Kranti- A Fire from within ( MMZ) Few Shots. Part 2

Radhika sat on the bed & covered herself with a blanket. She knew Arjun is with Ava who is sharing what she did in school with her father. She looked her & Arjun’s marriage picture on the bed side table & smiled. She lovingly caresses the picture & taking a stroll down memory lane.

Radhika Mishra was hurriedly walking through the lonely roads. She is a NGO worker, teaches poor children in slums. She got late as she got struck in a meeting & there they decided to start teaching the mothers of those children.Then only, the situation can get better. She was feeling uncomfortable walking alone. Suddenly, she heard a sound of a bike approaching from back. Before understanding anything, the bike moved forward, but she felt a pull & lost her balance. She fell down in the footpath. She checked her neck, the gold chain containing Maa Durga locket is missing. That was her Grandmother gift & blessing after she completed graduation. After few months of that, her grandmother passed away. So, the chain is very precious to her. She got up & started running.”Chor”, “Chor”. She heard a sound of a vehicle beside her & noticed a police jeep. She heard a deep, male voice from inside.” Stand here. No need to run uselessly.” & the jeep also rushed forward. The road is long enough. She was shocked to see a leg came out from the jeep door & kicked the man who sat behind the bike. The bike lost its control & both the bikers fall down in the road. She also saw a man wearing police uniform jumped down from the jeep. Three other constables also came out from the jeep & hold the two bikers.

Radhika noticed the man coming towards her. He showed her the chain.
The Man- Is this Your’s??
Ohh, the deep, intoxicating voice. Radhika wondered. She only nodded her head.
The Man- I am PSI Arjun Mehra. You have to come to local police station for some paper work to get the chain. You can inform your parents & relatives.
Radhika- No fine, I can able to do the necessary myself. I am coming as soon as I get an auto.
Arjun- If you don’t mind, you can come with us in our jeep. Local Police Station is near.
Radhika without any hesitation sat in the jeep. On the way, she called her brother Ankush.

In Police Station, She completed all the paper work & took her chain. She got so relieved. She looked at Arjun & came near him.
Radhika- Thanks.
Arjun- It’s my duty.
Radhika- Can I get your number?
Arjun (with raised eyebrows)- Why?
Radhika (nervously biting her lips)- Actually, in case of emergency. You see, the law & order is deteriorating day by day.
Arjun looked at her narrowing his eyes.
Arjun- For any kind of emergency, dial 100 from your mobile, else copy the police station number written on the left side board.
Radhika angrily gritted her teeth. The man is irritating. Here, a lady asking his number & he is interrogating her like a criminal.
Radhika- It’s fine if you don’t want to give. I am a NGO worker. I can assure you that I am not going to do any misuse.
Arjun- what kind of misuse you are talking about?
Radhika turned around, when she was near the door, she heard Arjun’s voice.
Arjun- 9876******. Call only in emergency & no misuse.
Radhika turned around & looked at him. Arjun smiled. “Waah!, he looks so handsome when he smiles. Tall, lean figure. Bright smile, thin lips, lotus, mysterious eyes, thin beards in cheeks giving him more s*xy looks.
After the incident, she called him, as she wanted his help to find a missing girl from slums. As it was not under his jurisdiction area, he gave her the number of an Officer from Anti Trafficking Cell & also helped in Investigation unofficially.
Soon, they became lovers from friends. Radhika proposed him on Valentine’s Day with a red rose & he actually blushed. His ears became red. He tightly held her hand. There was a promise in that touch that he will never ever leave her.

After six months, her father Dilip Mishra came up with a marriage proposal for her. She knew it’s time to confront her family, as she did not shared her feelings with them. Her mother Mala Mishra died in an accident when she was five years old. After that, she always feels ignorance from her father. He pays more attention to Ankush than her. After dinner, when her father, elder brother Ankush & bhabi Bonnie was sitting together & discussing something, Radhika came & stood in front of them.
Radhika- Dad, I can’t marry Rakesh.
Dilip (With raised eyebrows)- Why??
Radhika- Dad, I love someone else & I want to marry him.
Radhika noticed her father’s cold look & her bhaiya bhabi’s angry glare.
Dilip- What’s his name?
Radhika- Arjun.
Dilip- Full name??
Radhika- Arjun Mehra.
Dilip- hmm. So, now Radhika tell me what is our caste?
Radhika knew where her father is heading. But still, she maintained her cool & replied in a calm voice.”Brahmin”.
Dilip- Do you know which caste the Mehra’s belong?
Radhika- No.
Dilip- They are Kashyaps.
Radhika remained silent.
Dilip- Okay, leave it. What does he do?
Radhika- He is a Sub Inspector in Police Department.
Dilip- & what was his Father’s profession?
Radhika- His father is no more. He was a retired Police Constable.
Dilip ( in a mocking tone)- What’s your father & brother do Radhika?
Radhika- Both are successful businessman.

