An Unsung Heroine- Urmila (Part 20)

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Everything got fine next day. Dashrath and his wives came back. After some days Dashrath announce the coronation of Ram and some sequence of event followed.
Laxman came in his room with the news of ram’s coronation. Urmila gets glad. She along with her sisters starts preparation of coronation. All maharanis were really happy to see everybody’s excitement. But the ugly minded manthara starts her game. Kaikeyi was brainwashed. She goes to the kopbhavan where she ask for her promise from Dashrath. Everyone was waiting for dashrath when ram was called by him and kaikeyi. After ram leave vashishth announce.
Vashishth: I request ladies to go back to their rooms as the muharat has gone. Everyone will be called after the clearing of situation.

The sisters take sita to their room and wait with them. After sometime ram came and announce the two promises by dashrath to kaikeyi of sending ram to vanvaas and the coronation of bharat. Everyone shattered listening to this. For many hours discussion were carried out.
Urmila returned to her room as asked by Sita. She knows that the dream that she dreamt that night is coming true. She knows that if ram goes than Laxman will follow him and sita will never leave her husband’s side. But what about her. What will she do? Will she remain in the palace or will accompany her husband and sister. Just then Laxman enter the room in anger.
Laxman: how can Mata do this?

He hits a pot which break and give him a cut. Urmila who always make serious matters normal by her thinking was lost somewhere. She came to laxman.
Laxman: Mata kaikeyi loved bhaiya more than anyone else. And now I get to know that why so that someday she will use his affection for her benefit. And bharat bhaiya? How he can support her?
Urmila without saying a word, very seriously tore her dupatta and cover laxman’s cut with it.
Laxman: don’t cure it Urmila. It has to bleed. Bhaiya is asking me to calm down? How can he? I have to do something. I will not let all this happen.
Laxman move ut of the room. He didn’t notice Urmila whose eyes were filled with tears. She didn’t move. She goes to the shivling in her room and sit near it. Motionless. Her thoughts were clearing that what will happen in future.

Mandavi came running to Urmila.
Mandavi: Urmila stop laxman. He is going to fight with Kaikeyinandan.
Urmila: what!!
Mandavi: yes urmi. He is going to kakaye to kill him. I request please stop him.
The shattered Urmila gather her courage and run to stop laxman. She sees Laxman in the corridor with his bow and arrow. She calls ram to stop him. Ram goes. After sometime Ram and laxman came back to the hall where everyone was present. Urmila, mandavi and Shrutkirti was asking sita and the two maharani’s to calm down. Suddenly kaikeyi and manthra enter.
Manthra: (to mandavi) what are you doing maharani? You should get ready and come with us.
Mandavi lose her calm and shouts at manthra.

Mandavi: be in your limits. Don’t check my patience. Otherwise it will not take me minutes to show you your right place.
Kaikeyi: what are you saying daughter? She is saying right.
Mandavi: (politely) don’t call me daughter Maharani. It doesn’t suit you.
Sita stops her and ask her to stop. But she didn’t agree.
Kaikeyi: you are going to be the next maharani mandavi. Attaining the states powerful position. If you didn’t complete your duties properly how will the will empower?

Mandavi: it means without maharani king is incomplete. Alright .(coming in the center of room) I kaikeyinandan’s wife, daughter of maharaja Kushdhwaja in presence of all of you takes pledge
Sita try to stop her but she ignore her.
Mandavi: to never take the position of Queen of Ayodhya. (everyone get shocked) I will never take the responsibility of Queen which was earlier given to Sita didi.
Kaikeyi: what are you saying Mandavi? Do you have sense of what you are saying.
Mandavi: I am in my senses Mother but I think you don’t know your son. He will never take the rights of Ram Bhaiya.
Kaikeyi: He will have to.

Mandavi: then I will not support him.
She run out of the room. Urmila followed her.
Urmilaenters mandavi’s room) didi.
Mandavi: no Urmila, don’t say anything. I will not change my decision.
Urmila: please calm down.
Mandavi: calm down!! Mata had ruined our whole dreams of living together. (Takes Urmila’s hand) you know Urmila that sita didi will never leave Ram bhaiya. She will leave us for fourteen years. How can I calm down?
She starts crying by hugging Urmila. Urmila consoles her. She goes back to her room. In her room she start preparing for Laxman’s departure. She arrange her own clothes and that of Laxman’s clothes and the accessories for forest.

