Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhimanyu meeting his father at the temple. His father blesses him and asks him to take revenge and do his duty. Abhimanyu says I met you after 8 years, revenge is fulfilled. His father says its shubh day, this good news came on your sister Ragini’s birthday, I m proud of you, Kalyani…… come. Kalyani throws kumkum in air. She turns. He asks Kalyani to do aarti of his son, he has succeeded today. Kalyani was acting as Bhairavi in front of Gitanjali. He says I can hear that devil’s scream today, I m seeing his blood burning in this diyas. Rishabh shouts Gitu and throws things at home. Rishabh says such a big cheat, we lost, he entered our home and did this with Gitu, I did not see anything, I regret to be blind. Rajveer and Khushi look on. Abhimanyu says I wanted to see this day since 8 years, I did not do this alone, this boy helped me, he met me in orphanage, I felt he has the talent, then I trained him to become Abhimanyu. Kalyani says I became Bhairavi and confused Gitanjali.

Abhimanyu says I trained Priyam to act like me, and fool Rishabh. FB shows Abhimanyu fooling Rishabh. Abhimanyu says it was imp to make Gitanjali believe him, she could not see what’s truth and what’s life, love made her blind. Rishabh says Gitu loved him, and he made her mad. Rajveer asks how did she see hallucinations everywhere.

Abhimanyu says it was not tough to play with her mind, I used Chanda and gave her wrong medicine. Chanda is shown giving medicines to Gitanjali. Rishabh says he knew everything about our house. Khushi gets medicines and asks Rishabh about it. Rishabh says Gitanjali did not take any medicines, check it. Khushi says these medicines are to create hallucinations. Rishabh says it means Gitanjali’s bad dreams and seeing all those strange things were because of that. Abhimanyu’s father says so that medicines made her ill. Abhimanyu says no, I had to make a trap for her. Rajveer checks Gitanjali’s room and shows Rishabh. He says there are cameras here. Rishabh says it means he has fixed cameras in entire house, check. Rajveer checks stair case. Khushi gets the camera. Rajveer says camera is even here. They find many cameras and projector too. Rajveer says there is a projector here. Rishabh says start it and see, what’s it. Rajveer says its a hologram of Abhimanyu’s image, so maybe that’s why Gitanjali saw Abhimanyu always.

Rishabh breaks the projector angrily. Abhimanyu says Gitanjali never understood it was a plan to make her mad. Abhimanyu’s father says you made this Chakravyu, great, did you not face hurdles while doing this. Abhimanyu says many problems came, I saved Priyam and guided him by wireless. His father praises Priyam. Priyam says I managed the matter always. Abhimanyu says some people helped us, whom were not doubted. He looks at Choti Maa and Kavya.

Choti Maa and Kavya greet them. Kalyani says Ratna proved it was wise to select her. Choti Maa says this revenge was necessary for me, I have relation with your family, Rishabh’s family insulted me always, it was tough for me, I have raised Gitanjali. Kalyani says we Rajputana women can do anything for our pride. Abhimanyu’s father asks how did that girl die. Abhimanyu says she did not die, she is in mental hospital, this was my revenge for Ragini. His father asks did your stone heart start melting for her, revenge fulfills by blood. Abhimanyu says no, I think we will free her by death, I m not weak. His father says then go and tell Rishabh, how you complicated him and his sister’s life.

Abhimanyu says I was waiting for this day, I will tell him the result of having enmity with Rathod family. Abhimanyu asks Priyam to remove bluetooth now, it won’t be needed now. Priyam says don’t know where is it. Gitanjali sees bluetooth and says you left a clue Abhimanyu. She recalls seeing the bluetooth on ground. She picks it and wears to hear Abhimanyu guiding Priyam. She says I realized you have cheated me and taught everything to Priyam, I have seen those medicines. She says these medicines leads a person to have hallucinations, I wanted to see your truth, I wanted to see if there is any love or regret in your eyes, I did not see anything, and my love changed to hatred, I hate you Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu’s father says Abhimanyu’s eyes showed he has love for that girl. Kalyani says no, my son will never fall weak. He says I will settle scores one day, my daughter was born on this day, today that house’s daughter will die. The hospital lady gives food to Gitanjali and goes. She tells goons that she has added medicine in food. The goons wear masks and go to Gitanjali. They take her.

