Krishna Chali London 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe supports Krishna

Krishna Chali London 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla saying Krishna’s ex boyfriend bailed Dubey. Everyone gets shocked. Shuklain asks what are you saying. He shouts shut up, what did I say, Radhe should cry now, as Krishna’s old lover is back. Krishna says its nothing. He says you can fool Radhe, I can guess things well, you can’t fool me. Radhe says I knew everything. Shukla asks what, you knew it. Radhe says Krishna has never hidden anything from me. Shukla asks what did you say. Radhe says I m saying that I knew everything before. Shukla says then you must know about her and Prashant’s love. Radhe says yes. Shukla says you must also know that your wife ran away on her marriage day and why she eloped. Radhe says yes, I knew everything. He asks Krishna to let him talk. He tells them that he knew everything, Krishna had told him everything before the wedding, I got married to her despite knowing this, I m very happy with my wife, because I love her a lot, does anyone have any problem. Bela says he has gone mad in love. He takes Krishna with him. Shukla looks on.

Bua takes care of Dubey. Prashant gets some things. Bua asks what’s all this. Prashant says you have beaten me, but i didn’t feel bad, how did you tolerate all this, I m much hurt, you never felt the need to call me in need. Bua praises him. Prashant says I always regarded you as family, can’t I do this for you. Dubey gets sad.

Radhe thinks of Prashant and gets angry. She thanks him. He asks do you still love Prashant. She says I don’t know what dad got to know about me and Prashant, there is nothing to hide, its true that he made me dream of becoming a doctor, we were friends and maybe more than just friends. Radhe says I don’t want to know your past, do you still love Prashant, answer me. She holds his hand and says everything is over now. He says I believe what you say. She says I hope you got your answer. Radhe jokes and tells her about his crush on english teacher Dolly. He says everyone has a past. Krishna smiles hearing his story. Prashant says I can’t eat food, I m worried for Krishna, anything can happen with her, how can Shukla pour kerosene on her, he can burn her alive and show it as an accident, we will just get news, he has much powers, he can easily manage to cover such news. Bua and Dubey worry. Bua says Radhe is her only support there. Prashant says who listens to Radhe in that house, we can’t leave Krishna there, we should get her back before any mishap happens, break her marriage and save her life. Bua and Dubey get shocked.

Radhe recalls Prashant and Shukla’s words. Shukla recalls Radhe’s words. Shuklain comes and asks what are you thinking. He says I know Radhe is lying to save krishna. She says if this news about Krishna goes out, then the society will laugh on us, shall I talk to Krishna or Radhe. He says no, this matter won’t get solved soon, you just see what happens next.

Dubey scolds Shukla and says you have said enough, now I will speak and you will listen. He asks Krishna to take the divorce papers. Krishna and Radhe get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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