Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarya’s return from US

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Vaidika was shocked to hear Sahil calling Ved from outside. Sadika calls Vaidika from inside the washroom. Vaidika forbids Ved to tease her father. She advices Ved to abide by her father. Ved finally agrees to leave. Sadika had just come out of the washroom. Vaidika hurries to wash her hands but Sahil and Ved had left by them. Sadika asks Vaidika whom is she looking for? Vaidika wonders why she feels Sahil was near around first in Dargah and now here.
Aarya comes out of the airport. Vaidika reaches airport and looks around. Sahil and Ved had already picked Aarya. Vaidika watch Aarya get into the car, she runs with Sadika in her arms to stop Aarya but the car had driven away again. Vaidika cries helplessly. Sadika asks if she loves Aarya even more than her.
Bhoomi meets Aarya at Agarwal house. Bhoomi complements her smartness and looks. Nani comes to scold her for wearing vulgar dresses. Sahil insists nothing is wrong about her dress. Nani complains that Aarya didn’t inform her about her arrival. Aarya asks what Nani would have done. She turns to go into her room. Bhoomi sends Sahil behind her. Nani was curt that she doesn’t even belong to Aarya. Bhoomi convinces Nani that Sahil chose all of them, Vaidika’s mother, sister and daughter as well. Vaidika never valued Sahil’s love, she considers her unlucky to have lost Sahil.
Maya asks Vaidika if Sahil and Aarya still don’t know that she is in Kanpur. Vaidika asks her to stay silent, Sadika must not get into these matters. She thanks Maya for hiding her secret for years. Maya says she never liked that Vaidika hide the reality from Sahil and Aarya, even God wanted them to remain as a family. Sadika doesn’t even know about her father, though Sahil would have been a good father. Vaidika shares her fear of going back to Agarwal house.
Sahil and Bhoomi bring Aarya into her new room. Bhoomi tells Aarya all the choosiness of Sahil. Aarya was thankful to Sahil that her mother did much injustice to Sahil, she wonders she even deserve such value. Sahil assures that Aarya surely deserves. Bhoomi asks Aarya if she had a boyfriend in US. Sahil was sure Aarya went to study, she couldn’t make any boyfriends. After all she is his daughter. Aarya says Sahil has set a solid example of love that she can’t get anyone else like that. Aarya gives Sahil the responsibility to find a boyfriend for her. The three sit to speak to each other. Bari Amma brings Ved to the door of the room, she fills Ved’s ears against Aarya who intends to snatch his father from him.
Later in the hall, Ved tells Bhoomi and Gauri that Sahil doesn’t love him enough. He only loves Aarya and didn’t eat from Gauri’s hand. Sahil scolds Ved for misbehavior. Bari Amma comes to defend Ved, and says Sahil is always busy with Aarya. Sahil goes to the room. Gauri gets a call from abroad and was excited that he was in Kanpur. There, Deepak called a Pandit and complains that he didn’t get his matter resolved for years. Gauri assures to text the address of restaurant. Deepak comes in asking where she wants to go. Gauri replies she wants to meet an old friend. Deepak tells her to come in time, Pandit gave him another remedy for son. Gauri tells him not to be tensed, she will be back in time and leaves.
Maya presents Aarya with a box of laddu Vaidika got for her. Aarya throws the box away and forbids her even take the name of that woman. She left her and her Nani without even informing them. She must tell that woman to leave if she is around and wish to meet her. She blocked all her numbers and even her friend’s requests. Maya reminds Aarya of all the sacrifices Vaidika gave to bring Aarya up. Aarya holds Vaidika responsible for death of Sahil’s mother. Vaidika heard all this from outside the room and cries. Aarya tells Maya to convey her message to her.
Aarya apologizes Maya for all her anger, she turns to leave as Sahil must be waiting. She has to go to lunch with him.
After Aarya has left, Maya hugs Vaidika. Vaidika cries that her daughter hates her. She says she wished to tell Aarya she didn’t kill Anjana. But she lost, how she will now regain the confidence of her daughter.

PRECAP: Vaidika saves Ved from an accident. She asks where her father is, and what’s his name. Ved replies Sahil Agarwal. Vaidika was shocked. Sahil comes from behind and asks Ved whom is he with?

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Leisa s morris

    I doh understand dat maya talks to aarya yet she doesnt know dat dey think vaidika abandoned her child,hmmm. Or is it dat this is d first time dat she has talk to anyone from d family in 5 yrs. Oh and dat bari amma tryna poison ved lil mind against aarya..so like her eh hmmm. How tings will unfold im waitin to c. Not plsed with how dey made vaidika abandone her daughter and not let her know d truth seeing how much she loved and cared for her.

  2. Omg.. BA is so twisted and inhuman.. poisoninf a child mind like this. Disgusting ??Hope she get find out soon about her part in Anjana’s death. I guess Sahil and Vedika meeting will not happen just yet.. Typical Indian serial .. a few close encounter before it happens.

    Tonight episode was about the beautiful bond between Sahil and Aarya.. Vedika has decided to speak out. Let’s wait and see. I read they BA will kidnap Vedika and Sadika. Would Sahil save her again???? Hmmmm.,,

  3. Muniya

    Awesome episode…Sahila nd Aarya…just a beautiful relationship???
    Nothing to say about BA…disgusting lady…filling poison in a child’s mind…
    Vedika should hv recognize Sahil’s voice…
    Aarya’s reaction was justified…she didn’t expect such behavior from her mother that she’ll leave her all of a sudden…
    Gauri got a good attitude…loved her.
    Precap is wow…but ‘SADIKA’ not gonna meet anytime soon…As Vedika knows Sahil’s name from Ved and she knows he is just behind her…she’ll surely run away from there…not gonna show her face this soon…

    1. Muniya

      Good spoiler…

  4. Leisa s morris

    Something just crossed my mind and I realized dat dis could b d main reason for BA takin vaidika’s child. Yes I know she loves sahil and hates vaidika but dats just d tip of her reasonin. While she knows d child is sahil’s everyone thinks its yash’s child and remember yash owned 51% of d Agarwals fortune and as his heir everyting will go to ved eventually so y tell sahil hes d father. So u see it is about love but not d love we thought but d love of materialistic gain and BA is still playin d game she started with yash. Im very surprised dat everyone forgot how much she hated yash and vaidika so how d hell could she even think about bringing their child in d family. Puneesh especially should atleast b suspicious as she had him lookin for vaidika to make sure d child was never born.

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