Abhimanyu comes to Rishabh’s haveli and says why is it so dark here. Rishabh shoots at him. Abhimanyu moves. Rishabh says this darkness world is just mine. Abhimanyu thinks Rishabh got to know truth, even if I breath, he will hear me, what shall I do. He hides. Rishabh says I did not let Gitanjali get even a scratch, you did this, I will not leave you. Abhimanyu thinks Rishabh will kill me. He ignites lighter. Rishabh says three bullets still left Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu kicks on the gun. Rishabh catches him and beats. They have a fight. Rishabh says this world is mine. He beats Abhimanyu. Rishabh gets the gun and says your and Priyam’s truth came out, Khushi told me everything, be ready to die, one bullet is still left. Gitanjali gets conscious and sees the men talking about killing her and presenting it as a suicide.She shouts for help and asks did Abhimanyu send you, he has no courage to attack on me. She pushes cartons on them and hides. She hits the alarm and shouts for help. The men run. She says two men attacked on me. Rishabh says get on your knees. Abhimanyu’s father, Kalyani, Choti Maa, Kavya and Priyam come there. His father asks Abhimanyu to stand on his feet and get shot as a Rajput. Rishabh says Kavya, Choti Maa, Priyam…. His father says you forgot to take one name, Bhavani Singh, shoot at my son’s chest. Rishabh says Abhimanyu is Bhavani’s son. Bhavani says Abhimanyu took revenge of his sister’s death. Rishabh says Abhimanyu is Ragini’s brother, I did not kill anyone. Rajveer comes and looks on.

Bhavani says lie, recall how you broke my daughter’s heart. FB shows Rishabh and Ragini’s love. Bhavani says Rishabh left you to take revenge from us. Ragini says this can’t happen. Bhavani slaps her and says he will never come back, he stained our family, his name won’t be taken in this house. She cries. Ragini dies. Bhavani gets angry seeing her dead. FB ends. Bhavani says you cheated Ragini and killed her. Rishabh says I did not cheat you, you cheated my dad and made him marry your Munshi’s daughter Ratna, instead your sister, why are you taking revenge.

Bhavani says I will show what’s Rajput’s revenge. Gitanjali says you cheated me and took advantage of me, today you crossed limits, you tried to kill me Abhimanyu, I will not leave you, you will get punished, Kavya, Choti Maa were my enemies, Priyam won my trust, everyone will get punished, like you laid trap to kill me, I will also lay a trap. Rishabh asks what did my sister do, why did you get her in this.

Bhavani asks him not to shout. Rishabh asks him to get out. Bhavani asks how can you make us leave from our house Rishabh, don’t be shocked, this house and property is Gitanjali legally, and now when she is mentally ill, it belongs to her husband Abhimanyu, it means this property is mine now. Kalyani asks them to throw Rishabh’s belongings outside. Bhavani says no, Rishabh will stay here as a guest. Abhimanyu smiles.

Rishabh gets shocked. Gitanjali says you snatched my happiness Abhimanyu, I will snatch your life. Rishabh and Rajveer reach the hospital. Rishabh asks how did my sister get attacked, I will not leave your mental hospital, who were they. The doctor says don’t know, they have run away, but Gitanjali is fine. Rishabh says I would have burnt this place if anything happened to her, put CCTV, this incident should not happen again, I have to meet my sister, go.

Rishabh and Rajveer go to Gitanjali. She says no, Abhimanyu will kill me. Rishabh says nothing will happen to you till I m alive. She says there is no one to save me, everyone is lying, I m alone. Rishabh cries and says I have fought with darkness, I wish Lord gives you strength to fight with darkness, its first time I m glad that I m blind, atleast I m not able to see my sister in this state. He stumbles. Gitanjali calls him out and turns. Rajveer and Rishabh look at her. She sits acting mad. They leave. Gitanjali says I wish I could tell you, I did not get mad, but till my revenge gets fulfilled, I can’t tell truth to anyone. Rajveer comes back. She asks why did you come, who are you. He says stop it, I know you are acting, why, what’s going on in your mind, I know you lost trust on everyone, you don’t trust even me, trust me, I can never cheat you. He holds her and says trust me once, I will never break your trust. She hugs him and cries. He asks her to cry and lighten her heart burden, your love cheated you, always remember one thing, I was with you, I m and will always be with you.

