Krishna Chali London 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna gets kidnapped

Krishna Chali London 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gajanan and Lali cutting the cake. He applies cake to her wound. They hug. Krishna screams and says that man is at the window. Radhe says its me here, I will go and check. He doesn’t see anyone. She says that man was there. Gajanan and Lali come and ask what happened. Krishna says that man….Radhe says there is no one. Gajanan says there is no one there. Krishna says I m not able to forget him. Gajanan says calm down, there is no one. She wishes them happy anniversary. She apologizes for trouble.

She says maybe I have seen a bad dream. Radhe wishes them too. Pinky says I m feeling sleepy, I want to sleep. Shuklain asks why did you go, tell me. Shukla says everything will be fine here. Bela tells everything to Triloki. He likes Shukla’s planning. Bela

says its not easy to convince my sister. He says you can do anything for petrol pump and shop. Tatya gets caught and tells goons that he has found Krishna and will get packet. Goon says get the packet worth 50 lakhs from that girl, kill her if needed.

Prashant goes out and sees Saajan. He hides. Saajan sees someone and hides. Prashant worries hearing door knock. Krishna wakes up and sees Radhe sleeping. She smiles. Kaun tujhe…..plays…. pinky wakes up and laughs seeing them. Radhe wakes up and acts sleeping. Krishna sees him acting and smiles. She says you do bad acting, get up. She pulls his ear. She asks him to go and freshen up, call mummy. She asks Pinky to get ready. She goes. Radhe asks why is she so rude. Pinky asks why are you so foolish. Sonal checks the door and sees Bua. Prashant says its good you have come. Bua asks what happened. He asks where is Dubey. She says Dubey is with groom’s family, what happened here. He says Saajan and his men are finding me, Krishna is in danger. She asks why. He says Krishna passed in medical exam, everyone lied to you, Radhe planned this to ruin Krishna’s career, he doesn’t want Krishna to go London. He tells everything. She cries. Pinky asks Krishna to get balloons. Krishna takes her to stall.

Bua says we got Krishna married in wrong house. Prashant says Krishna is in big trouble, she is alone with Radhe and family, we have to think well. She asks what shall we do, tell me. Tatya comes to Krishna and threatens her at knife point. Pinky shouts. He asks her to shut up. Tatya asks Krishna to sit in the car. She shouts to Radhe. Tatya asks for bag. He checks her bag. He asks where is my packet. She says I don’t know. She says let me go. She throws cold drink on him.

Krishna asks Radhe to save her. She cries. Radhe asks where are you. She says I don’t know, its strange place. Tatya finds her. She gets scared. Radhe cries too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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