Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal spends most of the time outside the house

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the breakfast table, Mamma asks Mauli about Kunal. Mauli says Kunal had something important to do and left earlier, she will send her breakfast to clinic. Nandini thinks about his promise to not confront her if she dislikes. Later Nandini hear Mauli speaking to Kunal that he will be home late at night. The next morning, Mauli tells Pramilla that Kunal left earlier even today. Kunal sat in the hospital, Nandini hear Mauli concerned for him as she speaks on phone and asks how long her body will bear so much of stress?
It was fifteen minutes past five. Nandini wakes up, hurries to kitchen and prepares tea and breakfast, packs it in a tiffin serving it on the dining table. She cautiously goes to her room before Kunal came outside. When Kunal had left, she notices the tiffin and tea were there on the table. She hurries towards the main door but before she could gather the courage to open the door, Kunal had gone to the lift.
Later, Mauli brings the tiffin for Kunal in the hospital. He says he was really hungry and thanks Mauli. Mauli calls his thanks a very dry one and serves it as Nandini cooked his favorite soft bitter gourd. Kunal makes up that he had to meet Sharad in half an hour and leaves the office. Mauli hands him the tiffin to eat with Sharad. Later at night, Nandini finds the tiffin on the table, still untouched.
At home, the family was together. Mauli says she is really tensed for Kunal. Mamma understands that Kunal has lost his hungers, it’s the biggest sign that there is some tension. Mauli was concerned that he is even getting insomniac, and leaves so early then returns home even late. Dida was tensed that she is already dependent on others, what if someone else falls ill. Nandini hears this all and was concerned, she thinks the distance Kunal has kept between himself and her is good for them and Mauli, but the family is tensed. She decides to speak to Kunal and comes to her room. Kunal was busy in hospital, he answers the call but there was no reply. He wonders if its Nandini, then signals the nurse to leave but only wish Nandini speaks to him on phone. Nandini was only left crying. Her cell phone begins to ring, she cuts Kunal’s call.
At night, Mauli had fallen asleep when Kunal comes in. She sits in bed and asks how long he will enter his own bedroom like thieves. He has lost his hungers and sleeps, what’s the worry. Kunal says he is a little busy, she needn’t worry. Mauli insists he has lost his smile. Earlier, his smile reached home before him, but now he is tensed for some reason. Kunal tells Mauli not to worry at all, even ask the family not to. He has to fulfil an old commitment, an old responsibility but it completely fine. He goes to change as he must leave early morning tomorrow as well. At night, Mauli was leaving for an emergency. Nandini and Mamma were worried as the weather conditions were really worsening outside. Mauli insists she has to save innocent lives, they must bless her. Nandini hands her a bag with fruits and food for her. Kunal comes there, Mamma says Mauli has to go to hospital for emergency. Kunal wasn’t ready to let Mauli go alone in such a bad weather and goes to drop her.
Mamma informs everyone that Mauli is safe at hospital. Kunal was leaving for work, the ladies forbid him go to work as all the schools and offices have been closed. Kunal insists people out must be looking for doctors. Dida convinces him to stay back and only leave if there is a call. She complains to Nandini and asks him to convince Kunal, he might stay on her request.

PRECAP: Everyone was tensed to see the news of accident on the bridge. Nandini and Mauli recognizes Kunal’s call. Mauli leaves hospital while Nandini leaves home. At the venue, Nandini sat fallen on the ground as the car had badly crashed. She runs to hug Kunal who appears from behind and calls her name.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i think this have the worst story line it’s showing how a best friend and someone you trust can betray you.

    1. It has worst story line but I think this kind of thing happens in real life. That’s why we should not mix our personal life and friendship. You can consider the other person as best friend or as your sister but if she is going through ups and down in life and if they get support from the other person then they fell weak and it may lead to braking of your home.

  2. DannyComments

    Actually…this is a nice story..I want to see how all these will end. Let me see if truly that so called feeling called love really exist in Indians.

    1. What do you mean? Are Indians not human? Ofcourse we love, every human loves and how will you judge love on the basis of a show. You are talking about Indians as if we are some kind of aliens. Please watch what you say

    2. I feel the story will lead to surrogacy …as mauli craves for a child,nandini will become the surrogate mother and issues will get complicated

  3. It’s not a good story if they show surrogacy …I will stop watching this show. Then nandini will be with them forever and they can also show mauli will die and kunal will marry nandini etc etc.the story will be like dil se dil talk but at least it was better than silsila. Why they don’t want to show nandini with some other man and kunal mauli ‘s own child. I can’t watch this type.of story.sorry.

  4. I don’t wish that mauli accept their feelings and they all live together. And nandini as a surrogate never ever…Good bye silsila don’t want to watch surrogate same story again and again.actors are good but no good story.

  5. Oh no surrogacy track?nandini will be with them forever. I also dont want to watch. Its a extra marital affairs show how can they bring this type of story. Disgusting. They want to show nandini a great woman. Dilse dil tak was different and better. Here first affairs and then surrogate mother cant watch

  6. They must show nandini as a negative character in future then only people can learn that they must loyal to their partners but if they show nandini as a great surrogate then no meaning. The show is abt ema which is not healthy in society then what they want to prove.and mauli must realised that it’s her mistake also that she have more importance to nandini which she doesnt deserve.

  7. Do they want to convert ema show into surrogate?not a good idea.this type of relations are not respected in society but they want to give respect to woman who falls for best friends husband ..surrogate track is ok with this story.

  8. Surrogacy track not ok

  9. people need to be realistic of course people can be attracted to others
    but its the fact of never taking a step
    look but no touch as they say
    nandani has never seen or had love she has only had it from K&M so of course there will be confussion or mental craziness in someones mind. but instead of showing crying weeping they should show this

    men are men they will always look

    i think they should show nandani grow as a person and a charactor

    rajs charector is just awful and they should show him grow as a man too divorcing nandani bcus that was a silly track

    if they want to take it on lines of KANK then there has to be growth

    and time apart SRK grew angry in KANK bcus he lost his career

    there is room for a story and being different outside the box which would be intereesting as these things do happen

    but at the moment its bad

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