demands Puneesh why

Nisha claimed to have controlled him. Puneesh shouts at Prachi and tells her to leave him otherwise, she infertile lady! Outside, he decides he will no longer live with Prachi.
Sahil and Ved lay in the bed. Vaidika had come to the door to speak to Sahil. Bhoomi comes to inform them they have arranged the donor. Sahil goes to book the appointment.
Puneesh was talking to doctor on phone. He thanks him for arranging the donor, but shouldn’t tell anyone that the bone marrows of Ved and donor didn’t match. Puneesh thinks this will bring the twist in the story.
Bhoomi thanks Vaidika for everything she did, and hopeful that Ved will be fine now. Vaidika replies that she wish Ved recovers, but if there is any problem in his treatment she wouldn’t stay silent.
The next morning, Deepak comes to Bari Amma to speak to her. But Gauri and Sahil come there. Gauri announces her decision that she will spend the rest of her life with Manish. Sahil doesn’t let Bari Amma intervene. Gauri hands the divorce papers to Deepak. Sahil announce that it’s the dawn of new life, both for Gauri and Ved. Gauri was grateful for Sahil’s support.
In the hospital, Vaidika prays in the temple corner for Ved’s health. A lady comes to pray beside her, the nurse calls her as Mrs. Suxena informing that her husband has gone inside for bone marrow donation. Vaidika was at once grateful to the lady. Mrs. Suxena comes to doctor and says they are donating bone marrow to get hepatitis treatment of her husband, but it’s being donated to a young child. She is reluctant now, because it would be a sin. Puneesh comes to throw a bundle of money for lady, and deters her to keep herself shut.
Vaidika comes running to Agarwal family and tell Sahil that the donor has hepatitis. Sahil makes Ved leave inside with Gauri and others. Vaidika says Sahil can still save Ved. Sahil argues he can only give share love with Ved, only Vaidika or Yash could do anything. Vaidika qualifies No, Sahil can save Ved; he is Ved’s father and not Yash. Sahil was shocked to hear this. He wasn’t ready to accept this. Vaidika calms Sahil down. Vaidika reminds Sahil that he donated for Maya’s artificial insemination. In those days Yash also wished for a child. The doctors told them about going for artificial insemination, as normal pregnancy wasn’t possible. On the day of her procedure, a nurse mistakenly replaced files and Sahil became father to her child.
Bari Amma was worried about what else Vaidika may tell Sahil.
Vaidika tells Sahil she also didn’t know about the truth. She brought up Sadika for five years. Sahil questions why Vaidika did this to him, she hide all this from him. Vaidika says donors have no right to know about the child, and when she came to know about it Sahil was already married to her sister. Sahil argues that he and Bhoomi have lived as spouse for Ved only, there is no love between them. Both Vaidika and Sahil leave the hall.

PRECAP: Sahil cries that Ved is his and Vaidika’s child and Vaidika hid this news. Bhoomi knocks at Sahil’s room door but he doesn’t let her in. She asks Vaidika to leave but Vaidika demands Ved in return. Bhoomi comes to the room and place a fruit knife over her wrist.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Finally…after so many many years of torturing Sahil, vedhika has revealed the truth.. what a relief…aahhh…

  2. See… That’s all it took, it’s more logical to reveal this truth at this time than to have a sibling donate…..who hasn’t been even conceived as yet… I’m happy that Sahil knows the truth of his life, I’m fearful however if there will be any custody battle in the near future…then it’ll be more tension and distance between Sahil and Vedika and we don’t want that. Good riddance to Nisha aka Nidhi, no mention of her in the episode… Good!!

  3. Friends, I’m in no way advocating for any couple to separate but since it’s fictional, I’m going to enjoy seeing Prachi in the hot seat, it’s high time she get something to worry about. It was shocking to hear the lizard tell Prachi that she’s infertile!! Ouch!! That hurt…in a good way. So..now we have Gauri deciding on who she’ll accept in her life I hope she isn’t making a mistake..its always said that when you are leaving someone, it better be for someone better than what you had..not worse! Some ppl have made decisions like what Gauri is going to do but regretted it later, I hope Manish really appreciates Gauri and not play around with her.