Rishabh catches Abhimanyu and asks why did you try to kill my sister. Abhimanyu asks what nonsense, when did I do so. Rishabh asks him why are you hesitant to accept this crime, Gitanjali was attacked, don’t act, if anything happens to her, your dead body will fall on this door. He goes.

Bhavani says these clock needles will make you realize your bad time starts now. He gets the gun. Abhimanyu asks him about the attack on Gitanjali. Bhavani asks why are you asking. Abhimanyu says I think if she is alive, Rishabh will have more pain. Bhavani says I think her death is written in your hands. He gives the gun to Abhimanyu and says go and kill her.

Rajveer asks how are you sure Abhimanyu did that attack. Gitanjali says he hates me. Rajveer says maybe his dad Bhavani did that attack. Abhimanyu’s hand shakes. Bhavani asks why are your hands shaking, shall I get bangles for you. He asks Kalyani to manage her brave son, who is scared to kill enemy. He asks Abhimanyu to kill Gitanjali first, else he will think he is not his child. He goes.

Gitanjali says I don’t know Bhavani, I know Abhimanyu well, he is a fraud, he can do this attack. Rajveer says then he will attack you again. She says I m waiting for that moment. Kalyani says I always felt you are a warrior, and you are stone hearted, did you fall weak to think for enemy’s sister. Abhimanyu says no. She says then go and show your dad you have his blood, make him proud, go.

Abhimanyu goes to hospital and says I will prove I m real Rajput, a girl can’t weaken my motives, she has to die. He sees cameras and goes to Gitanjali. He asks why are you silent, life is worse than hell here, I came to free you from every sorrow. He aims gun at her. She falls down. He gets shocked seeing a knife stabbed in her back.

Abhimanyu gets back and says I wanted to kill her in such a way that it looks suicide, but now I will be trapped, I have to erase all proof. He wipes the door and knife. The warden asks who is there. He shuts door and hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now all thr mystreys are reveled but Abhimaniyu cheat thaaa yrr Es main bilkul humanity yh love nae hi Geetu ko jb pta chla Abhi ka murder houa hai tu usny kia kuch nae kia hr torture aaha just bcz ky abhi ka murder arest ho jaae But ab pta chla wo tu kbhi Mara hi naee. Feeling bad for Geetu but at the same time feelong Happy tosee the spirit of Geetu against that Fraud(abhimaniyu).
    About todays episode episode was good and even i am dxcited to see how geetu will take her revenge. And that stabbed knife i think it is the plan of Geetu welldone keep it up and teach good lesson to that fraud who made fun/joke of ur feeling of ur lovr

  2. Really interesting ?

    Hey Naz yeah it ltl bt disappointing tht u r not living in India…but its ok.. can u tell me how old u r??

    1. Lol…. Oh dear Alina, I can be your mom. I’m a mother of two grown kids, my daughter is a college teacher, beautiful and dusky and my son who is a handsome man ,has a mid eastern look, works in the media. I can tell that you are very young and like I tell all young women, pursue your education, it’s the window to all your opportunities. No one can take that from you. BTW…. My forefathers came from India and settled in my country a little over 150+ years ago. On this side of the globe, I and those who look like me are identified as being of East Indian descent. On both sides of my parents, their grandparents migrated from New Delhi and Uttar
      Pradesh. I became 52 on the 2nd of April this year. I hope the little history was interesting to you.

    2. Ohh I’m so sorry aunty..I’m just 22 n I’m doing my post graduation.. yeah n I loved ur history it’s really inspiring for me once again sorry and thanks..

  3. Huh.. Finally.. Now it’ll turn to the revenge of geetanjali.. I wish it end on abhimanyu and geetanjali’s couple living a happy life.. Abhimanyu still loves her.. But also their are chances of geetanjali following for rajveer.. ☺?

    1. I wonder the same thing Meena. I wonder if Gitu and Abhi are going to get back together. I don’t see how, after all he’s done to her, but the writers seem to be leaning in that direction. Or it could go the other way and she can end up with Rajveer.