Laxman enters. He was nervous and can’t meet his eyes with Urmila.
Laxman: (seeing the clothes) what is this Urmila?
Urmila: I know that you are also going to forest along jijashri.

Laxman get shocked.
Urmila: I prepared everything from clothes to your bow and arrow. And my heart also.
Laxman: what!! Will you not accompany me?
Urmila: will your heart allow me to come with you? Your responsibilities will get divided.
Laxman: Urmila! From the time ram bhaiya allow me to accompany him I was thinking how I will tell you this. I was thinking that you might also….

Urmila: like didi. No how can I become a hurdle in your duties.
She turns away from Laxman to hide her tears.
Urmila: I know you will complete all your responsibilities. After fourteen years when you will return with Sita didi and jijjasri you will see me happy like today. And don’t worries about me, fourteen years pass away like some days. I’ll manage everything. You can go without any tension.
Laxman 🙁 in tears) Urmila are you saying this by heart?
Urmila burst out in tears and hug Laxman.

Urmila: I can’t live without you. Please don’t go. These fourteen years will be like fourteen kalps for me.I can’t live.
Laxman (hugs her back) and you think I can. You are my heart Urmila. You are great Urmila. You are sacrificing your love for me. I am sorry. I can’t give you the happy life you always dreamt of. Why?

Urmila: because I love you. I love you saumitr.
Laxman: promise me one thing Urmila. You will not cry on my departure and when I will come back you will welcome with smile not with tears.

Precap- Urmila said that it is her duty to stay here. Sita gets angry on Laxman.

Please tell me your reviews. Sorry the earlier scenes were like an express train.

Thank you for reading.

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  2. Arnasharma26

    This is heart wrecking di….my eyes have swollen even thinking what urmi n laksh would have gone through……outstanding narration…..superb dialogues… words… favourite was
    I prepared everything from clothes to your bow and arrow. And my heart also.
    Oh dear….how can someone be so altruistic….
    She turns away from Laxman to hide her tears
    Don’t try dear….he loves u like anything….he knows everything….okay i need to stop now…..but this was the best n m saying this from heart…..

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you very much for your touching comment!!

      1. Arnasharma26

        Its fine ms. Pragya if u don’t consider me ur sis…..thank u …huh??? Noow don’t dare to say sorry….i m supa angry….n update asap

    2. Pragyashree

      Awwwww …………. my cutiepie! don’t be angry with me I will not repeat this mistake again. Now get happy. you are my cute and sweet sis and none of us can ignore this. Right.

      1. Pragyashree

        I forget one thing. Love u a lot!!

    3. Arnasharma26

      Oh!!! Who said I m angry ????…..i m supa fine???….
      Okay… I m forgiving you this time but not next time… N yeah luv u too do?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Will give more when we will meet….. I m going to make ur cheeks red…..

  3. Aman

    Nice ff superb please continue, good job

    1. Pragyashree

      Thanks bhai!!

  4. Jayani

    It was really touching di… Perfect for d speed I read… Xpress train… Even wen I watch tv, I tend 2 forward d scenes which r too boring nd d songs which cum in d movies… But I don’t do dat wyl reading buks or ffs… As arna di said, urmi’s dat line makes her even greater dan siya… All dese women r known for deir sacrifice… Siya, urmi, draupadi, kunti, nd so many other ppl… I know m typing too much not related 2 d topic but can’t control it… Wen I start typing or speaking, I never stop… It always gets connected 2 d next topic lyk dis… So basically loved d epi… Waiting for d next epi di…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you very much!! and loved your comment. you are absolutely right sacrifice is what make these women great. Love u

      1. Arnasharma26

        Hawww….mere liye no luv u….this is not fair…. second mistake….???

  5. It was good
    Jai siya ram

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you!!
      Jai siya ram!

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