Krishna Chali London 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla gets a heart attack

Krishna Chali London 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe stopping Krishna. She scolds him. Prashant says you aren’t made for this, don’t forget your dream, come with me, l will see who is daring enough to stop me. Radhe gets angry. Krishna stops Radhe. Everyone looks on. Krishna gets her hand freed and asks who told you I will do whatever you say, you gave you a right to create a drama here, who are you. Shuklain says she has said the right thing now. Prashant says Dubey also wants this. She asks am I any puppet, he got me married forcibly and even now he is insisting me, you pretend to be modern, is this modernism, you don’t care for my wish, this is called hypocrisy, modernism is to accept that I m a literate, adult, educated, I can take my decisions, just leave from here, right now. Prashant leaves.

Radhe sees Shukla. Shukla goes. Radhe and Krishna come back home. Radhe says what could I do then. Saajan scolds him. Radhe says I will beat him so badly, you see. Krishna asks who are you, do you think you are Tiger Shroff, you always fight, you had to meet Papa ji, did you meet him, no, you fought and came. Radhe says I can’t tolerate it, he can’t touch you. She says I can’t tolerate that my husband fights with people like a goon. She goes. Radhe smiles and asks did you hear it, my husband…. Saajan says you just hear what you want to. He asks Guddan to see, lets keep them here, they will come close. Radhe smiles. Bela does her drama. Shuklain asks Shukla to have food. He walks slow and holds his chest. He falls down.

Everyone rushes to him. Bela asks Triloki to get Shukla’s property. He asks her to have some name. Gajanan and Triloki lift Shukla and take him. Lali calls Krishna. She answers and gets shocked. Bela asks them to tie up Shukla and put him in the car. Shuklain asks her to shut up. Radhe and Krishna come. Radhe asks what happened. Krishna says lay him down on the ground, I have called the ambulance. Shuklain says he had chest pain and fell down. She asks Shukla to wake up. Krishna asks Radhe to pump his chest. Radhe says I don’t know how to do it, tell me. She shows him. He does so. Matuk says she is district topper, maybe she is right. Bela says if he dies, we will lose petrol pump. Triloki says shut up. Krishna feeds some medicine to Shukla. Bela asks is she feeding him poison.

Shuklain scolds her. Ambulance comes. They take him to hospital. Everyone waits. Doctor says don’t worry, he is fine now, he had a minor heart attack. Bela acts. Doctor says you have to take care of him. He allows them to meet Shukla. Shuklain cries for Shukla. Everyone looks on. Shukla says you know how strong I m, I m not angry, I m upset. He cries. He sees Radhe and asks who called them, they have left the house, ask him to leave. Radhe hugs him and says sorry, I can’t live without you, I love you a lot. Shukla says you think I m wrong, she made my son stay in jail, would I sit quiet, even I have sent her dad to jail, you will not understand father’s pain. Radhe says sorry. Shukla says I have scolded and beaten you, but you are my life. Radhe hugs him and cries. Krishna and everyone cry. Shukla says go with your wife. Radhe says I won’t go leaving you.

Shukla drinks and calls someone to meet. He waits for someone and meets secretly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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