    2. Mona146

      i believe rajveer deserves her and I dont want him to have a heart break again. I dont care if abhimanyu lives or dies.

    3. Yeah but in yesterday’s episode precap shows a girl and abhimanyu are running after a tempo… N the girl seems to be geetanjali.. Story is really confusing.. Yet love.. Atleast its something different.. N geetanjali/rajveer had a great plan.. Smthng unexpected.. N precap was very mysterious.. It has created many more questions in my mind.. Which will be answered next week.. ??

  4. I think it is geetanjali plan to trap abhimanyu

  5. now gitu become strong.se will take revange from everyone who tried to take advatage her.raajbeer plz dont leave her.u r d only one whom gitanjaly trusing.

  6. Wow….. What a power packed episode!! Congratulations to the few viewers who correctly predicted that Abhimanyu is the brother of Ragini. I’ll console myself with the 2nd prize of deducing that Choti Ma and Kavya had a major role in deceiving Rishabh and Gitu. I’ll say Gitu from now because her brother calls her so and not Gaura because Abhimanyu named her so…how deceitful he turned out to be…. I’m so happy that Gitu has vowed to seek revenge for her being deceived and used, by the man who she promised to love forever and who played with her sanity and emotions when she believed him to be murdered. Writers…. Hats off you you all. I wish other writers on other serials can learn by your example. It surely is a fact now that no one is to be trusted in that family. I wonder what will be Gitu’s reaction when she learns that Choti Ma and Kavya whom she both loved, are her enemies who have a major hand in this huge conspiracy,and Rishabh….who trusts them both. I can see we are in for a helluva ride from now on…..Good job…. Writers.

    1. Mona146

      i never liked gaura name in the first place. it reminds the moti of saath nibhana saathiya

    2. Mona, I agree with you 100%…….Rajveer deserves to be with Gitu. How can viewers justify that Abhimanyu should end up with Gitu after this brutal betrayal, is beyond me. He coldly calculated his plan to perfection and I can’t bear to see him end up with Gitu…..

  7. This is just an incredibly well done show! The intrigue just keeps on becoming more pronounced. I didn’t expect Abhi to actually still love Gitu. Based on that itself, I’m really anxious to see if the writers are going to try to rebuild their relationship in some miraculous way. It seems highly unrealistic, but you never know! I hope that Gitu hasn’t really been stabbed and this is all a part of her plan. AMAZING SHOW OMG, I can’t get enough KLKAH! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  8. KLKAH Family, where is everyone from, and how old? 🙂

    I’m from Toronto, Canada…Female…30 years old

    1. I’m from the Caribbean, Trinidad precisely and I turned 52 on the 2nd of this month April. Hi again Sof…..I’ve been to Canada twice, beautiful and clean country and never mind I’m this old, I’m in love with your Prime Minister…..what a sight for sore eyes!!!! Hey…. I’m young at heart, ok,? Have a wonderful weekend Sof…..

    2. Hi again Naz! 🙂 Always nice to hear from you. I was born here but my parents are from Guyana. Nice to meet another Indo Caribbean! Your name seems to be Muslim? I’m Muslim as well.

      Yes Canada is a wonderful country, and I’m blessed to live here. Lol Justin Trudeau, yes he’s quite handsome and also very kind and accepting of all the cultural differences and religions here. Again, a blessing to live in a country with a PM like him.

      Have a great weekend as well! 🙂

    3. hi I’m Monica, I’m 18 and I’m from Italy ?

    4. Hi Monica! Nice to meet you 🙂 Are you Indian? A very diverse group of viewers here, wonderful!

    5. Wonderful to meet you Monica….

    6. Hi sof sis..I’m alina..n I’m from India n I’m 22… yeah naz u r very young from heart..truely truely right..I got big shocked to know that u r 52

    7. Nice to meet you Alina! 🙂 xo where in India are you from? My husband is from Bombay

    8. Ayesh042

      I am from Karachi,Pakistan and 16 yrs old.

    9. Hi Ayesha! Nice to meet you 🙂


    Finally Geetanjali knows the truth of Abhimanyun.. she should take her revenge and make him realise what he did is wrong….

