Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Baba Gets Vijay Trapped In His Own House

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul is shocked to hear that Vijay’s bike and mobile were found on road as if he was attacked, she gets worried for Vijay and asks family why they hid such a big fact from her. Baba’s goon orders laborer to break wall behind Prabhath’s photo. Agastya tells Vijay had informed not to trouble family, someone is trying to take revenge from Vijay. Sadhna asks who it must be. Mandira says her father MC Raghuvansh/Baba and she is 100% sure. Gayatri yells like father, like daughter, Mandira must be knowing where Vijay is. Sadhna stops her. Bulbul cries she is worried for Vijay. Angad sees baba’s goon repairing wall and asks why did he repair when it was not burnt. He says it is a complementary for vidhayakji. Angad happily pays him.

Sadhna worriedly asks what if something happens to Vijay. Bulbul says nothing will happen to Vijay, let us go to police as Baba will not reveal truth. Gayatri tries to speak, but Bulbul stops her and says she is sure she will save Vijay and bring him back home. She walks away. She then walks in front of Prabhath’s photo and prays to help her find Vijay and bring him home safely. Family stands emotional. Vijay is trapped behind wall and shouts he is here. Bulbul senses someone calling, but walks away. Vijay continues shouting behind wall.

Mandira calls Baba and asks where is Vijay. Baba says he does not know. She ssays she knows he has kidnapped Vijay and challenges to expose him if he does not reveal where Vijay is. She calls media and informs that MLA Vijay is missing and she needs media and public’s help to find out Vijay, Vijay is her child’s father. Gayatri takes her in and scolds why did she make such a big drama and revealed Vijay is her child’s father. Mandira says her father is very shrewd and she knows he is the culprit, so she is putting pressure on him. Vishal sees news and informs Baba. Baba says politics is in Mandira’s blood, he has to teach her a lesson.

Baba reaches Vijay’s house and says Vijay is here itself, then says he is feeling so…. He looks at Prabath’s pic and starts his drama. Vijay from inside shouts, but nobody can hear. Mandira asks Baba to get out. Commissioner warns to behave with CM. Baba says a daughter is ordering father to get out, but as a CM, he has to follow his duty. He asks commissioner to handle case personally and not let family in any trouble… Mandira thinks baba came here with some reason and he revealed some clue…

Precap: Bulbul enters godown where Vijay was kept hostage. Baba enters and informs Vijay is in his custody, if she wants to save Vijay, she has to abort Mandira’s child.

Update Credit to: MA

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