Dilip- Glad to see that you remember everything about yourself. Then why is this stupid stubbornness to marry that man?
Radhika- I least care about the caste of Arjun & I am proud of his job & HIM. He achieved his own.
Ankush- Don’t you dare taunt me Radhika. First, you are shamelessly stating your affair in front of elders…
Radhika- I am not doing anything wrong bhaiya. Dad, please, meet him once. You will like him. He is a good man.
Bonnie- But Radhika, where we can meet with him?? Don’t tell me in Police Station.
Radhika- He lives in Government Quarter with his mother.
Dilip- So, he can’t even offer you a permanent house. It’s a NO from my side Radhika. Just forget him.
Radhika- It’s not possible dad. Plus I don’t want marry as a part of your business deal.
Ankush- just shut up Radhika.
Bonnie- Radhika, till now you told us what he can’t offer. At least, now tell us, what he can offer?
Radhika- Happiness.
After lots of fighting, finally her family agreed. She was surprised to see that her Bhabi Bonnie convinced her father & brother because Bonnie never liked Radhika. But Radhika is thankful to her. Arjun & Radhika got married. After marriage, when Radhika came in her parental home with Arjun for pag phera ritual, their family lawyer read her Father’s Wills, where he gave his whole property in the name of Ankush & Bonnie, completely disowning Radhika from everything. Both Arjun & Radhika accepted Dilip’s decision without any complains. But after that also, constant taunts from Bonnie & the ignorant behavior of her father, she stopped visiting the home, almost cutting all ties.

Radhika came back in present hearing the footsteps. She looked at Arjun.
Arjun- You were so lost in thoughts. Everything is fine. Right??
Radhika- Yes. Just remembering old days.
Arjun sat on bed beside her & covered himself with the blanket.
Arjun- missing your Father & Ankush, right?
Radhika- No Arjun.
Arjun- Why don’t you go & meet him once? I am sure he is no more angry with us & missing you.
Radhika- Arjun, why should I go & meet him?? Fine, I agree he can’t accept our marriage. But what’s their problem with Ava?? Why my daughter can’t get the same love & attention just like Ankush bhaiya’s son Suraj getting?? I am not jealous. But what is the fault of my daughter?
Arjun- You know, it’s because of your bhabi Bonnie’s constant Brain washing. She is still afraid that we may claim their property.

Radhika- leave Arjun. Honestly, I am not missing anyone. I made my mind.
Arjun hold her hand under the blanket.
Arjun ( after sometimes)- Radhika, why don’t You & Ava go from here & stay in city?? There is a friend of mine who gives his house in rent.
Radhika- why??
Arjun- This place is not safe. I don’t want you both to stay here.
Radhika- I & Ava perfectly settled ourselves here. You don’t worry. We are fine.
Arjun- really?? Then who will worry for both of you?? Your father or your great brother?? Who more than me know the situation here? ( Almost shouting).
Soon, he hold his head & muttered sorry. Radhika came close to him & lovingly caress his cheeks.
Radhika- What happened Arjun?? First I thought you were tired, Now I get, you are upset.
Arjun- I am worried for both of You.
Radhika- Ava want to live both of us. After your’s mother’s death, you know with how much difficulty we handled her?? Arjun, I trust You. Nothing bad will happen.
Both looked at each other for sometimes.
Radhika- You relax. By the way, I still remembered that kick from the Jeep. ( Her eyes are twinkling & then she winked at him)

Arjun looked at her. There is a mischievous glint on his face. He rolled on top of her. He bent down, she can feel his lips against her cheeks, brushing it lightly, and still that light touch sent shivers through her nerves. He traced the line of her cheekbone & put His Lips on Hers. Her lips parted, offering him free access to the delighted heat within, she also felt his warmth sipped into her. Her fingers grip his hair, pulling him closer. Finally, both broke off feeling breathless. His chest moved in a deep, fast rhythm. Her hand feel his heart beat. His hot breath fanning her face. His hand opened the button of her night dress & cupped her br*ast. His knees rubbing her thighs. Her moans filled the room. Arjun looked at her with passion filled eyes. But suddenly he saw the half naked, 18 years raped girl on his bed in place of Radhika. He shrieked & almost jumped out from the bed. He was breathing heavily. Radhika also hurriedly get up & arranged her dress. She looked her husband, flabbergasted.

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