  10. Yes Naz,,Gaura now seems to be a tasteless name as the man himself turned out to be a ruthless cheat and a puppet in the hands of his father.My god,you can understand with men ,but his mother seems to be as ruthless as his father.In some villages of India ,people can go to any extent to take revenge in the name of family honour.But ,I felt very bad for Geetu,her love for Abhi was simply crushed without any consideration for her sentiments..Poor Girl!For six years she has n’t left any stone unturned to find out the murderer,even gone to the extent of doubting her brother.Ofcourse ,this back stabbing will in turn strengthen her resolve to take her revenge.
    But Naz ,the role of Rishabh in the suicide of Ragini was not clear,I mean did he marry her for some revenge as well and ditched her later or just left her in her father’s house and did n’t come back?But why didn’t he come back?I am not able to conclude whether Rishabh is guilty or not,but one thing Naz,this character has been an intriguing one right from the beginning.
    As for Abhi,I feel he still loves Geetu in spite of all this pre planned cold blooded revenge drama .To the dismay of his parents ,his hand starts shaking when his father tells him to kill Geetu and hands over the gun.He might realise his true feelings for his wife once she is no more or SEEMS to be no more.I think the last scene of the episode where Abhi finds Geetu stabbed is a part of Geetu’s revenge plot ,planned by Geetu herself along with Rajveer.Hope .he won’t turn out to be an accomplice of Abhi .

    1. I miss the romance between Abhimanyu and Geetu. I also hope Rajveer don’t turn out negative, that would mean two betrayals….. I believe Abhimanyu still loves Geetu but it’s left to her to see whether she can find it in her heart to forgive him somewhere down the road or fall in love with Rajveer as Rishabh clearly believe is the right man for her. Lakshmi, I thought of Rishabh’s character and it’s really intriguing and mysterious to his credit, what are the elements which comprise his personality. This adds charm to the inner workings of his mind. Like you and Sof, we are yet to see what transpired in the past with Rishabh and Ragini, which lead to this huge conspiracy. I feel for Geetu, her determination to preserve Abhimanyu’s legacy in her heart for 6 long years, brought no dividends or solace to her. That’s a painful feeling to deal with.

  11. Sorry for any ty .errors

  12. Next step I belive is going to happen is Ragini was killed by his own father because she Was pregnant and Priyam is her child and this is known by only abhi about Priyam now they both r taking revenge for Ragini because abhi belive that ragini was killed by Rishabh

    1. Yes i believe there is more to Ragini’s story that the amazing writers are saving to reveal later on. I have also mentioned on previous posts that I believe Priyam is Rishabh and Ragini’s child. Although if he’s 10 and she died 8 years ago, that doesn’t add up. But I definitely think theres more to Priyams story as well. It’s still to be revealed who those people were that were his “parents” but were murdered. Maybe also hired by Abhi. Who were the men that murdered them and why?

    2. Ayesh042

      I so agree with you Sof.
      The serial has alot more to be discovered.

    3. Wow…. Good deduction. Could well be the case here, hope you are right.

    4. Thanks Ayesha and Aunty Naz. Time will tell!

  13. This so so disappointing but seems to be interesting twist but want to see geetu and abhimanyu one again just want to see shoaib and surbhi romantic love

  14. Abhimanyu is handsome, but I would like to see rajveer and geetanjali as couple, Rajveer is real lover of geetanjali, please dont make him negative,

    1. I hope for the same Anupama! After Abhis betrayal, I want Gitu to be with Rajveer, and hope that he is not a part of this. He and Abhi work together, so I’m concerned Abhi may have asked him to be a part of this.

  15. Ya aru I guess u are ry8
    But one thing is for sure that abimanyu also love geetu

  16. true love should win, let it be always

  17. I don’t understand how, if Abhi has any love for Gitu, he could hurt her this way? If he really loved her, he would never be as cruel as he was and jeopardize her safety the numerous times he did.

    As much as I miss their romance, and wish they had a happy ending, I think her being with Rajveer is best. Abhi doesn’t deserve Gitu or her love.