  4. Can anyone tell me what it is that Puneesh stands to gain from bringing in a donor who doesn’t match??
    ??…. He’s such a loser… Now that he wants to break up with Prachi, I suggest he remain as BA’s dutiful partner in life because he only seems to get along with her alone, he does her bidding and anything she wants, he is there to oblige!!

  5. Leisa s morris

    Y is it dat all d women only interested in slping with d men? Do dey feel dat once he slps with dem he will fall madly inlove forgettin his true luv? Or maybe hopin to get pregnant and stay for ever. These tusty ass women r so sickening. Even after everyting vedika still kept d fact dat bhoomi and BA knew d truth hoping to save bhoomi marriage inspite of d treatment bhoomi dished out. BA seems to b getting off due to dis but will wait and c

  6. Nina

    It was a great weight off my mind. At once a few secrets of Agarwals come to light. It’s high time insufferable Bhooti to start packing her suitcase and go outside.

  7. Finally friends vedika has leaked out the truth to sahil. Hope sahil wont hate het for keeping the truth fm him for so many yrs. Now i am only worried when the dr. Tells that sahil bone marrow ll not match with ved n the dr will tell sadika 2 hv another child the lustful bhoomi is going to demand that she ll permit sadika to marry n hv another child to save ved but sahil should consummate with her first. What a physically hungry woman she is for sahil. And our vedika mahanta ki devi ll tell sahil to fulfil that blo*dy B bhoomis wish. Hope sahil ll not agree to this friends. If yes then i ll quit watching this serial. Wont even read the written upates or Post comments. Pls all of u what u thonk sahil ll agree to this demand of the cruel bhoomi. In yesterdays episode sahil has clearly told vedika that he doesnt love bhoomi but still how can this.woman demand that sahil sleeps with her first. Do you all think that she wants to get pregnant fm sahil so that she is stuck with him through out her life. Physically hungry for sahil. I dont think this is true love friends just physical lust. blo*dy B lustful n cruel bhoomi

  8. That is fine in this case manish was am sure dished by bariama because he was just a mere working class. There is more to life than riches. I say a happy life with simple things is far much better than having lots of money spending it on whatever you want but live a life of trouble and daily drama naieee!
    If he has money but a loving and caring partner why not, it still works.

  9. Muniya

    Finally after looong five years…Sahil knows the truth.
    Good episode after few days…
    Puneesh…such an evil…and now Bhoomi has started her drama…not again!!!!

  10. Friends is’nt this blo*dy B bhoomi a lustful woman. In yesterdays episode sahil very clearly told vedika that he doesnt love bhoomi. U should hv seen bhoomi’s face. Yet she wants to consummate with sahil before sadika get married. How can she fall so low. N as someone said how can she stay in a loveless marriage like hers. I think its high time sahil kicks bhoomi out of the house alongwith that creeper puneesh.

  11. So much drama…my god?now starts mahabharat between Sahil -bhumi-Vedika…
    Yes,Dolly finally Ved,s truth comes out in front of Sahil….

  12. Nice episode.. Bhoomi the drama queen. No self respect. Sahil has made it clear that he does not love her yet she still want Sahil. She is deluded!! Puneesh so evil and I hope Prachi do something now after being call infertile. I hope Sahil get hold of the pen drive from Bhoomi. I am sure he will kick her and BA out.

  13. I don’t get why Vedika doesn’t tell Sahil the truth about how badi amma. How she’s the one who killed her own sister, took her child knowing it was Sahil’s. It sounds logical for Sahil to believe this now that he knows Ved is his son. Or is logic something the writers not use.

  14. The writer’s have to drag the story some more to reveal about Sahil’s mom’s death or even Yash’s death or abducting vedhika’s baby at the hospital..
    I also read that Deepak will try to do acid attack on Gowri and she’ll save herself..
    We have more drama coming up..

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