    1. Yes Sof, I’m a Muslim by birth. My name is Nazreen but Naz is shorter so I use this on the various forums. I have two other friends from Guyana . I communicate with one but the other, Sia…has gotten married by now and was going to live in England. She was close to me on Jamai Raja and KKB forums. She resided in the USA and when she was leaving, she actually cried with her beautifully written words. I’ve lost touch with her, I pray that she’s happy in her new life with her husband. Anyway….. Nice to meet you. Ramadan is close upon us and I try to make the best of this blessed month. Hope we have a friendship as well….. Have s wonderful day my friend……

    2. Assalam Alaikum Aunty Naz. My name is Sofina, but Sof is shorter so I go by that on here. You’re close to my mom’s age, she turned 54 this past Thursday the 26th. It’s nice to hear that you have friends from Guyana. I’m sorry you lost touch with Sia. You may reconnect at some point, you never know:) This is actually the very first Indian serial I am watching as I never found one that differed from
      the usual mother in law/daughter in law serials.

      Would love to be friends! 🙂 Ramadan is quickly approaching and it is always a wonderful time.

    3. Naz reen is a pretty name, my cousin has the same name ?

  18. At times, it’s the people we love the most ,are the one who end up hurting us….the most!!!

  19. Mona146

    I always wondered who are abhimanyu’s parents? but i did not like to see sudesh berry again especially in every serial. I hated to see him here.

  20. Ayesh042

    Abhi loves Geetu but I think that now Rajveer and Geetu will be the end couple.The punishment for Abhi will be that he wont be ever with his GAURA again.
    I was a AbhiGeet fan but Rajveer and Geetanjali look good together too.
    Plus when the serial was about to start and Shaalien was finalized it was mentioned that he is paired up with Surbhi.
    plus the girl RAGINI is so beautiful ?
    Wish to see more scenes of her

    1. I agree with you Ayesha. Abhi doesn’t deserve Gitu. She pined for him for 6 years and gave him all her love and he thanks her by crushing her. Rajveer and her would be a good match and I would like to see Rajveer receive the love he has for Gitu.

      However, like Naz said, I worry that Rajveer may not be genuine and I hope sincerely that a he is not a part of this evil scheme.

  21. Friends…. I did miss a tiny segment of this episode, it’s known now to me that Rishabh and Gita both know that Kavya and Choti Ma have their hands in this conspiracy. Good….. I can see that Abhimanyu has some emotional feelings towards Gitu and that’s normal. If one were to spend one moment of one’s life with someone, a memory is created, you have to be made out of stone to be devoid of emotions. This is the case with Abhimanyu and while he knows his deception ,Gitu was not aware of this and genuinely fell in love with him. So while he can be filled with guilt, she has only one goal and that’s to punish him for deceiving her. I was looking closely at Rajveer’s facial expressions in this episode and he looks a little too devoid of emotions, he gave not a single facial infliction away….im hoping with crossed fingers that he is good at heart, has Gitu’s best interest at heart and not turn out to be a traitor, that will be crushing!!!!!! Friends, while we appreciate the written updates, it’s best understood for non Hindi speaking viewers like me, to look at actual episodes to fully understand the dialogues. A lot is missed out because I know the writer of this forum is unable to write every single iota of what should be shown, but we here are grateful for the service rendered, nevertheless…….I’m happy to see lots more comments since last week.

  22. Hi everyone first time I am commenting here can I join you all ?? I love this serial very much

    1. Welcome Mithu…. Great to have you here. Very different serial from the others. It’s genre was touted as supernatural but I would like to think that it’s more of a psychological thriller / suspense /mystery type of story. Whatever anyone wants to label it, it’s surely a very well thought out story.

    2. Hii mithu.. I also comment rarely but the ppl here are so sweet.. Thank you our klkah family..

    3. Welcome Mithu! Happy to have one more KLKAH fan here! 🙂 im also enjoying it and am eagerly awaiting tonight’s episode.

  23. Thank you naz you are right I love the story

  24. Abhimanyu was a fraud but he was in the army at least right.. Or was that also a post he was faking.. Coz rishabh said in previous episode he touched abhimanyus hand and said it wasnt him but still dint reveal it to police..So was he not in army as well..?

  25. Thanks everyone you all are so sweet ???

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